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    Teen Summer Program – Nice, France

    Paris, Sorbonne (University)

    Catholic University of Paris

    University of Aix-Marseille III (Provence)

    University of Grenoble Alpes

    University of Bourgogne (Dijon)

    University of Nice (Riviera Summer)

    French Language in Paris (3 locations)

    French Language in Montpellier

    French Language in Nice (Riviera)

    French Language in Antibes (Riviera)

    French Language in Normandy (Rouen)

    Universite Paris Diderot
    Dauphine University Paris
    Catholic University of Paris
    Universite Paris Sorbonne
    Cours de Civilisation Francaise De La Sorbonne
    NOVANCIA Business School (Paris)
    Grenoble School of Management (Paris, Grenoble)
    Parsons Paris Art & Design School
    Catholic University of Lille
    Universite Nice Sophia Antipoli
    College International De Cannes
    Universite de Caen Normandie
    Ecole de Langue Francaise (Paris)
    France Langue Schools (Paris, Bordeaux)
    Alpha b Institute (Nice)
    Centre International d’ Antibes
    Institut Linguistique Adenet (Montpellier)
    IS Aix-en-Provence Institut
    Lyon Bleu Language School
    INSTED Language School in Chamonix Mont Blanc
    Other Housing Options (host family)

    France Railway

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