University of Bucharest – Summer Program


    Summer at University of Bucharest
    Romanian Language & Culture Program
    Minimum age is 17 yrs – Register Early
    2 Weeks: July – August: $1295 USD
    Open to all Worldwide

    Bucharest, Romanian Cityscape


    Held at the University of Bucharest, the Summer Program in Romanian Language and Culture has gained recognition and prestige due to the participation of many reputed Romanian and foreign professors, as well as of distinguished scholars and artists. The Intensive Romanian Language and Cultural courses are taught by professors from the University of Bucharest, providing over 20 hours per week (4 class hours per day, M-F). Lectures on Romanian Culture and Civilization, as well as Language Workshops are offered twice a week usually in the late afternoons, M-F. The Cultural program includes museum visits, performances, a musical evening, walking tours in the park, sightseeing in Bucharest and nearby. Overall, a very intensive program for a 2 week period held at the University of Bucharest.

    Early registration is advised, prior to early June is best. Program schedule provided with confirmation docs.

    Central University Library Bucharest, Romania


    Bucharest – the “City of Joy”, is the capital of Romania and is not an old city by European standards. First mentioned as the “Citadel of Bucharest” in 1459, the settlement began to grow when the Wallachian Prince Vlad III (the impaler) made it his residence. Despite being burned down by the Ottoman and abandoned by the Princes at the beginning of the 17th century, Bucharest was quickly rebuilt and continued to flourish with today’s “Lipscani” district becoming the commercial center of entire Wallachia. Overall, the city’s history has been one of alternating periods of development and decay. Bucharest became the nations Capital when Wallachia and Moldavia were united to form the Principality of Romania in 1861. In the late 19th century, it elevated to become a cosmopolitan city that earned the name of “Little Paris” or “Paris of the East.” Today, Bucharest is again a bustling boom town in the 21st Century as the city undergoes a period of urban renewal.

    Romania is in Southeastern Europe bordering Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine to the north, the Black Sea to the east, and Bulgaria to the south. It’s population is estimated at 21.8 million, primarily Romanian speaking. Major religion is Christianity. Bucharest is the Capital city, major airports is: Henri Coanda Otopeni International Airport, generally referred to as “Otopeni airport”.

    Program is held at the University of Bucharest.

    Romanian Atheneum


    Romanian Language & Culture: 20 + hrs per week:

    Students will be divided into 3 – 4 groups according to their language level – which is tested.

    * Lectures on Romanian Culture and Civilization are given in Romanian to advanced level students, twice per week in the early afternoon (12:00 – 13:30).

    * Cultural workshops are also provided twice per week in the late afternoon (17:30 – 19:00).

    1. Intensive Listening – advanced students, understanding authentic oral texts.
    2. Romanian Customs and Traditions – Folklore, traditional culture.
    3. Theatre – creative workshop in expressing oneself through gestures, mimics, and games.

    5 LEVELS: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

    • Level A1-A2 (basic): studies the basic phonetic, grammatical, and lexical structures used in everyday conversation (such as “Let’s introduce ourselves”, “What time is it”, ect. Covers the typical daily conversations on the street, at the market, at a restaurant, at the bank exchange office, at the post office, at the hotel, getting a Taxi, talking about your home and family, and daily schedule. By the end of this course, the student will be able to interact in everyday conversations.
    • Level B1-B2 (intermediate): aims at improving grammar and extending vocabulary. By studying literary texts of average difficulty, as well as journalistic publications (newspapers & magazines), and also by listening to radio and tv broadcasts. Overall, the student is expected to become an independent speaker, improving their comprehension ability and producing texts.
    • Level C1 (advanced): improving and refining vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, special terminology, phraseology, and acquisition of stylistic, contemporary Romanian). Student is expected to become an experimented speaker, able to obtain such a high level of proficiency- almost as a native speaker. Using both literary, and non-literary texts, according to what the student is interested in….as well as continued listening to media broadcasts.

    20 hours of language classes per week. Each class is approx 50 minutes.

    Certificate of Completion (attendance) is awarded to each student, issued by the University of Bucharest. Students usually earn 2 – 3 credits for the 2 weeks.

    CULTURAL PROGRAM also included:

    • Romanian Films with English Subtitles, 2- 3 per week. Latest productions of Romanian directors.
    • Museum visits, performances, musical evening, walking tours, sightseeing in Bucharest and nearby locations.
    • Multicultural Evenings: Welcome and Farewell party (events)

    * Program schedule will be provided with your confirmation docs.

    Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania, known for the story of dracula

    Dracula’s Castle – 2.5 hrs by Bus


    Students are lodged in a 3 Star Hotel close to the University of Bucharest Rectorate. Approx 15 minutes walk to classes.
    Local bus and trollybus also available.

    Hotel SIQUA – All rooms have AC, TV, Phone, Free internet WiFi (for personal laptop), private bathroom with shower.

    Hotel cost approx 43 Euros per night (single room). Double rooms (shared with another student) cost 26 Euros per night.

    Full breakfast Buffet is included with cost of room. Pay Hotel directly there (or in advance). Hotel website address included in confirmation docs.

    Early registration is advised, in order to get a room at the Hotel prior arrival.

    Less expensive housing available in nearby Hostels.

    Note: Can arrange own housing if you prefer.


    Summer Session: 2 Weeks July (late) – August (early)

    2019 Dates: July 22nd – August 5th, 2019

    2020 Dates: July 20th – August 3rd, 2020

    2021 Dates: July 19th – August 2nd, 2021

    * Application Deadline: early June
    Early registration is advised.

    Program Fee: $1295 USD

    Can arrange own housing if preferred.

    Old Town in Bucharest, Romania


    Minimum age is 17 yrs. Early registration highly advised, prior to early June. After June 15th, ask CSA about availability.


    Plan on arriving the day before (Sunday). Program starts on a Monday. Can arrive by Air – major airport is: Otopeni Airport.

    Can arrive earlier and check-in to the Hotel Siqua.

    * Program schedule provided with your confirmation docs.

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