University of Porto & Coimbra (Summer)


    Summer Study in Porto or Coimbra
    Portuguese Language and Culture
    University Level Courses & Credit
    Minimum age is 16 yrs
    Open to all Worldwide
    4 Weeks: $1495 USD

    University of Porto

    University of Coimbra

    The Program

    Study this summer at either the University of Porto, or University of Coimbra. Intensive Portuguese Language & Culture program for 4 weeks in July. 80 hrs (lessons) total. Course levels offered are A1 thru C2 levels. Earn academic credit (6 ECTS). Open to all students and adults worldwide, minimum age is 16 yrs. Student housing is available on each campus, and nearby at reasonable cost. Early registration is advised. Join us !


    University of Porto was founded in 1911. After the Democratic Revolution, the University moved forward in 1974 to become what it is today – a modern University. Porto is a European city with an immense historical patrimony, yet is also well linked to the present and future times. Located on the Rio Douro, it has been a major trading center over the centuries, providing a number of distinctive atmospheres in the city. The quarter around the riverside, known as the “Ribeira” is full of narrow, twisting streets with houses once painted or tiled in colorful facades, and full of bustling energy of working people during the day and the liveliness of busy “tascas” and restaurants at night. The district around the Cathedral is full of monuments of past achievements and streets lined with houses built like layers of cake. The “Cordoaria” quarter is steep streets and interesting shops. The “Baixa” quarter is the civic center with broad avenues lined with banks and outdoor cafes, and also where the two tiered covered market goes about its business. Of course, Portugal is world renowned for the wine of its surrounding regionas, and students have the opportunity to visit vineyards and related festivals.

    The University of Coimbra was founded in 1290, and was the first Portuguese speaking university until the beginning of the 20th century. It was designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2013. Coimbra is the 4th largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, Porto, and Braga. Dating back to the Roman era, Coimbra was known back then as the settlement of “Aeminium”, and many of the buildings from the Roman and Middle Ages still remain. The University of Coimbra is visited by many tourist each year for it’s historical monuments. Coimbra is located close to the mountains and sea, only a short distance to the “Serra da Lousa” famouse for its shale villages and also the “Serra da Estrela” area known for its winter sports and local cuisine. Only an hours to the sea coast with beautiful beaches and ports of Figueira da Foz and Aveiro.
    Coimbra has a good road and railroad network, 3 hours by car to Salamanca, Spain, and also has train connections to Madrid and Paris.

    Coimbra Town

    Porto Cityscape

    Courses & Activities

    Portuguese Language & Culture: 80 hrs (lessons) per 4 weeks.
    University level courses. Faculty from the University. A1 thru C2 levels.
    Earn 6 ECTS credits. Certificate transcript issued by University
    Placement test given there. Syllabus obtained there.

    Cultural activities and local excursions provided in both locations.
    Obtain schedule at check-in orientation.


    Student type housing available on campus and nearby at reasonable prices. Will provide housing info with admission documents (once confirmed). Also, check-out our housing links in the “Other Housing Options” section (bottom) of the Portugal Homepage. Can book own housing (host family or student flats) using these Links if you prefer. Meals can be obtained at campus snack bars and campus cafeterias (canteens) at reasonable prices.

    University of Coimbra does offer student residence housing, fully furnished and equipped – including bed linens and towels. Utilities and laundry facilities included. Meals are obtained at the several campus snack bars and canteens at reasonable prices. More details provided with your admission documents for this program.

    Dates & Fees – Summer

    * Portuguese Language & Culture
    * 80 hrs (lessons) per 4 weeks
    * Earn Academic Credit (6 ECTS)

    University of Porto

    2020 Dates: July 6th – 31st
    2021 Dates: July 5th – 30th
    $1495 USD

    University of Coimbra

    2020 Dates: June 30th – July 31st
    2021 Dates: June 29th – July 30th
    $1495 USD

    * Arrive a couple days prior (or earlier) to get settled.
    * Similar dates and prices in 2022

    Ribeira – the Old Town of Porto

    Coimbra, Portugal


    * Several options to travel to either location (airport, train, car).
    Consult a current travel book (or app) on Portugal.
    Airport pick-up not available. Private shuttle (taxi) can be arranged.


    Minimum age is 16 yrs.


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