Summer at Chinese University of Hong Kong


    Academic Summer in Hong Kong

    Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Earn 6 Credits / Taught in English
    Open to All Students 18 yrs +
    24,330 HKD / $3295 USD est
    All Inclusive

    Hong Kong Skyline

    The Program

    Summer school at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Academic program that runs for 5 weeks in July – August, and a 3 week session in August. Earn 6 credits to transfer back home towards your major or minor. Transcript (certificate) issued by CUHK. A diverse selection of courses are offered in July, and only Chinese Language in August. Enroll in 2 academic courses (3 credits each), and study with peers from around the world at the largest campus in Hong Kong. Participate in activities, excursions and local cultural field trips. Join an optional tour to Beijing and explore the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Olympic stadiums, and Summer Palace. All inclusive price includes tuition, housing, activities, and weekend events. Courses taught in English. Join us this summer in Hong Kong !


    The Location: Hong Kong

    Founded in 1963, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a forward looking comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West. As a top university in Hong Kong, and Asia, CUHK aims to nurture students with both specialized knowledge and wisdom for life. Of all the Hong Kong universities, CUHK is the only one that offers a “college experience”. The beautiful 137.3 hectacre campus overlooking Tolo Harbour is the largest and greenest in Hong Kong. It houses a range of facilities essential for an all-round campus experience, such as world class libraries, art museums, music halls, various sports amenities.

    Fa Yuen Street Market in Hong Kong


    JULY (5 weeks session).
    Select 2 courses

    Business & Management (Taught in English)

    • MGNT1020 Management
    • MKTG4080 Internet Marketing
    • MKTG Marketing Management
    • FINA3020 International Finance
    • MGNT2040 Managing Human Capital
    • MGNT3580 Global Enterprise Management
    • MGNT2510 Introduction to International Business

    China Studies (Taught in English)

    • CCSS3440 China on Screen
    • CCSS2450 Business and China
    • UGEC2531 Chinese Foreign Policy
    • UGEA2180 Chinese Culture & Society
    • UGEC1540 Government & Politics of China

    Chinese Language – Cantonese

    • CLCC1113A Application of Vocabulary and Grammar 1 (Cantonese)
    • CLCC-L1 Bundle Course in 6 Credits – Beginner Level
    • CLCC113B Application of Vocabulary and Grammar
    • CLCC1123 Oral Skills Practice 1 (Cantonese)

    Chinese Language – Putonghua

    • CLCP1113A Application of Vocabulary and Grammar 1 (Putonghua)
    • CLCP-L1 Bundle Course in 6 Credits – Beginner Level
    • CLCP1113B Application of Vocabulary and Grammar
    • CLCP1123A Oral Skills Practice 1 (Putonghua)
    • CLCP-L2 Bundle Course in 6 Credits – Intermediate Level
    • CLCP2213 Application of Vocabulary and Grammar 2
    • CLCP2223 Oral Skills Practice 2

    Environment, Science, and Technology (Taught in English)

    • SEEM3450 Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • SEEM3530 Engineering and Technology Management
    • UGEB1307 Energy and Green Society
    • UGEB2831 Fundamentals in Chinese Medicine
    • URSP2100 Urban Sustainability

    Humanities and Social Science (Taught in English)

    • ECON3410 Money and Banking
    • PSYC1000 General Psychology
    • GLBS3101 Theories and Practices of International Relations

    AUGUST (3 week session – Putonghua)
    Select 2 courses


    • CLCP-L1-L (Beginner Lower Level)
    • CLCP1113 Application of Vocabulary and Grammar 1
    • CLCP1123 Oral Skills Practice 1
    • CLCP – L1-U (Beginner Upper Level)
    • CLCP1133 Communication in Context 1
    • CLCP1153 Basic Presentation Skills and Daily Situations 1
    • CLCP-L2 (Intermediate Level)
    • CLCP2233 Communication in Context 2
    • CLCP2253 basic Presentation Skills and Daily Situations 2
    • CLCP-L3 (Advanced Level)
    • CLCP3313 Application of Vocabulary and Grammar 3
    • CLCP3323 Oral Skills Practice 3
    1. All Chinese Language students take a placement test there.
    2. Courses will run subject to minimum number of enrollments.
    3. Course details available with confirmation documents & from instructor there.

    Academic Credit

    Transcript (certificate) issued by CUHK. Earn 6 credits.

    Chinese University of Hong Kong CUHK Chinese

    Housing: Included

    Double or triple occupancy rooms in campus residence are provided (included). Campus residence housing includes: modest furnishings, telephone and internet access, air conditioning, shared washing machines, shared kitchens with appliances, shared bathrooms with showers, common rooms with televisions. Meals are not included. Self-catering for meals by cooking some meals in shared kitchen, or buy meals at campus dining facilities and cafes. Nearby local restaurants also abound, and not expensive. Meal cost will vary per student but expect at least $150 USD per week. Reviewed during on campus orientation.


    Social program of various activities, local field trips are included.
    Schedule provided at on campus orientation.

    An optional trip to Beijing is offered (cost extra). Visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Olympic stadiums, an the Summer Palace. Details provided during the on campus orientation after arrival check-in. Register and pay there for this excursion.

    hong kong harbour

    Dates & Fees

    5 week July / August
    3 week August

    2019 Dates: 5 Week July / August
    Arrival: June 23rd – 24th (Sun & Mon)
    Check-Out: July 31st (Wed)
    Optional Beijing Tour: July 31st – August 3rd

    2019 Dates: 3 Week August
    Arrival: August 4th (Sun)
    Check-Out: August 24th (Sat)

    2020 Dates: 5 Week July / August
    Arrival: June 21st – 22nd (Sun & Mon)
    Check-Out: July 29th (Wed)
    Optional Beijing Tour: July 29th – August 1st

    2020 Dates: 3 Week August
    Arrival: August 2nd (Sun)
    Check-Out: August 22nd (Sat)

    FEES: All Inclusive

    1. Includes: tuition, housing, social program, local activities.
    2. Not included: Air Flights, local transport, insurance, meals, and visa fee (if needed)
    3. Refundable housing damage deposit of HK$1000 ($129 USD) not included.
    2019 Session ( 5 wks July ) 24,330 HKD / $3295 USD est
    2019 Session (3 wks August) 20,130 HKD / $2695 USD est

    2020 Sessions – similar to 2019 – will post in early 2020.

    Hong kong, China


    Minimum age is 18 yrs.
    Have finished high school, or equivalent

    Open to students worldwide.

    Early registration highly advised, prior to May 3rd.
    If past May 3rd, space may be available, just ask us.


    Arrival check-in on suggested dates (Sun / Mon).

    Use airport transport services to CUHK campus check-in residence.

    Airport pick-up service can be arranged, just ask us. (Cost extra).


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