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    Study at University of Seville, Spain
    Spanish Language & Culture: 4 hrs day
    Semester: $4795 / Year: $9295 USD (or less)
    Minimum age is 16

    University of Seville Spain


    Academic studies at the University of Seville. One of the most top-ranked universities in Spain, it has a student body of over 70,000 students, and offers 78 Degrees, 80 Master Degrees, and over 148 Doctoral programs. Dating back to the days of the School of Santa Maria de Jesus, when it was founded by Archdeacon Maese Rodrigo Fernandez de Santaella at the end of the 15th Century. More than 5 Centuries later, the University of Seville has now become an institution of national and international renown due to its excellence in the areas of teaching, research, and management of services. The Spanish Language Course is an intensive 20 hrs per week course, in small groups of 15 or less students, and includes “cultural components” of up to 4 regular cultural courses, as well as activities and field trips. These include the Feria, Holy Week, the Flemenco Exhibition, European Film Festival, the Maestranza Theatre Opera program, and more. Students who finish the Semester terms will receive an official transcript certificate from the University of Seville. Minimum age is 18 yrs. A minimum of one semester of previous Spanish is recommended. Early registration is advised. Join us !

    Gothic Cathedral in Seville

    LOCATION: Seville – Andalucia, Spain

    Seville, the capital of Andalucia, has a population of over 700,000 (1.6 million in the metro area) making it Spain’s 4th largest city. Famous for its unique atmosphere and warmth of its people, Seville fully embodies the spirit of southern Spanish culture. Long a go it was the gateway to America and the harbour of overseas trade. With over 2000 years of truly unique history, Seville is endowed with a distinct personality, especially visible in one of the largest and best preserved historic town centers in all of Europe. Although it has strong medieval, renaissance, and baroque heritage, Seville also has Arabic influence as seen in its famous monuments – La Torre del Oro, and La Giralda. Seville’s cultural Golden Age flourished during the Baroque period.

    Monumento a Colon

    COURSES: Spanish Language & Culture (500 hrs per Semester)

    All levels are offered: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Students are tested upon arrival orientation, and placed in the proper level course. Spanish language courses are at the core of this program, with up to 4 regular cultural courses available for students of high intermediate and advanced levels (B1 minimum level). 20 hrs per week of courses, 4 hrs per day, M-F. The 4 cultural subjects include courses in: Literature, Art, Folklore, History, and Tourism. Cultural course list provided at orientation (after testing) for students who meet the minimum B1 level. Courses are instructed in English and Spanish.

    At the end of the course, all students are evaluated – written and oral exam, of formal language skills and cultural knowledge. Spanish grades are listed on the transcript certificate – issued by the University of Seville. Academic Credit of 15 – 18 semester credits are usually earned by students.

    Course descriptions available from the instructors there.

    ACTIVITIES: Cultural activities included. Details provided at arrival orientation.

    * Students have the opportunity to enroll free of charge in most of the activities offered (included in Semester program fee).

    Flamenco Dancers

    HOUSING: Residence Halls / Flats

    Campus housing is available in Residence Hall, and nearby Student Flats (apts). Cost is estimated at around $1200 – $1300 per month (with meals). Host family housing, and e meals daily, also available for about $1300 USD per month. Housing details provided with your confirmation documents. Pay there for housing. Cost can vary slightly due to exchange rates at time of payment. Can save $$ if you share a room with another student, or arrange other types of housing.


    * 20 hrs weekly. 500 hrs total per semester.
    * Courses taught in English and Spanish.

    * Semester 1 dates are usually: early September to February
    * Semester 2 dates are usually: early February – June
    * Academic Year (both): September – June
    * 4 hrs (lessons) per day, M-F. 20 hrs (lessons) per week.
    * Minimum age is 16 yrs


    Spanish Language & Culture: 20 Hrs / wk
    September (start early) – February (late) $4795 USD


    Spanish Language & Culture: 20 hrs / wk
    February (start late) – June (late) $4795 USD


    Spanish Language & Culture: 20 hrs / wk
    September (early) – June (late) $9295 USD

    REQUIREMENTS: 16 years minimum age.


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