University of Caen Normandy (Summer)


    French Summer in Normandy
    Study at University of Caen
    French Language & Culture
    75 Hours Per Session (2)
    3 Weeks: $1895 USD
    Min age 18 yrs


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    The Program

    Study this summer in Caen, Normandy at the University of Caen. Low cost program, and open to all students worldwide. Minimum age is 18 yrs. French Language and Culture program taught by professors with experience teaching French as a Foreign Language (FFL) Two sessions of 3 weeks each, whereby you can attend both (6 wks) if you prefer. 75 hours of courses offered in each session (150 hrs if you attend both). Open to levels A1 – C1 for session 1, and no beginner level offered in session 2. All students take a placement exam upon arrival check-in (orientation). Program includes a “Culture & Heritage” component that takes students on a journey in French culture as well as “Heritage” part that includes “The Battle of Normandy”, and “Peace & Human Rights”, as well as leisure sport activities: beach, swimming, kayak, visits to museums, movie night, or concert. Housing is offered in a campus residence or host family. Meals can be taken at the university restaurant at low prices (5 – 6 euros / meal). Academic credit is earned: 3 – 6 USA credits / 6 – 12 ECTS credits. Transcript issued by the University of Caen Normandy. Overall, come join us in Normandy this Summer. Early registration advised !


    Caen, Normandy. Program held at the University of Caen (UNICAEN). Founded in 1432 by the King of England Henry IV, the University is one of the oldest French universities. With over 29,000 students annually on several campuses in the Caen area, the University benefits from the advantages of the region such as the coastline, cross-Channel trade, a fast track to the capital, and offers cultural activities and sports, as well as major international events such as D-Day celebrations, the Grande Armada, and the Mont Saint Michel.

    Caen SkylineCourses

    75 hours of courses per session. Two Sessions of 3 weeks each. Can attend 1 or 2 sessions.
    Courses taught by professors trained in teaching French as a Foreign Language (FFL certified).
    Each session offers 45 hours of oral and written communication, strengthening of grammatical structures, enrichment of vocabulary and oral practice in audio-digital laboratory. In the afternoons, students can choose one of the thematic modules listed below that offers 30 hours of face-to-face sessions and visits:

    * Culture & Heritage: Beginner level (session 1) / Intermediate level (session 1 & 2)
    * The Battle of Normandy (session 1 – module in French and English)
    * Didactics of the FLE (session 1 – level of French B1 + more required)
    * Peach & Human Rights (session 2 – level of French B1 + more required)

    Courses levels offered are A1 – C1 (session #1).
    2nd Session – no beginner level offered (B1 +).

    2nd Session: Students will also be able to choose a 30 hour non-educational module combining cultural, sports, and leisure activities (museum visits, movies, concerts). Details provided at arrival check-in (orientation).

    All students take a Placement Exam upon arrival check-in, unless they are “absolute beginners”. No beginners level in the 2nd session.

    Upon completing the Session, a transcript certificate is issued by the University of Caen.

    DELF / DALF session (A1 – C1) available to Register for there. Cost 95 euros. Exams are during 3rd week of session 2.

    * the same course listings here……as posted in the Catholic University Paris program……starting with the “Beginner Level”…..thru Advanced.

    Academic Credit

    75 hours of courses offered per 3 week session. Earn 3 – 6 USA credits / 6 – 12 ECTS credits per session. Transcript certificate issued with grades, by the University of Caen.


    Active social program includes non-academic activities that are cultural, sport and leisure oriented such as: beach and swimming, kayaking, Petanque, visits to museums (Bayeux, tapestry, Caen Memorial, as well as movie nights, and concerts. Detailed schedule provided at arrival orientation.


    Housing is provided in Campus Residence, or with a French Host Family.

    Campus Residence are single rooms with private bathroom, furnished, internet access, and located walking distance to classrooms. Cost approx 300 euros per session. Pay there.

    Host Family housing with half-board (2 meals daily: breakfast & dinner) usually located downtown Caen or in nearby suburbs with internet access. Cost approx 600 euros per session. Pay there.

    Meals: lunches and dinners can be obtained at the University cafeteria (on campus).
    Low cost student meals served: 5 – 6 euros per meal estimate.

    Can arrange own housing if you prefer. Let us know, and we will provide some convenient “housing” booking web-Links.

    Dates & Fees

    2020 Session #1: June 4th – 24th
    2020 Session #2: June 30th – July 21st
    $1895 USD
    2021 Session #1: June 2nd – 23rd
    2021 Session #2: June 28th – July 16th
    $1895 USD
    2022 Session #1: June 1st – 22nd
    2022 Session #2: June 27th – July 15th
    $1895 USD

    * Housing is not included. Cost extra.

    * Early registration is advised !

    Financial Aid

    Can use your financial aid for this program, using a Consortium Agreement.
    Ask your advisor or Financial Aid office for a “Consortium Agreement” form.
    Be sure to inform your school that you will receive a transcript from the University of Caen.
    See the “Financial Aid” page in the Resources section (main menu).


    Minimum age is 18 years. Must also have finished High School (degree).

    Open to all students and adults worldwide.

    Early registration advised !


    Check-in day prior to start date. Depart day after end date (after exams).

    Register Now - to get started.