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    The Program

    University of Westminster was founded in 1838, and was Britain’s first Royal Polytechnic. Since then it has developed into a university that combines the metropolitan aspects of London and is closely involved in business, professional and academic life within London as well as overseas. Over 23,000 student body, and more than 4000 international students study there every year. Based in central London’s West End, the university has four campuses – 3 are centrally located, walking distance of both Oxford Street and Regent’s Park. Summer students usually take classes at the Regent Street or Harrow campuses, while the Semester and Year students take courses at the Regent Street, Harrow, Cavendish, or Marylebone campuses of which all of them are close to public transportation. Overall, an outstanding university to study Liberal Arts, Business, Sciences, and the English language. Early registration is advised. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 18 yrs. Again, register directly using the web-link provided, and do not go with any Partner.

    St. Pauls Cathedral - West End

    The Location

    London (West End), England


    • Liberal Arts, Sciences, Arts & Design, Media, Business, and Tourism – all taught in English.
    • Detailed course descriptions available upon being confirmed in the program.
    • English Language (ESL) – offered to non-English speakers (to improve their English skills).

    SUMMER TERMS: 3 – 6 week sessions (June – July) – 2 classes per session

    • Classes taught in the morning: 10am – 1pm (Monday – Thursday). Afternoons and Fridays are “free time – self study”.
    • Media, Arts and Design courses are taught for a full day on Wednesdays – to allow for maximum “hands-on experience” in the studios.
    • Course listings provided with admission documents. Register for classes after being admitted. Can also change courses upon arrival check-in.

    Course include the Liberal Arts, Media, Arts & Design, Sciences, Business,and English Language with a focus on London. Classes range from the study of Shakespeare to the exploration of contemporary culture. There are 2 sessions, and you can choose to combine subject categories if you like, such as a Liberal Arts courses with Business or Sciences. You can take 2 classes per 3 week session.

    Sample List of 2015 Summer Classes (Modules):
    Students take 2 classes per 3 wk session

    • Shakespeare: Themes and Presentations
    • Cult of Celebrity – Mass Media Idolatry
    • Victorian London – Jack The Ripper Myth / Reality
    • World City: London Since 1960
    • Art & Society
    • London Theatre Studies
    • Working Across Cultures in a Global World
    • Monarchy: A Royal History of London
    • Creative Writing
    • Literary London
    • Jane Austin: from the Page to the Screen
    • London Through its Museums
    • Exploring Mind and Body Through Yoga
    • Myth and Method in Psychology
    • Psychology of City Life
    • Print Journalism
    • Television in London
    • Introduction to London Fashion
    • Photographing the City
    • International Business
    • Online Entertainment Mgt
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Financial Markets
    • International Strategic Project Mgt
    • The Power of Brands

    Note: For English Language Learners

    • English for Film & Theatre
    • English for Business
    • Key Skills for Academic Study

    Note: Can change without notice.
    Course details provided with admission docs.
    Students register for classes after being admitted.
    Can also change (select) upon arrival check-in (if desired).


    A wide variety of undergraduate and post-graduate courses – taught in English – are available in various academic subjects. In addition, professional and short term courses are offered as well.

    Subjects include areas such as:

    • Accounting, Finance, and Economics
    • Architecture, Art and Design
    • Biosciences and Biomedical
    • Business, Management, Marketing, Info Systems
    • Computer Science, Engineering, Software
    • Electronic Engineering
    • English, Journalism, Mass Media
    • History, Languages, Linguistics
    • Law, Psychology, Sociology, Music

    Course details provided with admission docs.
    Various course offerings can change each year.
    Students register for classes after being admitted.
    Can change (select) classes upon arrival check-in (if desired).

    Note: All students need a good standard of English before starting classes.
    If your first language is not English, you will need a minimum IELTS score of 6.0, or a recognized equivalent.
    If your score is less than 6.0, then you will be asked to take of the English prep courses.