Spanish Language in San Jose or Jaco Beach


    Study Spanish in San Jose or Jaco Beach
    Spanish Language & Costa Rican Culture
    Start any Monday – Minimum age 16 yrs
    2 wks: $895 / 4 wks: $1495 USD
    Open to all Worldwide


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    The Program

    Located in a quiet suburb of San Jose, Costa Rica, the program provides an ideal setting for learning the Spanish language. The program specializes in immersion Spanish programs designed for people whose time for learning to speak and read the language is limited. 2nd location is in Jaco Playa, a beach town about 1.5 hrs drive from San Jose airport (SJO) – a lively beach community with awesome year-around surf. Can start on any Monday. Minimum age is 16 yrs.

    The Location

    San José is the capital of Costa Rica and its San José Province is located on the central plateau of the country. Situated at an altitude of about 1170 m (about 3840 ft), it is the nation’s largest city and a commercial, manufacturing, transportation, and cultural center for the surrounding agricultural region, in which coffee, sugarcane, and livestock are raised. Government activities and tourism are also important to the city’seconomic base. San José, which contains a mix of colonial Spanish-style structures and modern architecture, is the site of the University of Costa Rica (1843), which includes the Tropical Studies Organization and the Latin American Demographic Center; the National Library; and the National Archives.

    Points of interest include the National Museum, featuring displays of art and natural history materials; a museum with exhibits of religious art and artifacts; an 18th-century cathedral; and the National Theater. Costa Rica is one of the few stable, democratic republics in Latin America, and has the highest standard of living in Central America. San Jose is the capital with almost 1,000,000 population and it boasts a spring-like climate year-around. Rain forests, unspoiled beaches, coral reefs, white water rivers, and volcanoes can be reached within a few hours by car.

    tropical wide sandy beach of the town of jaco, costa ricaJaco Beach is a perfect spot for beach enthusiasts ! Jaco’s sandy coastline extends over 2 miles and is surrounded by other beaches like Playa Hermosa, Playa Blanca, and Playa Herradura, all worth a visit to swim, shore fishing, or just work on a tan. If you surf, you will find the waves to be good for beginners and pros year-around. Pros should check Playa Hermosa (only 5 min from Jaco by car) which hosts international and national surf contests every year. Jaco is also close to wildlife spots like “Carara and Manuel Antonio National Parks.


    Tropical beach of Playa Hermosa

    Intensive Spanish Language: all levels, elementary thru advanced. Four hrs. daily M-F. Small groups of 4-6. The instructors are all native speakers of Spanish, have university degrees and are experienced in teaching. All students may start on any Monday. Arrive on Weekend. Classes are held in the morning and afternoon. All students will be given a placement test upon arrival and placed in the appropriate level. Minimum age is 16 yrs.

    Beginners Level: For those students who have little or no knowledge of the Spanish language and wish to acquire the basics in order to be able to understand and communicate on a simple level. Students are taught to read and produce simple texts, letters, and to understand short descriptions and texts. Basic daily conversation Spanish.

    Intermediate Level: Aimed at students who are already familiar with Spanish and wish to consolidate their basic knowledge and improve spoken and written skills. Enable students to participate in conversations and debates, intervene in discussions relevant to daily life. Students are taught how to understand newspaper and press reports and narrative texts. Enhance comprehension ability.

    Advanced Level: For students capable of expressing themselves and understanding standard Spanish. Building on their knowledge, gaining confidence in expression, and reaching higher standards of fluency. Students are taught strategies and communication skills in written and spoken Spanish, enabling them to express themselves in public, understand complicated scripts and elaborate reports.

    Superior Level: This is the highest level for students with an advanced level in Spanish, and wish to perfect and specialize their skills. Gives students the capacity to communicate fluently, conduct speeches, and be able to grasp the message implicit in technical debates and programs. Students are taught to recognize hidden messages and connotations in texts to understand contemporary scripts, as well as to write fluent texts, using creative Spanish at the highest standard.

    Elementary Spanish 101: Pronunciation and fundamental grammatical structure in the language are introduced in both classroom and laboratory drills. Emphasis is on development of the language skills. Student will learn daily Spanish to satisfy routine travel needs and minimum courtesy requirements, ask questions and give answers on topics familiar to them while using the present indicative with both regular and irregular verbs, the present progressive, the preterit with regular verbs, ser, estar and ir and direct and indirect complementary pronouns. Course activities will include “Conversation”, dicussion of short cultural readings, dramatizations of dialogues, situational role playing, transformation drills, oral and written exams. Class uses a variety of materials, but the main textbook is: Espanol A Lo Vivo, by Wilkins and Larson. Units 1- 5.

    Intermediate Spanish 102: Continued emphasis on the development of language skills, supplemented by classroom and laboratory drills. Reading materials of moderate difficulty introduced. Focus is on pronunciation, oral expression, listening, comprehension and reading. Students are introduced to cultural patterns and heritage of Spanish speaking world, especially Costa Rica. Reflexive verbs, pronouns in sequence, the present subjunctive clauses, imperatives, comparatives and both the indefinite and imperfect preterits. Textbook: Espanol A Lo Vivo, by Wilkins and Larson. Units 6 – 10.

    Intermediate – Advanced Spanish 201: Continued reading with more emphasis on oral work, vocabulary building, and a review of the basic principles of grammar. Reinforcement of oral communicative skills within a wider context and emphasizing greater grammatical accuracy and fluency. Students learn to communicate with greater ease and confidence about sports, entertainment, social problems, and cultural differences, while using the preterit, imperfect, simple future, simple conditional, the uses of “se”. The perfect and pulperfect preterit, future perfect, the compound conditional and the passive voice. Classroom activities include reading of short literary and cultural excerpts, discussions of current events, dramatizations, role playing, question and answer sessions. Oral and written exams. Textbook: Espanol A Lo Vivo, by Wilkins and Larson. Units 11-15.

    Advanced Readings and Conversation 202: Special emphasis on comprehension as well as oral and written expression. Controlled conversation in the language and review of the basic principles of grammar. Discussions, readings, question and answer sessions, drills, and reviews of all grammar. Stresses greater accuracy and fluency in oral expression. Textbook: Espanol A Lo Vivo, by Wilkins and Larson. Units 16-20.

    Advanced Composition and Conversation 303: Drill in original composition in the language with attention to style, syntax, idioms, and verb forms. Class discussions in the language.

    Topics in Language and Linguistics 403: Intensive Study of a specialized area of language or lingusitics. Course may be repeated for credit when content of each offering is different.

    Academic Credit

    Students earn 3-4 credits per month. Thus, about 1 credit per week. 4 hours of class are taught daily, 20 hours per week.

    Financial Aid

    Yes, you can use your financial aid on this program. Please have your Financial Aid office e-mail us a “Consortium Agreement” to complete and sign. CSA does not offer any scholarships or financial aid, we can only assist you in using your home school’s financial aid on this program.

    The earlier the better, since it takes time to process. Overall, CSA does not offer any financial aid, we can only assist you in obtaining and using your aid from your home school on these programs.


    Excursions are available to surrounding areas: Cartago, Cahuita National Park, Selva Verde Rain Forest, National Museum, city of Heredia, Monte de la Cruz, and other nearby sites. Excursions are optional and cost extra.

    Jaco Beach area is full “beach activities”including surfing, as well as close to wildlife parks such as Carara (birdwatching), and Manuel Antonio National Park.


    Housing with local host family, plus 2 meals daily, costs $175 USD per week.

    Private room in home nearby (usually walking distance), plus breakfast and dinner daily.

    Other housing options are available…..such as nearby hotel…..just let us know. Cost extra.

    If you prefer to arrange your own housing, please let us know.

    Dates and Fees

    * 4 lessons per day, M-F / 20 per wk

    * Spanish language: 4 hrs per day / 20 hrs per week.

    * Can start on any Monday.
    * Minimum age is 16 yrs.


    2 weeks $895 USD
    3 weeks $1195 USD
    4 weeks $1495 USD

    * Addtl week = $300 USD extra per week – housing not included.


    2 weeks $895 USD
    3 weeks $1195 USD
    4 weeks $1495 USD

    * Addtl week = $300 USD extra per week – housing not included.
    * Airport Transfer to Jaco – $125 USD one way.


    Open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 16 yrs.


    Valid Passport is required. Tourist card issued upon arrival at the airport. U.S. citizens must have onward/return ticket. For stays longer than 90 days, you must apply for an extension within the first week of visiting.

    Costa Rica


    Airport transfer (pick-up) is available. Cost approx $60 each way (door to door). From international airport – Juan Santamaria. Lett us know if you want airport pick-up service, and email us your flight arrival details.


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