University of Belgrano – Buenos Aires

    University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires)
    Intensive Spanish & Latin American Studies
    Taught in English & Spanish: 25 hrs / wk
    4 wks: $2595 / Sem: $6295 USD (est)
    Minimum age 16 yrs

    The Program

    Buenos Aires Argentina

    Study Spanish language, Argentine studies, and Latin American studies at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires. Founded in 1964, the University of Belgrano is a major institution of higher education in Argentina. Students can study Spanish language only, or combine language and cultural electives together. Overall, a very comprehensive program in the heart of Buenos Aires. Minimum age is 16 yrs. Courses taught in English and Spanish. Join us !

    Buenos Aires Argentina landmark

    The Location

    Buenos Aires, Argentina.


    Spanish Language. 4, 8, 12, 14 week sessions. 25 hrs per week, 5 hrs per day (M-F).

    Offered in January, February, March, May, June, July, August, and September. University level courses, and taught by faculty at the University. Transcript issued by University. Open to all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

    • Basic Spanish 121: Beginner course that provides basic language skills. Students acquire and develop[ basic knowledge of Spanish to communicate in a familiar context. Classes emphasize production and understanding in communicative situations. On completing the course, students will understand basic instructions, take part in factual conversations on a
      predictable topic and express simple opinions about the present, past and future.
    • Intermediate Spanish 151: This course is for those who already have the basic communication skills. The general aim of this course is to extend student’s ability to discuss a wider range of topics. Emphasis is on active acquisition of grammatical structures and vocabulary. On completing the course, students will be able to keep up a conversation on a wide range of subjects, and give short talks or write letters and other text on familiar topics.
    • Intermediate Spanish 2 – 181: For students who have already mastered the main grammatical features of the language, and can communicate in a wide range of subjects, formal and informal situations…both orally and in writing. Emphasis is on the use of precise and appropriate vocabulary in context. Special attention is given to fluency and pronunciation
      as well as producing well organized and grammatically correct written texts. On completion, students would have mastered all the major grammatically forms of the language, and will be able to express different attitudes, doubts and advice, using a good range of structures.
    • Advanced Spanish 221: Course is intended for students who have mastered all the major grammatically forms of the language, and can communicate with relative fluency in a wide range of formal and informal situations. At this stage, students are encouraged to consolidate and perfect their communicative strategies, both oral and written. Students are required to
      give oral presentations in order to prove their fluency and accuracy when speaking in public. Also, learning to produce expository and argumentive prose. Upon completing the course, students will be able to speak and write about complicated issues using appropriate and complex language.

    Electives on Argentina and Latin American Issues (taught in English and Spanish); Semester Length

    • 19th – 20th Century Latin American History
    • Political Systems in Latin America – a comparative approach
    • Social Economy in Latin America
    • Political and Social Change
    • U.S. – Latin American Relations
    • Gender in Latin America
    • Argentina and Latin America facing Global Economy
    • Argentinean Economic History / Policy
    • Argentinean And Iberoamerican Literature 1 & 2
    • Argentina – Open Society
    • Contemporary Argentinean Art
    • Argentinean Culture and Traditions
    • Extended Spanish
    • Advanced Spanish

    Minimum age is 16 yrs.

    Academic Credit

    Spanish Language Course: 25 hrs per week, 5 hrs per day. 4, 8, 12, 14 week sessions. Cultural Electives: 45 hrs per course. Available during Semester Sessions. Can earn 15 – 20 credits per Semester. 4 – 6 credits per monthly Spanish language session. Transcript issued by University of Belgrano. See the “Academic Credit” section on CSA website.

    Financial Aid

    Yes, you can use your financial aid for this university based program. Please e-mail your Consortium Agreement to CSA. See the “Financial Aid” section on our website for details. Useful website links regarding scholarships provided with your confirmation documents.


    Organized field trips may include excursions to local historical sites, as well as museums, parks, and day trips to nearby places. Optional. Check with staff there upon arrival check-in about any organized trips you can sign up on. Cost extra. Also, many students organize their own local trips with other students.

    Buenos Aires Argentina


    Housing is provided in student type residence, apartment (flat), or in a local host family. All housing provided is supervised by the University, and staff is there to assist during your entire stay.

    Student Residence / Apartment (flats): – single room, fully furnished, basic phone line, utilities included, and cleaning service weekly. Cost about $200 USD per week. Meals will cost average $100 USD per week at campus cafeteria. Pay there.

    Host Families – private room, 2 meals daily (breakfast & dinner), room cleaning weekly, linens & towels change weekly, keys to home, and nearby campus. Cost about $200 USD per week. Pay there.

    Select your housing preference on the registration form.

    CSA will reserve your housing, but you pay for it separately there.

    CSA will provide you additional housing information with your confirmation

    Also, you can arrange own housing if you prefer, just let us know.

    Dates and Fees

    * Minimum age is 16 yrs * Intensive Spanish Language – 5 hrs per day, M-F
    * Semester culture courses taught in English and Spanish
    * Specific dates provided with your confirmation documents.
    * Plan on arriving on weekend, and starting class on Monday

    * 4 wks – 5 hrs per day, 25 hrs per wk
    * 7 & 14 wk course is 3 hrs per day
    * Exact dates provided with confirmation documents.

    4 Weeks February (early) – March (early)
    Sample 2018 Dates: Feb 5 – Mar 2
    Sample 2019 Dates: Feb 4 – Mar 1
    5 hrs per day M-F $2595 USD
    7 Weeks March (mid) – April (late)
    Sample 2018 Dates: Mar 5 – Apr 20
    Sample 2019 Dates: Mar 4 – Apr 19
    3 hrs per day M-F $2995
    4 Weeks May (late) – June (late)
    Sample 2018 Dates: May 28 – Jun 22
    Sample 2019 Dates: May 27 – Jun 21
    5 hrs per day M-F $2595
    4 Weeks June (late) – July (late)
    Sample 2018 Dates: Jun 25 – Jul 20
    Sample 2019 Dates: Jun 24 – Jul 19
    5 hrs per day M-F $2595
    4 Weeks August (month)
    Sample 2018 Dates: Jul 30 – Aug 24
    Sample 2019 Dates: Jul 29 – Aug 23
    5 hrs per day M-F $2595
    7 Weeks Sample 2018 Dates: Sept 3 – Oct 19
    Sample 2019 Dates: Sept 2 – Oct 18
    3 hrs per day M-F $2995 USD
    7 Weeks Sample 2018 Dates: Oct 22 – Dec 6
    Sample 2019 Dates: Oct 21 – Dec 5
    3 hrs per day M-F $2995 USD

    SEMESTER COURSES * Argentina & Latin American Studies
    * Cultural Electives taught in English & Spanish
    * Exact dates are provided with the confirmation documents
    * Plan on arriving on the weekend, then start classes on Monday
    * Minimum age is 16 yrs


    March (early) – June (mid)
    * Specific dates in confirmation documents
    Sample 2018 Dates: March 5 – June 14, 2018
    Sample 2019 Dates: March 4 – June 13, 2019
    $6295 USD


    July (mid) – November (early)
    * Specific dates in confirmation documents
    Sample 2018 Dates: July 30 – November 8, 2018
    Sample 2019 Dates: July 29 – November 7, 2019
    $6295 USD
     NOTE: Next year dates are similar.


    Plan on arriving a couple days prior to start date to check into housing and get settled. Airport pick-up is available at the Buenos Aires International Airport – Ezeiza.. CSA recommends requesting airport pick-up, for the campus is a considerable distance – about 45 minutes. Costs about $60 USD…..about the same as other taxis. The airport pick-up company used has a contract with the University, and it is safer and better than the other taxi companies at the airport.

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