Tokyo Summer – Japanese Language & Homestay


    Summer Program in Tokyo, Japan
    Study Japanese Language & Culture
    Live with Japanese Host Family
    Includes Activities & Field Trips
    Minimum age is 15 yrs
    4 Weeks: $3995 USD
    All Inclusive

    The Program

    Japanese language study in Tokyo, Japan. Study 20 hrs per week, stay with a Japanese host family, and participate in several cultural activities that may include a trip to Kyoto, Nikko, and even an option to climb Mt. Fuji. Students from all over the world participate in this intensive program, giving it a very diverse international experience for everyone. Located in central Tokyo, participants have easy access to all the major areas of Tokyo by subway and city train. Enjoy studying Japanese language and also experience authentic Japanese culture, tradition, and society through the various activities provided. Living with a local Japanese family males it possible for you to experience the “real Japan”. Program price includes host family housing, 2 meals daily (3 on weekends), activities, excursions, airport pick-up, and textbook. Open to all students and adults. Minimum age is 15 yrs

    If you prefer to stay in a private student apartment or dormitory, it can be arranged for you, or you can arrange on your own. CSA will include several housing website booking links with your confirmations, and give you a good discount off the price for arranging your own housing. Also, if you do not need airport pickup service, we can give you another discount. But those students who request a host family, staff in Tokyo will meet you at the Narita airport.

    The Location

    Tokyo, Japan (central location)

    Tokyo is home to over 25% of the Japanese population. Over 13 million live in Tokyo itself, and this does not inlcude nearby Kawasaki and Yokohama. Tokyo has become an exciting urban-maze, a true megalopolis city of interconnected towns each with its own identity. Unlike Kyoto and Nara, few buildings survived the devastating earthquake of 1923 and the bombing of WW II, so Tokyo today is more of a magnet of creative energy, global modernity, and wealth. An extensive train and subway system connect all the main city centers and sites, making it easy to get around. Overall, Tokyo represents modern Japan and it offers so many things to do and see for the first time visitor. Join us and experience this exciting city!


    Ongoing program every summer in July and August. Specific dates are confirmed when you inquire by email, and also when you register.

    Intensive Japanese language courses, 4 hrs per day, 20 hrs per week. Students take a placement test and are placed in the proper level course. All levels offered: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Transcript (certificate) issued upon finishing the program. Teachers are all university trained to teach Japanese as a foreign language.

    * Beginner Level:
    Able to understand essential points in everyday conversations and situations.
    Able to write Hiragana, Katakana, and 300 Kanji. To write simple letters and short sentences.
    Able to read and understand short texts.

    * Intermediate – 2 Levels (Lower & Higher)
    Able to make conversations of considerable length and express individual opinions.
    Able to understand 750 – 1000 Kanji and able to write simple letters to more complex.
    Able to read and understand texts of considerable lengths, up to newspapers and novels.

    * Advanced – 2 Levels (Lower & Higher)
    Able to make long conversations in a natural way and able to use abstract meanings.
    Able to understand essentials when listening to news, speeches, and lectures.
    Able to understand reading editorials and complex thesis styles.
    * Understand over 2000 Kanji at higher level.

    Academic Credit

    Yes… can be earned on this program. Transcript (certificate) issued upon completing courses. Please refer to the “Academic Credit” section of our website….Resources section.

    Activities (Included in price)

    Several social activities are included in this program, and may include local sightseeing: Edo Tokyo Museum, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Dome, Ueno Zoo, Asakusa Temple, Studio Ghibli, Japanese crafts, Yukata, and local festivals. Excursions may include: Kyoto, Nikko, Kamakura, and Mt. Fuji. Included in price.

    Housing Included – Japanese Host Family (+ meals)

    Most students select to stay with a Japanese host family on this program. The host families are carefully selected and have hosted foreign students before. Families are primarily located in the suburban areas of Tokyo, as well as Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama Prefectures. Usual commute time is about 40 – 90 minutes each way. Transportation cost varies per family location, but can range from 600 – 1000 yen each way (one way). Staff and host family will assist you in getting a subway / train pass. This local transportation cost is not included in the program fee.

    For host family placement, you will need to complete the Host Family form we send you, and return to CSA as soon as possible….with photo. Also, upon arrival at Narita or Haneda airport (Tokyo), program staff will meet you at the airport (pickup service)…which is included in the price.

    Note: Can arrange own housing if desired. Deduct approx 25,000 Yen per week.
    This also includes no airport pick-up / drop-ff.

    Dates and Fees

    Ongoing program every summer in July and August.

    Price includes: airport pickup, housing, meals with host family, activities, excursions, and textbook. Does not include: airfare, local transportation, nor lunch. Meals only included with host family housing.

    Minimum age is 15 yrs

    Deadlines: Early registration advised…before April 30th (July) and June 30th(August).
    Very popular program each summer. After these date, space may be open, ask by email.

    • Registrations are accepted until program is full.
    • Register online and pay deposit to be fully registered. Early registration advised!

    SUMMER SESSIONS – Ongoing Every Summer

    4 Weeks July (early) – July (late)
    2020 dates: July 4th – August 1st, 2020
    2021 dates: July 3rd – 31st, 2021
    $3995 USD
    3 Weeks August (early) – August (late)
    2020 dates: August 1st – 22nd, 2020
    2021 dates: July 31st – August 21st, 2021
    $3795 USD
    7 Weeks July (early) – August (late)
    2020 dates: July 4th – August 22nd, 2020
    2021 dates: July 3rd – August 21st, 2021
    $6995 USD

    NOTE: Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

    Dates: July 24th – August 9th, 2020
    Book summer programs early !


    Narita or Haneda Airport (Tokyo)

    Plan on arriving on start date (Saturday), and departing on end date (Saturday). Those staying with a host family will be met at the Narita or Haneda airport upon arrival by school staff. E-mail your flight details to CSA in advance… arrange your pick-up service. If you arrive earlier, please let us know. Airport pick-up by staff may not be available if arriving earlier, but it is easy to arrange airport transportation to central Tokyo……CSA will give you instructions….and website links to assist you with your confirmation documents. Same for those who arrive into other airports in Japan……let CSA know….and we will give you instructions.

    REQUIREMENTS: Minimum age is 15. Passport required. Insurance required (medical / accidental).

    • Visa not required for citizens of the United States. Other citizens, check Consulate (Embassy).
    • Those students staying with host family – please tell us of any allergies or health issues.
    • Early Registration is Advised !

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