Teen Summer Program in Shanghai


    Summer Program for Teenagers (15 – 18 yrs)
    Chinese Language, Culture Studies & Activities
    Tuition, Housing, Meals, Activities, & Trips
    2 Weeks (all inclusive): $3295 USD
    All Inclusive


    Study Chinese and experience Shanghai this summer ! Program includes traditional culture classes, activities, and field trips around the city, as well as to nearby Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Wuzhen. Accommodation and meals are also included, as well as airport pick-up and drop-off. Bilingual staff there take very good care of all students, as well as supervise them at all times. Chinese language courses focus on developing skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and taught by professors from BLCU (Beijing Language& Culture University). Students are tested, and placed at their proper level (upon arrival orientation). Students are from all over the world. Come join us this summer and experience China !

    LOCATION: Shanghai, China

    Shanghai is the city that best shows how “modernization meets tradition” in China, and how Western cultures intersect with Eastern civilization. So get ready to indulge yourself in the most energetic and cosmopolitan city in China, and guaranty an unforgettable experience this summer!


    • Intensive Chinese Language Classes
    • Culture enhancing activities
    • Small interactive classes
    • Fun field trips – local & nearby cities
    • University Professors (Teachers)
    • Counselors on-site 24/7 (supervision)
    • Safe accommodations & meals included
    • Students from all over world (diverse)
    • Open to teenagers age 15 – 18 yrs
    • A total “immersion experience”


    Tailor made Chinese Language courses (Mandarin) focus on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills…all in a balanced way. Teaching materials used are written for the program by language professors from BLCU – Beijing Language & Culture University.- all of whom have over 15 years of experience teaching teens in summer camps. There are 12 levels of classes, and all students are tested at the arrival orientation, then placed in their proper level.

    Classes tend to be 3 hrs in morning, and then language workshops are conducted in theme areas of: role playing, debates, mini projects, group assignments, and more. Classes are small and very interactive. All levels are offered: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced level students.

    Traditional cultural courses (workshops) also offered in: Calligraphy, Traditional Brush Painting, Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Paper-cutting, etc.


    Organized group activities (cultural), and field trips, are all included. Staff supervises students at all times 24/7. In addition, after class activities include plenty of sports like pin-pong, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and even soccer.


    • Calligraphy & Brush Painting
    • Tai Chi & Kung Fu
    • Paper-cutting art
    • Flower arranging

    Field Trips in Shanghai (may include):

    • Shanghai’s “old town” – Temple Bazaar
    • Shanghai Ancient Museum & Tea Museum
    • Shanghai “Happy Valley” amusement park
    • Lingyin Temple – famous Buddhists grottoes
    • Confucius Temple – China’s most famous sage
    • Ming City Wall – from Ming Dynasty
    • Panoramic view of Shanghai – from Jin Mao Tower
    • Cruise the Huangpu River – night view of the Bund
    • Long-jing green tea (Dragon Well) tea plantation
    • Xiaoling Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty – imperial tombs
    • Yuyuan Garden – best preserved classical garden of Ming Dynasty

    Nearby Excursions:

    • Hangzhou
    • Nanjing
    • Wuzhen


    All students are required to have Medical & Accidental Insurance during their stay in Shanghai. If not covered by any family plan back home – check plan to see if coverage includes travel overseas, especially while in China (or enroute and back), you can easily buy online insurance coverage using the “web-links” from CSA. We will email you some insurance Links with your confirmation docs.

    HOUSING – Included (+ meals)

    Housing is provided in 3-star standard university owned, on campus Hotel. Double rooms, same gender. All rooms fully furnished and equipped with air-conditioner, bathroom, TV, free WiFi connection, phone access, and 24 hr security guard at hotel. Meals are provided at the Hotel – buffet breakfasts, and lunch & dinner served at school (campus) cafeteria. Bottled water is provided daily. All included.

    During the field trips to Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Wuzhen, students stay in 4-star, standard high quality comfortable Hotels. Students have meals at the local style restaurants.


    2 Summer Sessions: July / August
    * Can attend both sessions if desired

    Prices are all inclusive: tuition, housing, meals, activities, excursions, airport pick-up / drop off. Airfare not included.

    2019 Dates / 3 Sessions / All Inclusive:
    June 26th – July 10th (15 days) $3295 USD
    July 13th – July 30th (18 days). $3395 USD
    July 26th – August 9th (15 days) $3295 USD
    2020 Dates / 3 Sessions / All Inclusive:
    June 24th – July 8th (15 days) $3295 USD
    July 11th – July 28th (18 days) $3395 USD
    July 24th – August 7th (15 days) $3295 USD
    2021 Dates / 3 Sessions / All Inclusive:
    June 23rd – July 7th (15 days) $3295 USD
    July 10th – July 27th (18 days) $3395 USD
    July 23rd – August 6th (15 days) $3295 USD

    * Early registration is advised.

    Sample Schedule:

    • Arrival Date (start date) – airport pick-up, orientation, welcome dinner
    • Classes start next day + afternoon local field trip
    • Classes + Cultural workshops in afternoon (3rd – 6th day)
    • 7th day (Sat)- Cultural activities + afternoon local sights (museums)
    • 8th day (Sun) – Local field trips – all day)
    • 9th – 11th day – Classes, and cultural workshops
    • 12th day – Final Exams + depart of excursions – Hangzhou / Nanjing
    • 13th day – Hangzhou + depart for Wuzhen
    • 14th day – Wuzhen – return to Shanghai – Farewell dinner
    • 15th day – Breakfast – Airport drop off

    2nd Session – has extra days (15th – 17th) in Nanjing / Wuzhen
    Day 17 return to Shanghai – Farewell dinner
    Day 18 – Airport drop-off.

    NOTE: Detailed schedule provided with Admission Docs (all sessions).


    Teen Ages: 15 – 18 yrs.

    Medical & Accidental insurance.

    Open to all students worldwide.

    Register early to reserve space


    Students should arrive at Shanghai International Airport (either one) on start date (Sunday).

    Try to arrive during daytime hours if possible, so you are there for the orientation & welcome dinner. Before 5:00 pm if possible. It’s okay if you arrive later.

    Airport pick-up is included (all times)…..email your flight arrival details when confirmed.
    Staff person there will meet all students at airport, and escort them back to the campus hotel to check-in.

    Details provided with your Admission Documents.

    Airport drop off service is also included, at end of program.

    Register Now - to get started.