University Complutense Madrid


    Study at University Complutense (Madrid), Spain
    Spanish Language & Culture: 4 hrs day / 20 hrs wk
    4 Weeks (Summer): $1995 / Quarter: $3395 USD
    Open to all Worldwide
    Minimum age is 16


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    The Program

    Founded in 1293 by King Sancho IV of Castilla, the Complutense University of Madrid is one of the oldest universities in the world. Over 100,000 students attend the University, of which about 3400 of them are international students. As one of the largest Universities in Spain, there are two major campuses that house the various schools and departments, as well as extensive university services. CSA students take courses at the Schools of Philology, History, Philosophy, Geography and Education, and are granted access to the many university facilities and services. Minimum age is 16 yrs.

    CSA offers two different programs: (1) Spanish Language and Culture, and (2) Advanced Hispanic Studies. The “Spanish Language and Culture” program is for students of all levels: beginner – advanced. Offered Quarterly and in the summer. Intermediate and Advanced level students can take cultural electives and attend lectures. Students will take a placement test upon arrival to determine level. The “Hispanic Studies” program combines Spanish language and Cultural courses at a higher level, with a larger emphasis on current and past aspects of Spanish culture. Offered by the Quarter (Oct – June), and Academic Year.

    More details in the “Course” section.

    The Location

    Madrid is a thriving, modern city of 4 million. It is the capital city of culture, business and government in Spain. Madrid offers the city life, bullfights, opera, flamenco dancing, museums, parks, open air markets, and a nightlife that is world famous. With a modern transportation system getting around Madrid is easy, and being centrally located, taking short weekend trips to nearby towns is convenient by bus or train. Historical and contemporary at the same time, Madrid is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities of Europe, and certainly an attractive place to study the Spanish language and culture.


    * Minimum age is 16

    1) Spanish Language and Culture: (Quarterly, Academic Year, Summer)

    This program is offered to students of all levels, from beginner through advanced. Classes are taught in the morning and afternoon, 4 hours per day, 20 hours per week (M-F). Cultural lectures are also offered, 2 hours per day, 5 days a week (M-F). All students are tested upon arrival and placed in the proper course level. All students take the following courses: Grammar, Practical Spanish, and Spanish Conversation. Beginner students also have a Language Laboratory, while intermediate and advanced students take a course on Spanish Texts. Program is offered Quarterly (academic year), and a summer session.

    In addition, students also have the option of attending lectures on Spanish culture in the evening, and they are in Spanish so they are primarily for the advanced level student. Topics include: History of Spain, Spanish Music, Folklore, Art, Philosophy, Literature, Latin American Literature. Advanced level students may attend up to 4 lecture series, and may take the exam to earn additional credits (1 – 2), as well as earn a Certificate in “Spanish Language and Culture”…..if they pass 3 exams for 3 of the lecture series attended. Details available upon arrival and check-in.

    • Spanish Grammar: I, II, III, IV levels (101, 201, 301, 401)
    • Practical Spanish: I, II, III, IV levels (110, 210, 310, 410)
    • Spanish Conversation: I, II, III, IV levels (120, 220, 320, 420)
    • Spanish Texts: I, II, III, IV levels (130, 230, 330, 430)
    • Spanish Language Lab: I, II, III, IV levels (140, 240, 340, 440)

    NOTE: Courses available year-around.
    NOTE: Course descriptions available from instructor upon starting course.
    NOTE: All courses are university level and taught by qualified faculty.

    2) Advanced Hispanic Studies Course: (Quarter, Academic Year)

    This program is for high intermediate and advanced levels. It is offered during the Academic Year (October – June) for the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. Students can attend any Quarter or all three.

    The Hispanic Studies Program is a combination of the Spanish language together with Spanish Cultural aspects of the past and present. Students take 4 subjects per semester, which meet 2 – 3 times a week, and can choose any combination of courses available. This program offers the student more flexibility in designing their own programs.

    • Spanish Language: III, IV Levels (300 – 400’s)
    • Spanish Literature: III, IV Levels (300 – 400’s)
    • Spanish History: III, IV Levels (300 – 400’s)
    • Spanish Art History: III, IV Levels (300 – 400’s)
    • Commentary on Spanish Texts: III, IV Levels (300 – 400’s)
    • Spanish Geography: III, IV Levels (300 – 400’s)
    • Contemporary Spanish Thought: III, IV Levels (300 – 400’s)

    NOTE: Course description details are available from the instructor upon arrival and check-in.

    This program also offers a class called “Open Class (Aula Abierta). It offers students a wide range of complimentary lectures, guided visits to museums, films, Madrid architecture, and several other activities. The “Open Class” is to provide additional exposure to the student about Spain and bring more substance to the courses being taught. Participation is optional, but CSA highly advises students to attend. A small fee may be required for some activities (not inlcuded).

    Ask CSA for a copy prior to arrival.

    LEVELS (Basic)

    Beginners Level: For those students who have little or no knowledge of the Spanish language and wish to acquire the basics in order to be able to understand and communicate on a simple level. Students are taught to read and produce simple letters and to understand short descriptions and texts. Basic daily conversations.

    Intermediate Level: Aimed at students who are already familiar with Spanish and wish to consolidate basic knowledge and improve their speaking, reading and writing skills. This level enables students to participate in conversations, debates, and intervene in discussions relevant to daily life. Students are taught how to better understand narrative. Overall, enhance comprehension abilities.

    Advanced Level: For students capable of expressing themselves and understanding standard Spanish. Building on their knowledge, confidence in expression, and reaching higher standards of fluency. Students are taught further strategies and communication skills in written and spoken Spanish, enabling them to better express themselves in public, understand complicated scripts and elaborate reports.

    Superior Level: This is the highest level for students with an advanced level in Spanish and wish to perfect and specialize their skills. Gives students the capacity to communicate fluently, conduct speeches, and be able to grasp the message implicit in technical words and programs. Students are taught to recognize hidden messages and connotations, understand contemporary scripts, and well as write fluent texts using only Spanish at the highest standard.

    NOTE: Courses description details are available from the instructor upon arrival and check in. All courses are university level courses and taught by qualified faculty. Also, all students receive a transcript from the University. Ask CSA for a copy prior to arrival.

    Academic Credit

    Earn 10 – 15 credits per Quarter, and 3 – 4 credits per month (Summer). Students receive a transcript (Certificate) from the “University Complutense of Madrid”.

    Financial Aid

    Yes……you can use your financial aid for this program. Please have your Financial Aid office send us by e-mail a “Consortium Agreement” to complete and sign. CSA does not offer any financial aid or scholarships directly, for we can only assist you in using your home school’s financial aid. The earlier the better.


    Excursions by bus are planned every Saturday. These trips are optional and are conducted by teachers of the courses and include the following towns: Toledo, Seville, Segovia, La Granja, El Escorial, and local sightseeing in Madrid. These excursions are not included in the basic fee, and cost a small fee. Schedule and sign up are available upon arrival and check-in.

    A student ID card will be given to students during the arrival check-in and registration. This card allows the CSA students the same advantages as the Spanish students have for access to campus libraries, computer facilities, sport facilities, etc.

    Cultural activities include concerts, art exhibits, films, and live performances. Each student pays for these separately. Madrid offers students many things to do and see……for it is the cultural center of Spain. Pick-up a good travel book for details on Madrid.

    Students do have access to the internet. CSA suggests that students set up an account with Yahoo or Hotmail before leaving for Madrid. Cyber-cafes are also available in Madrid, and students can set up accounts there as well for reasonable rates.


    Housing is available in student residence halls and student type apartments. Campus housing contact info included with your confirmation docs. Also, see the “Other Housing” web Links posted at the bottom of the Spain Homepage (CSA website).
    Student residence halls and student type apartrments (flats) can be booked in advance, which we highly advise.

    All students are responsible for reserving (arranging) their own housing on this program. CSA will send you a list of some student residence halls with your confirmations to contact directly, as well as the local housing office information. CSA advises you to start arranging your housing directly as soon as you receive your confirmation from CSA. Student residence halls (Colegios Mayores) fill up quickly, especially with regular Spanish students attending the school year, so the earlier you apply the better. Also, student type apartments (flats) are available nearby, and throughout Madrid. Staying with a host family is possible, but takes more time to arrange, and requires you to be there to arrange it at the housing office.

    If you do not have housing reserved prior to arriving, we suggest you arrive about 1 week early and reserve a hotel, pensione, or hostel nearby the University for 2 – 3 nights. This way, you can search out various housing possibilities and still have a place to stay while you find adequate housing. The staff there will assist you as much as possible at the student office and housing.

    Dates and Fees

    * 4 hrs (lessons) per day, M-F. 20 hrs (lessons) per week.
    * Minimum age is 16 yrs.


    Intensive Spanish – 4 hrs per day M-F / 80 hrs total

    4 weeks July (early) – July (late)
    2020 Dates: July 1st – 31st, 2020
    2021 Dates: July 5th – 30th, 2021
    $1995 USD
    4 weeks September (early) – September (late)
    2019 Dates: September 2nd – 27th, 2019
    2020 Dates: September 1st – 30th, 2020
    2021 Dates: September 1st – 30th, 2021
    $1995 USD


    October (early – December (mid)
    2019 Dates: October 1st – December 13th, 2019
    2020 Dates: October 1st – December 11th, 2020
    2021 Dates: October 1st – December 10th, 2021

    Spanish Language & Culture 20 hrs per week
    All Levels
    $3395 USD
    Hispanica Studies Program Language & Culture – 4 subjects
    Intermediate & Advanced Levels
    $2995 USD


    January (early) – March (late)
    2020 Dates: January 9th – March 19th, 2020
    2021 Dates: January 7th – March 8th, 2021

    Spanish Language & Culture 20 hrs per week
    All Levels
    $3395 USD
    Hispanica Studies Program Language & Culture – 4 subjects
    Intermediate & Advanced Levels
    $2995 USD


    April (early) – June (mid)
    2020 Dates: April 14th – June 25th, 2020
    2021 Dates: April 13th – June 24th, 2021

    Spanish Language & Culture 20 hrs per week
    All Levels
    $3395 USD
    Hispanica Studies Program Language & Culture – 4 subjects
    Intermediate & Advanced Levels
    $2995 USD

    * NOTE: Similar dates year-to-year !


    Open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 16 yrs.

    Passport required. Visa not required for stays up to 3 months (90 days). For stays longer than 3 months, a Visa will be required. Students will need to show “confirmation” of school enrollment to apply for a Visa. CSA will send the “Letter of Confirmation”. Early registration is advised……for it is taking longer for students to obtain Visa’s form the Spanish Consulates.

    Be sure to arrive 1 day prior to the starting date to begin housing. CSA will provide additional information and directions upon your confirmation in the program.


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