University Of Veritas – San Jose


    Study at University of Veritas (San Jose)
    Intensive Spanish & Latin American Studies
    4 wks: $1695 / Quarter: $3595 USD
    Open to all Worldwide
    Minimum age is 16 yrs


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    The Program

    The University of Veritas is a fully accredited university by the Ministry of Education in Costa Rica. The program offers a total “immersion” concept and stresses academic excellence as well as enabling students to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer. Founded in 1975, the university was first a private school, but is now an independent institution of higher education with over 1500 students. English elective courses are also available!

    It’s courses and degrees have been transferred to other universities around the world, and overall has an excellent reputation within the Latin American academic community. Foreign students earn college credit upon completing the program and having their transcript sent to their home school. The campus is located 1 kilometer West from the Presidential house in Zapote, San Jose.

    The Location

    San José is the capital of Costa Rica and its San José Province is located on the central plateau of the country. Situated at an altitude of about 1170 m (about 3840 ft), it is the nation’s largest city and a commercial, manufacturing, transportation, and cultural center for the surrounding agricultural region, in which coffee, sugarcane, and livestock are raised. Government activities and tourism are also important to the city’s economic base. San José, which contains a mix of colonial Spanish-style structures and modern architecture, is the site of the University of Costa Rica (1843), which includes the Tropical Studies Organization and the Latin American Demographic Center; the National Library; and the National Archives.

    Points of interest include the National Museum, featuring displays of art and natural history materials; a museum with exhibits of religious art and artifacts; an 18th-century cathedral; and the National Theater. Costa Rica is one of the few stable, democratic republics in Latin America, and has the highest standard of living in Central America. San Jose is the capital with almost 1,000,000 population and it boasts a spring-like climate year-around. Rain forests, unspoiled beaches, coral reefs, white water rivers, and volcanoes can be reached within a few hours by car.


    All levels of Spanish grammar, composition, and conversation are offered. Courses in Spanish and English are offered.

    4 hours of class offered per day, 20 hours per week, is provided in the monthly intensive program. The 12 week-Quarterly term offers 3 Spanish language courses, and one(1) Spanish Elective course taught in English or Spanish. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are available, all with a “total immersion” concept. Students take a written and oral placement exam upon arrival, and then are placed in the proper level course. The Spanish language courses consist of 11 different courses in Spanish grammar and conversation (applied linguistics). All levels evaluate oral, listening, reading, and writing assignments.

    Students who are enrolled in the 12 week-Quarterly sessions, complement their language courses with one(1) introductory course taught in English, such as Arts and Humanities, History of Latin American Architecture, Costa Rican Cultural Issues, and Photography. Again, these extra courses are taught in English and are included in the program fee. Thus, students take 3 Spanish courses and 1 Elective course. Elective course list available upon arrival check-in.

    Students who are very advanced in their Spanish proficiency can take the one (1) elective course in Spanish. More advanced Cultural Elective courses are taught in Spanish, such as in Literature, Philosophy, Business and Economics, and Environmental studies. A course list will be available upon arrival and check-in.

    You must take the placement test first to determine level, and be considered “Advanced” in order to take these other Spanish electives.

    Spanish 101 – Basic 1
    Spanish 102 – Basic 2
    Spanish 100 – Basic Conversation
    Spanish 201 – Intermediate 1
    Spanish 202 – Intermediate 2
    Spanish 240 – Intermediate Conversation
    Spanish 301 – Advanced 1
    Spanish 302 – Advanced 2
    Spanish 340 – Expression Oral y Escrita 1
    Spanish 341 – Expression Oral y Escrita 2
    Spanish 304 – Business Spanish

    English Electives
    ARCH 311 – History of Latin American Art & Architecture
    HUM 350 – Latin American Art & Culture
    ETHN 310 – Selected Topics in Afro-Caribbean Studies
    ECON 340 – Intro to International Economics in LA
    GEB 335 – Into to International Business
    ENV 300 – Environmental Impact and Social Development
    ENV 304 – Tropical Ecology
    ENV 319 – Tropical Marine Biology
    HIS 230 – Contemporary Latin American History
    HIS 329 – Costa Rican Economic Development
    HIS 323 – Costa Rican Health Care System
    POL 250 – Human Rights in Latin America / European History
    POL 345 – International Relations in Latin America
    POL 356 – International Politics in Middle East

    * Spanish and Elective course descriptions available upon request.
    * Elective courses only available during the 12 week – Quarterly terms.

    Academic Credit

    Students earn 4 – 15 credits for completing courses. Upon completion, transcripts (Certificate) is available from the University of Veritas…..stating the courses taken, number of hours, and grade given. The monthly language courses are 4 hours per day, 20 hours per week. The quarterly term is 3 hours of Spanish and 1 elective course – also 20 hours per week. Course descriptions available upon request.

    Financial Aid

    Yes, you can use your financial aid on this program. Please have your Financial Aid office e-mail us a “Consortium Agreement” to complete and sign. CSA does not offer any scholarships or financial aid, we can only assist you in using your home school’s financial aid on this program.

    The earlier the better, since it takes time to process. Overall, CSA does not offer any financial aid, we can only assist you in obtaining and using your aid from your home school on these programs.


    Two weekend excursions, and 2 days excursions cost $362 – $572 USD and pay there. Other activities may include:

    * Free tropical dance lessons weekly.
    * Nearby fitness center.
    * Soccer team tournaments.
    * Conversation Partner program with Costa Rican students.
    * Typical Latin American food cooking lessons.
    * Museums, Artisans Market, and other excursions cost extra.
    * Weekend trips to beaches and mountain areas, such as the National Park


    Housing with a local host family, plus 2 meals daily will cost $225 – $250 USD per week extra, and can pay there or prior arrival. Private room, weekly laundry service,and bed linens provided.

    If you prefer to arrange your own housing, please let us know.

    Dates and Fees

    * Spanish Language & Electives: 4 hrs per day / 20 hrs per wk

    Intensive Spanish

    January(early) – February (early)
    2020 Dates: Jan 6th – 31st
    2021 Dates: Jan 4th – 29th
    $1595 USD

    Spanish Language & Elective

    January (early) – March (late)
    2020 Dates: January 6th – March 27th
    2021 Dates: January 4th – March 26th
    $3595 USD

    SUMMER SESSIONS: 4-8 weeks (June – August)
    Intensive Spanish Language

    5 weeks May (late) – June (late): intensive Spanish Language + Elective
    2020 Dates: May 25th – June 26th
    2021 Dates: May 24th – June 25th
    $2495 USD
    4 weeks June (early) – June (late): intensive Spanish
    2020 Dates: June 3rd – 28th
    2021 Dates: May 31st – June 25th
    $1695 USD
    4 weeks July: intensive Spanish
    2020 Dates: July 6th – 31st
    2021 Dates: July 5th – 30th
    $1695 USD
    8 weeks July (early) – August (late): intensive Spanish
    2020 Dates: July 6th – August 28th
    2021 Dates: July 5th – August 27th
    $2995 USD
    4 weeks August (early) – August (late)
    2019 Dates: August 5th – 30th
    2020 Dates: August 3th – 28th
    2021 Dates: August 2nd – 27th
    $1695 USD

    * Summer Break: June (late) – July (early)

    Spanish Language & Elective

    September (late) – December (mid)
    2019 Dates: September 30th – December 20th
    2020 Dates: September 28th – December 18th
    2021 Dates: September 27th – December 17th
    $3595 USD

    * Similar dates and prices in 2022.

    * Airport pick-up service available ($38 USD Approx).


    Open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 17.


    Valid Passport is required. Tourist card issued upon arrival at the airport. U.S. citizens must have onward/return ticket. For stays longer than 90 days, you must apply for an extension within the first week of visiting.


    Arrive 1 – 2 days prior starting date. Airport pick-up available – $38 USD. Email us flight arrival details.


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