Paris, Sorbonne (University)


    Study at The Sorbonne in Paris
    French Language & Culture Studies
    Summer, Quarter, Semester or Year
    4 wks: $1795 / Qtr: $3995 USD

    The Program

    What better place to study and experience the French language and culture than – the Sorbonne in Paris ! The program objective is to give all foreign students, whatever their level, the opportunity to attend French Language and Culture courses in Paris. The course is open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Certificate of completion (transcript) is provided to each student upon completing the course. Students must request this “certificate” (transcript) upon completion. Again, this program teaches French Language & Culture to foreign students. The Sorbonne University today includes the Arts and Human Sciences faculties of the University of Paris, Sorbonne.

    All courses are taught in French. Over 150,000 students from around the globe have participated in this program. Open to all adults. All levels of ability.

    Housing provided in student residences nearby (Foyers). CSA provides housing booking links when confirmed in the program. Easy to review housing options and book, using the CSA web-links. Meals obtained at residence cafeterias, nearby delis, and campus. Some housing facilities allow cooking as well. Overall, low cost housing options available. CSA makes it easy for you !


    French Language – all levels – beginning, intermediate, advanced. All courses are taught in French. Placement tests are given upon arrival to determine level of ability (Niveaux, Niveau Moyen, Superieur), and students are placed in the proper level course. There are also courses for “absolute beginners”, as well as very advanced students.

    All courses are structured according to the European framework of reference.

    • Practical Courses: Small group courses that enable students to acquire a progressive command of French in all components (morphology, conjugation, spelling, syntax, etc). Some glimpses about French Civilisation, in particular Literature, are also provided.
    • Phonetics (with laboratory): Specific courses adapted to the native language of the students. After a presentation and preparation in class, the teacher of applied linguistic makes the students work individually in a language laboratory.
    • Lectures: All lectures about French society and culture, read by eminent specialists (faculty), enable students to improve their knowledge in French Civilisation and, at the same time, to perfect their oral comprehension. All lectures take place in a lecture hall.

    Cultural Activities – (conferences) are included in the Fall, Winter and Spring Terms as well as the Summer sessions….but they are available for only “high intermediate” and “advanced” level students, for the lectures are taught in French.

    A placement test is given there upon arrival, and those considered “high intermediate” or “advanced” level ability can then enroll in 1- 2 cultural electives.

    Beginner – low intermediate students take Phonetics and language laboratory. Cultural course listings vary every term (session), and are available upon check-in. Course topics include: history, politics, literature, philosophy, sociology, music, art and geography. Elective course descriptions are obtained upon check-in.

    All courses are taught by French professors (instructors) from the Sorbonne University – CCFS. Upon completing the course (term), all students will receive a “transcript” (Certificate) of completion from the Sorbonne University – CCFS. Class size varies by level, with the largest classes (beginning level) being about 20 students.

    French 101(Elementary):

    Elementary French

    Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Terms

    This course is a first year college “Cours Pratiques” in French grammar and writing practice for beginners and students with up to two years of high school French or one year of college French. It is designed to give a basic foundation in French vocabulary, grammar, reading, phonetics, conversation and laboratory practice. Includes a Phonetics lab.

    French 201(Intermediate):

    Intermediate French

    Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Terms

    This “Cours Pratiques” instruction is a contination of French 101, and covers vocabulary, grammar, composition, and textual analysis. Emphasis is put on compostion, reading skills, and conversation ability. Overall, this course supports the more advanced areas of the French language. Phonetics lab included.

    French 301(Advanced):

    Advanced French 1

    Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Terms

    This course focuses on improving oral fluency and written composition. More emphasis is placed on tenses, moods, syntax and the use of language types (informal, colloquial, an refined). Focus is also placed on improving vocabulary, grammar, composition, and textual analysis. Current events in France will also be included in conversation. Includes Phonetics lab.

    French 401 (Superior):

    Advanced Level 2

    Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

    This course is for very advanced level students, and focuses on acquiring excellent grammar skills as well as perfecting syntax, semantics, and nuances of the French Language. Contemporary cultural topics, politics, economics and business are discussed in class to help students understand more about modern French Society.

    French 120 / 220 / 320 /420 – Phonetics

    Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

    This course is in conversation and phonetic French, and emphasizes a practical working knowledge of daily French language. Focus is on practice and theory of French pronunciation, intonation, sentence structure and articulation. This course is taken together with the other courses at the same level. Thus, all level courses include a “Phonetics Course” to go with it.

    Additional Courses for Intermediate and Advanced Levels:

    • Art History (History of Art in France) (300 – 400 Levels)
    • Economy and Society in France:17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Century (300 – 400 Levels)
    • History of Paris 1 & 2 (300 Levels)
    • History of France (Middle Ages to 18th Century) 400 Level
    • History of France (18th – 20th Century) 400 Level
    • Literature: 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th Century (300 – 400 Levels)
    • Philosophy – History of Ideas Until 18th Century – 400 Level
    • Philosophy – Modern French Thought – 400 Level
    • Political Science – French Politics – 400 Level
    • Sociology – French Society – 400 Level

    NOTE: Above cultural (extra) courses require student to pass placement exam for high intermediate and advanced levels. All courses taught in French. These courses are optional and cost additional fee if accepted to take any of these extra courses. All students must take placement test.

    NOTE: All courses are university level and taught by qualified faculty. Course descriptions are obtained from the instructor there.

    BEGINNER: 1 & 2

    This course is designed to provide a basic foundation in French vocabulary, grammar, phonetics, reading, conversation and laboratory work. Absolute beginners and elementary level students are suitable for this course. In addition to the Language and Phonetic components, various topics of the French culture are also included.


    • Learn the very basic level of French: introductions, asking questions, express opinions, etc.
    • Learn listening comprehension of simple sentences, expressions, short texts, and dialogues.
    • Learn written and spoken French in common situations of daily life.
    • Learn elementary and brief writing and spoken descriptions of past and current events.
    • Learn about French culture and society (past – present) and improve listening comprehension.

    Phonetics Lab: Objectives

    • Learn French Phonetic system (progression), discrimination of prosodic traits, graphic symmetry.
    • Learn transcribing (review lessons covered in class), repeat phrases, create utterances, read.
    • Evaluate in class (test): repetition, creating, comprehension, discrimination, and reading.

    Grading: In class written tests, listening and oral tests also.

    Teaching Approach: Grammatical emphasis, as well as development of the key competencies.

    Materials: Class handouts, various visual, audio and written materials.
    Sample textbook may be used: Festival 1 – Cahier d’ exercices (workbook & CD).


    This course is designed for students who have has previous French lessons, about 240 hours, and who seek to enhance their French Language abilities. This course helps prepare students for the “Certificate de langue Francaise”. Students learn to understand and better communicate in writing and speaking French in common situations of daily life.


    • Learn simple sentences, common expressions, dialogues, and short texts on familiar subjects.
    • Learn enhanced techniques of written and spoken French in situations of daily life.
    • Learn better writing and spoken descriptions of common subjects and various areas of interest.
    • Learn critical reading skills through “French Literature texts”.
    • Learn additional aspects of French Culture, and improve listening skills.

    Phonetics Lab: Continued working on phonemes (Ax / Ra Progression), and class activities.

    Grading: In class tests: written, oral, and listening. Final exam very important.

    Materials: Class handouts, and various visual, audio, and written materials.
    Sample textbook may be used: Le Nouveau Taxi 3 / Le Nouvel Edito B1, and accompanying CD
    Also, books from the series Le FLE par les textes (Belin) may be used.


    This course is for Advanced level students who have had more than 300 hours of French lessons, and seek to further enhance their French Language abilities. This course helps students perfect their speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension skills. Students improve their abilities to make themselves understood in every day life situations, as well as more complicated contexts.


    • Learn enhanced writing and listening skills regarding complicated sentences and expressions.
    • Learn enhanced communication skills regarding daily life (writing, speaking, reading).
    • Learn enhanced skills in dealing with familiar subjects and personal experiences.
    • Learn enhanced “critical reading” skills thru French Literature texts.
    • Learn more about French Culture and Society.

    Phonetics Lab: Continued progression, class activities, and evaluation.

    Grading: In class tests, written, oral,and listening. Final exam very important.

    Materials: Class handouts, and various visual, audio, and written materials.
    Sample textbooks may include: Le Nouvel Edito B1 / B2, with accompanying CD.
    Also, Le FLE par les textes (Belin) series.

    Academic Credit

    Students earn 12-15 semester credits for completing Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms – 15-20 hours of class per week. 3 – 4 credits per month during the Summer courses.

    Financial Aid

    Yes, you can use your financial aid on this program. Please have your Financial Aid office e-mail us a “Consortium Agreement”. CSA does not offer any scholarships or financial aid, we can only assist you in using your home school’s financial aid on this program.

    The earlier the better, since it takes time to process. Overall, CSA does not offer any financial aid, we can only assist you in obtaining and using your aid from your home school on these programs.


    Some local excursions and cultural activities are scheduled during the year. Students should check with the student office there for destinations, schedule, and prices. These are optional, cost extra, and are not guaranteed. Many students organize their own excursions and field trips with classmates.


    There is no residence hall at the Sorbonne. All students arrange own housing. CSA provides an extensive list of Paris student housing website links with your confirmations. University cafeterias provide meals at special discount prices to all students. About 10 cafeterias are located near the Sorbonne, and are usually open every day, except Sundays. Get list at arrival check-in. Overall, low cost housing is easily available, and meals, nearby.

    Dates and Fees



    * French Language Courses

    4 weeks June (early) – June (late).
    June 3rd – 28th, 2019
    June 1st – 26th, 2020
    48 hrs $1795 USD
    4 weeks July (early) – July (late)
    July 1st – 26th, 2019
    July 1st – 31st, 2020
    80 hrs $1995 USD
    4 weeks August (early) – August (late)
    August 1st – 30th, 2019
    August 3rd – 28th, 2020
    80 hrs $1995 USD
    8 weeks July (early) – August (late)
    July 1st – August 30th, 2019
    July 1st – August 28th, 2020
    160 hrs $3295 USD
    4 wks Intensive July – same dates 100 hrs $2895 USD

    Note: Arrive prior to start date – to take placement test and get settled.


    September (early) – December (early).
    Sept 9th – Dec 18th, 2019
    Sept 7th – Dec 16th, 2020
    French Language & Culture: 20 hrs per week $3995 USD


    October (mid) – December (mid).
    Oct 18th – Dec 20th, 2018
    Oct 17th – Dec 18th, 2019
    Oct 15th – Dec 16th, 2020
    French Language & Phonetics – 18 hrs per week $3595 USD

    ACADEMIC YEAR (2 Terms)

    September (early) – May (late).
    Sept 9th,2019 – May 22nd, 2020
    Sept 7th, 2020 – May 20th, 2021
    French Language & Culture: 20 hrs per week $7695 USD



    February (early) – May (late).
    Feb 4th – May 24th, 2019
    Feb 3rd – May 22nd, 2020
    French Language & Culture: 20 hrs per week $4195 USD


    February (early) – April (early).
    Feb 11th – April 12th, 2019
    Feb 10th – April 10th, 2020
    French Language & Phonetics – 18 hrs per week $3595 USD

    * Note: 2020 / 2021 dates very similar.

    * Note: Final exams given during the last week. Certificate (Diploma) given after exams – issued by the Sorbonne. Request your transcript upon finishing the courses (term) prior to leaving Paris.


    Passport required. Visa not required for tourist stay up to 3 months. Students are required to obtain a visa in advance. “Letter of enrollment” is needed to obtain student visa. CSA will provide each applicant with this “letter” upon registration and payment. Again, a Visa is required for the Semester programs. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for a Visa at the nearest French Consulate. Visa fee approx. $75.

    Plan on arriving a few days prior start date – earlier the better if you can.

    Visa: Visa required. CSA will provide the “Letter of Admission” for visa.

    Minimum Age: 18. 17 yrs may attend the Summer sessions. Any special exceptions, please ask CSA.

    Airport Pick-Up Service

    No airport Pick-up Service: Not available for this program. It’s easy to take the transportation from the airport into central Paris. The Paris Metro is easy to use. Consult your travel book for details.


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