University of Stendhal-Grenoble


    University of Stendhal-Grenoble
    French Language & Culture: 20 hrs / week
    4 wks: $1495 / Sem: $2995 / Year: $5395
    Minimum age 17 yrs

    The Program

    Study French Language and culture in the historic city of Grenoble.

    20 hrs per week, 4 hrs per day M-F. University placement test given upon arrival.
    Transcript provided upon completion. Taught by university faculty. All levels available.

    * French Language & Culture Course: Semester or Academic Year
    – requires previous French studies (400 hrs) Intermediate Level – Advanced.

    * Intensive French Course: Weekly, Monthly – year around
    – open to all levels – no previous French studies required

    Grenoble is rich in art and culture, and is also a university town of over 50,000 students.

    The Location

    Grenoble is a historic city, and was the site of early uprisings in the French Revolution in 1788. Capital of the Dauphine – a former province – Grenoble is close to Switzerland and the Mediterranean. Numerous opportunities for excursions to remarkable sites in the area. Activities include: hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. There are several museums, concert halls, theaters, and cinemas. Overall, Grenoble is a welcoming and dynamic city for foreign students.

    Courses: Program ongoing, year to year. Specific dates given upon inquiry, and in your admission docs.

    French Language and Culture: 20 hrs per week, 4 hrs per day M-F.
    – previous French studies required (at least 400 hrs) Intermediate – Advanced.
    – available for Semester, Academic Year, and Summer

    French Courses + General Courses = 20 hrs per week

    General Courses
    Students can choose among following every 2 weeks:
    * Written expression
    * Oral expression
    * Contemporary French Civilisation
    * 19th& 20th Century French Literature
    * Business and Tourism French
    * Translation
    * French for International and European Actors

    Intensive French Course: 20 hrs per week, 4 hrs per day M-F.
    * offered all year (see dates section)
    * open to all levels: beginners to advanced
    * placement test given upon arrival orientation
    * small class size of up to 16 students (max)
    * 3 hrs of class, plus 1 hour language laboratory

    NOTE: All courses are university level courses, taught in French by University instructors.

    Minimum age is 17 yrs, with parental note.

    France - Stendhal-Grenoble

    Academic Credit

    Students earn 12 – 15 semester credits for each completed semester. 24 – 30 credits for year.
    Monthly sessions can earn 3 – 4 credits. Weekly can earn 1 credit.
    All students receive an official transcript (certificate) upon completion from the University.

    Financial Aid

    Can use financial aid for this program. E-mail your Consortium Agreement to CSA.
    Early registration is advised.


    Grenoble offers numerous opportunities for outdoor sports: hiking, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding. Many cultural activities available as well. Theme events are organized at the school: BBQ’s, Masked Ball, Special Evening events.

    Excursions are organized, and are optional. Receive schedule upon arrival orientation.
    Day trips, and multi-day excursions to places like: Alsace, Nice (Cote d’Azur), Loire Castles, Venice Carnival (Feb), Annecy, Avignon, Chamonix, Chartreuse, Lyon, Vercors, Marseille.
    * Excursions cost extra…..are optional….and you sign up there.


    Student housing includes rooms on campus (residence), hostel housing, and host families. CSA will request (book) campus housing, and host family housing. Let us know what you prefer.

    There are several student residences on campus – usually single rooms with shared bath and kitchen for about $15 USD per day. Rooms that are larger and have a private bath, cost about $450 USD per month. Housing in student residences can be reserved in advance.

    Host family housing with half-board (2 meals daily) cost about $950 USD per month.
    Host family is arranged there (after your arrival).

    Student hostels are another option. Arranged by each student.

    CSA will include housing website links with confirmation documents.

    Housing cost is paid directly there (upon check-in).

    Dates and Fees

    Exact dates given upon inquiry, and in your admission docs.


    * French Language: 20 hrs per week
    * All levels accepted, beginner thru advanced
    * Specific dates given upon inquiry, and in your docs
    * Placement test on start date.

    4 weeks May (late) – June (late)
    Sample 2017 Dates: May 29th – June 23rd
    $1495 USD
    4 weeks July (early) – July (late)
    Sample 2017 Dates: July 3rd – 28th
    4 weeks August (early) – August (late)
    Sample 2017 Dates: July 31st – August 25th
    4 weeks September (early) – September (late)
    Sample 2017 Dates: September 4th – 29th


    September (early) – December (mid)
    Sample 2017 Dates: September 4th – December 15th
    $2995 USD


    January (mid) – May (mid)
    Sample 2018 Dates: January 15th – May 18th
    $2995 USD


    September (early) – May (mid) $5395 USD


    Note: CSA prices include foreign exchange fees.

    France - Stendhal-Grenoble group


    – Minimum age is 17 yrs – with parental note. Most students are 18 +.
    – Passport required. Visa not required for stays up to 90 days (3 months) for U.S. citizens.
    – Check embassy (Consulate) requirements.
    – Plan to arrive a few days prior … get settled. Placement test is given on start date.
    – No airport pick-up available by university. Private arrangement possible (shuttle / taxi).


    Register Now - to get started. Pay balance or deposit to confirm (reserve / docs). Early registration advised.