University Pablo de Olavide (Seville)


    University Pablo de Olavide (Seville)

    Academic Summer, Semester, or Year
    Open to All Students 18 yrs +
    Taught in English & Spanish
    Earn College Credit
    3 wks: $1595 USD


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    The Program

    Academic Summer, Semester,or Year at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Taught in English and Spanish. Low cost program. Earn academic credits. Active social program, cultural activities, local field trips and excursions provided. Housing in campus residence or in student type apartments. Meals are self-catered, and also purchased in campus cafeterias and nearby cafes and diners. Diverse selection of courses, taught in English and some in Spanish, including an extensive list of Spanish Language courses. Students taking Spanish Language courses should have at least 2 semesters worth (1 year) of previous lessons. Make friends from around the world, and enjoy the friendly city of Sevilla. Student support provided on campus. Early registration is advised, prior to April 1st for the Summer program, and prior June 15th for the Fall Semester, and prior October 12th, for Spring Semester. If past these dates, space may still be available, just ask us. Grade point average of 2.9 + for Semester and Year terms is preferred. Summer sessions no GPA required. Join us !

    Location: Seville

    Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), founded in 1997, is one of Spain’s youngest and smallest public universities. Named after a Peruvian intellectual, the university is a dynamic institution dedicated to strong academic programs, innovative research, and highly educated faculty. With a population of over 10,000 students, the University is located on a beautiful 345 acre campus less than 5 miles from Seville’s city center. In addition to the many classroom buildings, a library, computer and science laboratories and two cafeterias, the campus contains a gym, high performance table tennis center, indoor courts, and outdoor track and playing fields. Campus is wired to provide internet access for students wishing to use their own laptop computers.


    Taught in English & Spanish
    Courses vary per semester
    Summer Terms – Only Spanish Language

    Summer Term # 1: Intensive Spanish

    • Intermediate Spanish 1 (level A2)
    • Intermediate Spanish 2 (level B1)

    Note: Previous Spanish Language required (2 semesters / 1 yr)

    Summer Term # 2: Intensive Spanish

    • Intermediate Spanish 2 (level B1)
    • Advanced Spanish 1 (level B2)

    Note: Previous Spanish Language required (2 semesters / 1 yr)

    HISPANIC STUDIES PROGRAM (Fall & Spring Semesters)

    • Courses taught in English, ans some in Spanish
    • Students select up to 5 courses per semester
    • Earn 30 ECTS or 15 USA credits per semester

    History of Art & Cinema
    ART313E History of Spanish Art (English)
    ART/HIS347 Seville: The Expression of a city through its Art (Spanish)
    ART330 History of Spanish Cinema during the Democracy (Spanish)
    ART/SPAN333F Film: Comparative Perspectives on Spanish & US cinema (English)

    Biology / Chemistry / Sciences
    BIO209E Anatomy and Physiology 2 (+ Lab) – Fall Semester Only (English)
    BIO242E Applied Microbiology (+ Lab) – Fall Semester Only (English)
    CHE210E Organic Chemistry 1 (+ Lab) – Fall Semester Only (English)
    CHE211E Organic Chemistry 2 (+ Lab) – Spring Semester only (English)
    ECOL320E Ecological Systems (English)
    NUTR301E The Mediterranean Diet: Fiction to Facts (English)

    COM/SOC320 Intercultural Communication (Spanish)
    COMM/ART341E Spanish Identity: Film, Advertising, & Pop Music (English)
    COMM340E Communication & Media in the Digital Age (English)

    BUS325E International Marketing (English
    BUS325 International Marketing (Spanish)
    BUS334E International Management (English)
    BUS346E International Finance (English)
    BUS346 International Finance (Spanish)
    BUS353E International Financial Accounting (English)
    BUS355E International Human Resource Management – Spring Semester only (English)
    BUS358E Organizational Theory – Spring Semester Only (English)
    BUS359E Entrepreneurship & New Ventures (English)

    ECON/POL321E The European Union (English)
    ECON331E The Global Economy (English)
    ECON391E International Economics – Fall Semester Only (English)

    HIS312E History of Spain (English)
    HIS322 Contemporary History of Spain (Spanish)
    HIS340E Ancient and Medieval Spanish History – Fall Semester Only (English)
    HIS341E Early Modern & Modern Spanish History – Spring Semester Only (English)
    HIS360 The Mediterranean World & Spain – Fall Semester Only (Spanish)
    HIS/SOC362 Slavery in Latin America & Caribbean (Spanish)
    REL/HIS357E Christianity, Islam, Judaism in Spanish Context (Spanish)

    LIT327 Panorama of Latin American Literature 1 – Fall Semester Only (Spanish)
    LIT328 Panorama of Latin American Literature 2 – Spring Semester Only (Spanish)
    LIT348 Imaginaries of Spain through Literature (Spanish)
    LIT365 Contemporary Spanish Literature (Spanish)
    LIT367E Nobel Prizes in Spanish & Latin American Literature (English)
    LIT370 The Latin American Short Story (Spanish)
    LIT371 Women and Literature – Spring Semester Only (Spanish)
    LIT374 Spanish Literature – Golden Age – Spring Semester Only (Spanish)

    Political Science
    POL361 Current Affairs in Latin America: Press & Cinema (Spanish)
    POL363E US European Relations Since World War 2 (English)
    POL366 Relations Between USA & Latin World – Spring Semester Only (Spanish)
    POL372E Contemporary Spanish Politics (English)
    POL/HIS352E Road to Democracy in Portugal, Greece 7 Spain (English)

    PSY251E Cultural Psychology (English)
    PSY255E Social Psychology (English)
    PSY260E General Sports Psychology (English)

    Spanish Culture
    SPAN315E Spanish Civilization & Culture (English)
    SPAN315 Spanish Civilization & Culture (Spanish)
    SPAN319E Spanish Culture and History through Film (English)
    SPAN329E Spanish Culture Up Close – Fall Semester Only (English)
    SPAN/HIS335E Historical Ties Between Spain and US – Spring Semester Only (English)
    SPAN/CUL339 Tapas: Window to Spanish Cuisine & Culture (Spanish)
    SPAN/HIS346 Medieval Spain: Christians, Jews, & Muslims (Spanish)
    SPAN/HIS361 History of Flemenco: Theory & Practice (Spanish)

    Spanish Language
    All courses taught in Spanish
    SPAN101-102 Elementary Spanish ( 6 hrs per week)
    SPAN102 Elementary Spanish (3 hrs per week)
    SPAN112 Language Laboratory (1 hr per week)
    SPAN201 Intermediate Spanish 1
    SPAN202 Spanish Reading & Composition (intermediate)
    SPAN206 Spanish Conversation (intermediate)
    SPAN226 Spanish for the Health Sciences (intermediate)
    SPAN241 Intermediate Spanish 2
    SPAN306 Spanish Conversation (advanced)
    SPAN311 Advanced Spanish 1
    SPAN312 Spanish Reading & Composition (advanced)
    SPAN351 Advanced Spanish 2
    SPAN376 Spanish for Business
    SPAN378 Spanish Phonetics & Phonology
    SPAN381 Spanish – English / English – Spanish Translation
    SPAN383 Basic Bilingual Negotiation Skills – Spring Semester Only

    Note: Courses subject to minimum number of student enrollments
    Course listings can change without notice.
    Course descriptions available with admission docs / and from instructor

    Academic Credit

    Earn college credit.
    Summer Terms: 3 – 6 USA credits / 6 – 12 ECTS.
    Semester: 30 ECTS / or 15 USA credits

    Transcript issued by University Pablo de Olavide


    Host family housing and full board, single or double room:

    Summer Terms (3 wks); Cost approx 645 Euros / $750 USD estimate

    Fall Semester: Cost approx 2985 Euros / $3420 USD estimate
    Spring Semester: Cost approx 3300 Euros / $3775 USD estimate

    Campus Residence Halls are also available, Or stay in a private room in a Shared Apartment: will cost 250 – 350 euros / $300 – $400 US per month approximately.

    Residence Halls and Shared Apartment details provided with admission docs.
    Book after being confirmed in the program. Pay housing there.

    Can arrange own housing off campus if preferred.


    Active social program, cultural activities, local field trips and excursions provided.
    At least 4 cultural activities during the Semester term.

    Schedule provided during the campus orientation, after arrival.

    Reduced price day trips to nearby places (optional) such as Cordoba, Ronda, etc.

    Dates & Fees

    Can attend both sessions

    2020 Session # 1: June 1st (Mon) – June 19th (Fri)
    Arrival: May 31st (Sun)
    Depart: June 20th (Sat)

    2020 Session # 2: June 22nd (Mon) – July 10th (Fri)
    Arrival: June 21st (Sun)
    Depart July 11th (Sat)

    2021 Session #1: May 31st (Mon) – June 18th (Fri)
    Arrival: May 30th (Sun)
    Depart: June 19th (Sat)

    2021 Session #2: June 21st (Mon) – July 9th (Fri)
    Arrival: June 20th (Sun)
    Depart: July 10th (Sat)

    Note: 2021 dates re-confirmed in early 2021

    HISPANIC STUDIES (Fall & Spring Semesters)
    Can attend both sessions

    2019 Fall Semester: September 9th – December 17th
    Arrival: September 8th
    Depart: December 18th
    Final Exams: December 12th – 17th

    2020 Spring Semester: January 27th – May 21st
    Arrival: January 26th
    Depart: May 22nd
    Final Exams: May 18th – 22nd

    2020 Fall Semester: September 7th – December 15th
    Arrival: September 6th
    Depart: December 16th
    Final Exams: December 10th – 15th

    2021 Spring Semester: January 25th – May 20th
    Arrival: January 24th
    Depart: May 21st

    2021 Fall Semester: September 6th – December 14th
    Arrival: September 5th
    Depart: December 15th
    Final Exams: December 9th – 14th


    Summer Terms (3 wks) $1595 USD
    Fall Semester $3995 USD
    Spring Semester $3995 USD


    Minimum age is 18 yrs.
    Semester students – minimum GPA of 2.9 is preferred.

    Open to all students worldwide. Early registration is advised.

    Summer Term #1 – prior to April 1st.
    Summer Term # 2 – prior to May 6th

    Fall Semester – prior to June 15th
    Spring Semester – prior to October 12th

    NOTE: If past deadline dates, space may still be available, just ask us.


    Check-in date is day before start date.

    Detailed arrival instructions provided with admission documents.


    Register Now - to get started.