University of Babes Bolyai – Summer in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania)


    Summer at University of Babes-Bolyai
    Romanian Language & Culture Program
    Experience Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania
    Minimum age is 17 yrs – Register Early
    3 Weeks in July: $1995 USD
    Open to all Worldwide
    All Inclusive

    The Program

    Held at the University of Babes-Bolyai, the Summer program in Romania Language and Culture is popular every year and attracts students from all over the world. Taught by University staff there at Babes-Bolyai, students are taught for 20 hrs per week ( 4 lessons per day, M-F). Lectures on Romanian Culture (Civilisation) are also included. The “cultural program” includes activities and local field trips (excursions) to important landmarks of Cluj-Napoca. A detailed scheduled provided with your admission documents. Housing and breakfast buffet are included in the program fee. Early registration is highly advised, prior to May 15th.

    The Location

    Held at the University of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca, the University is a dynamic and traditional institution of higher education with deep roots in Central Europe and strong international academic ties. It’s origins date back to 1581, which makes it the oldest University in Romania. It was names after two prominent Transylvania scientists: biologist Victor Babel,and the Hungarian mathematician JAAnos Bolyai. Located in Transylvania, a European province with a complex history, it is the largest Romanian university with over 45,000 students and 1700 faculty staff, as well as collaborates with well-renowned universities from around the world: Leipzig University in Germany, Corvinus University in Hungary, University of La Sapienza in Italy, Universite of Paris XII in France, Michigan State University, USA, and Dongguk University in South Korea.

    Cluj-Napoca is genuinely a university city with a vivid and colorful cultural life and entertainment. It provides both students and its residents various museums, Opera House, leisure parks, puppet theater, and modern shopping centers. Every year, it hosts the “Transylvania Film Festival”, “Night of Ad Eaters”, and various music festivals (Musical Autumn in Cluj), thus uniting people from around the world in one sole multiethnic and multicultural gathering.

    The unoffical capital of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca is over 2000 years old and one of the most vibrant cities in Romania. Was built on the site of a Roman municipality, it is on one of the major routes from Vienna to Bucharest. Located in a hilly area, the city spreads aound the Somes River towards the surrounding hills. Population is over 4 million, out of which about 100,000 are university students.


    Romanian Language& Culture (Civilisation) – 20 hrs + (lessons) per week / 60 hrs + total.

    Students take a placement test upon arrival orientation,and placed in the proper level of Hungarian. All levels are offered: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

    Lectures on Hungarian Culture (Civilisation) are provided.

    Cultural activities and local field trips are arranged (included) and include:
    Muzeul Etnografia al Transilvaniei, La Gradina Botanica “Alexandru Borza” (Cluj), Muzeul de Arta (Cluj), excursie to La Salina Turda si Cheile Turzil, Belis, and zile in judetul Maramures.
    Schedule provided upon arrival orientation.

    5 LEVELS: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

    • Level A1-A2 (basic): studies the basic phonetic, grammatical, and lexical structures used in everyday conversation (such as “Let’s introduce ourselves”, “What time is it”, ect. Covers the typical daily conversations on the street, at the market, at a restaurant, at the bank exchange office, at the post office, at the hotel, getting a Taxi, talking about your home and family, and daily schedule. By the end of this course, the student will be able to interact in everyday conversations.
    • Level B1-B2 (intermediate): aims at improving grammar and extending vocabulary. By studying literary texts of average difficulty, as well as journalistic publications (newspapers & magazines), and also by listening to radio and tv broadcasts. Overall, the student is expected to become an independent speaker, improving their comprehension ability and producing texts.
    • Level C1 (advanced): improving and refining vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, special terminology, phraseology, and acquisition of stylistic, contemporary Romanian). Student is expected to become an experimented speaker, able to obtain such a high level of proficiency- almost as a native speaker. Using both literary, and non-literary texts, according to what the student is interested in….as well as continued listening to media broadcasts.

    Housing: included

    Housing is included and located in a nearby campus Hotel Universitas (3 star), and also in City Plaza (5 star) in historic downtown Cluj. The hotel is the ideal starting point for various tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes and clubs that are open 24 hrs per day. Breakfast Buffet is included daily. Double rooms that are modernly equipped with internet access, cable TV, Phone, safe, climate control system, and tea/coffee self service. Single rooms cost extra (approx 450 euros extra). Hotel details provided with admission documents.

    Note: Can also arrange own housing if you prefer, just let us know and we can give a discount off the inclusive price (200 Euros approx).


    Summer Session: 3 Weeks July
    Romanian Language & Culture
    20 + hrs (lessons) per wk / 60 + hrs total.
    All Inclusive

    2020 Dates: June 29th – July 17th
    * Arrive Check-in June 28th
    *Check-out July 18th
    $1995 USD
    2021 Dates: June 28th – July 16th
    * Arrive Check-in June 27th
    * Check-out July 17th
    $1995 USD

    * Application Deadline: May 15th
    * Tuition, Housing, Activities, Excursions all included


    Minimum age is 17 yrs.

    Early registration advised (prior May 15th).
    After May 15th, ask us about available space.


    Plan on arriving (check-in) on the day prior start date.

    Consult a current travel book (or app) regarding ways to reach Cluj-Napoca.


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