Summer at Xian Int’l Studies University


    Study at Xian Int’l Studies University
    Chinese Language & Culture: 20 hrs wk
    Summer Program (July – August)
    Minimum age is 16 yrs
    4 Weeks: $1395 USD


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    The Program / Location

    Xian is the capital of Shaanxi Province, and has a population of over 6.7 million. Historically known as “Chang’an” in ancient China, Xian was the main capital for 13 feudal dynasties of the Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang dynasties from 11th century B.C. – 907 A.D. Full of historical sites, Xian is a well known tourist attraction with millions of visitors per year. The city marks the starting point to the “Silk Road”, and has the Qin Shi Huang Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses – the 8th wonder of the world – and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda built in the Tang Dynasty. Located where the central and western parts of China join, Xian has an advantageous position and enjoys a moderate climate.

    Xian Int’l Studies University was founded in 1952, and one of the first Universities to offer foreign languages in China. Today, it takes up an area of 550,000 square meters, with multiple classrooms, language labs, computer labs, reading rooms, as well as a large library. 25 schools and faculties offer 34 degree specialties, to over 20,000 students per year (undergrads & postgrads).

    Xian has a long history of having foreign students from all over the world study there. As early as the Tang Dynasty – over 1000 years ago – foreign students from Japan, Korea, and other Asian nations studied in Xian. Today, over the past 20 years, more than 5000 international students have studied at this University.

    Program is taught by faculty there at the University. Students are housed in the newly remodeled campus hotel (double & single rooms available). Airport pick-up available at Xian Xianyang International Airport.

    Minimum age is 16.

    Courses – Chinese Studies / Total Immersion

    One semester (or equivalent) of previous Chinese language studies required. Placement test (oral and written) will be given to determine level, and placement into the intermediate or advanced classes.

    LEVEL ONE: Chinese 201 – Intermediate Chinese

    • This level is suitable for those students who have had one semester to one year of college Chinese
      prior to attending, and do not speak Mandarin as a heritage language.

    LEVEL TWO: Chinese 301 – Advanced Chinese

    • Normally suited for students who have had 1 – 2 years of college Chinese prior to attending, or have
      taken 1 year of intensive Chinese suited for heritage speakers.


    Chinese Courses: Intensive Reading and Speaking Chinese
    Cultural Activities: Calligraphy, Traditional Painting, Brush Making, Performance of Xun
    Visits: Shaanxi History Museum, Great Goose Pagoda Square, Xingshan Temple

    1st Class: Tai Chi 8:20 – 8:50 am (Tuesday 7 Thursday)
    2nd Class: Chinese Language 9:00 – 10:20 am (Monday – Friday
    3rd Class: Chinese Language 10:40 am – 12:00 noon (Monday – Friday)

    Chinese Cultural Activities
    Students are allowed to attend a diagnostic test after finishing the courses,and those who pass the exams will be honored with credits.

    Elementary Level: New Concept, Developing Chinese – Elementary Speaking Course
    Intermediate Level Concept, Developing Chinese – Elementary Speaking Course
    Advanced Level: New Concept, Developing Chinese – Intermediate Speaking Course

    Academic Credit

    Summer program: 4 – 8 credits, plus a certificate of completion (transcript) from the University.

    Transcript (certificate) issued by University when completed.


    Field trips to local sights and excursions to nearby places are scheduled. Visiting cities: Terra-cotta Army Museum, Huaqing Palace Heritage Park, Qianling Mausoleum & Princess Yongtai’s Tomb, Yuan Village, Han Yang Ling Mausoleum, Guanzhong Folk Arts Museum – Huxian Farmers Painting. Attendance is optional, but highly recommended. Small fee required to help cover transportation and any facility entrance fees (museums, parks, etc). Other student activities organized as well to help all students get to know each other and their teachers. Schedules and other info provided later by the staff there. Campus facilities available to international students include: table tennis, dining halls, library, gym, and computer room. Close by are supermarkets, banks, and post office.


    Housing is provided in the newly remodeled residence – Campus Hotel. Double room. Single rooms limited and cost extra. Housing costs approx 180 CNY (RMB YUAN) / $30 USD per day approx / more for a single. Pay housing upon arrival check-in, and major credit card may be accepted. Can also arrange own housing if you prefer.

    Meals are taken in campus cafeterias, restaurants, food kiosks, and tea houses. Reasonable cost. Estimate $200 USD per month (4 wks) for food.

    Can also arrange your own housing if you prefer, just let us know.

    Dates and Fees

    * Minimum age is 16 yrs
    * One Semester (or equivalent) of previous Chinese lessons required.


    2020 Dates: July 6th – 31st $1395 USD
    2021 Dates: July 5th – 30th $1395 USD

    * Note: Housing cost (& meals) not included in program fee.


    Minimum age is 16.

    One semester (or equivalent) of previous Chinese language study required.


    Arrive 1 – 3 days prior to start date to check-in and get settled.

    Airport pick-up is available from the Xian Xianyang International Airport.
    Let us know in advance, at least 1 week in advance – email your flight details.
    Small fee may be requested at pick-up time.

    For return to airport, there are airport buses near campus leaving every 20 minutes.
    Small fee for bus.


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