Spanish Language & Cuban Culture in La Habana


    Study Spanish Language in Havana
    Intensive Spanish & Cuban Culture
    Housing, Meals, & Transfers Included
    Minimum age is 18 yrs – Register Early
    2 wks: $1595 / 4 wks: $2695 USD
    Open to all Worldwide

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    Study intensive Spanish language and Cuban culture, 20 per week. Held at a 3 story building in a nice residential neighborhood called La Vibora. school has 6 classrooms, a patio, terrace, dining room, library and video room. Also, the building hosts a residence with 3 rooms. Each lesson is 45 minutes, 4 cultural lessons per week included, books are included, minimum age is 18 yrs, and Spanish Levels are A1 – C1 (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Instructors are trained to teach Spanish as a 2nd language. A wide range of activities and excursions also provided. Housing is provided with a local host family, or in a student type residence, and 2 meals a days provided (breakfast & lunch) by the school cafeteria every weekday, and dinner instead of lunch on weekends. Arrival (check-in) on a Sunday, and departure on Saturday. Start on any Monday. Early registration advised.Join us ! Airport pick-up / drop off is included (75 euro value) from Jose Marti Airport.



    Havana, Cuba. In a nice residential neighborhood called “La Vibora”. Cuba is an archipelago of islands in the Caribbean Sea. Havana (La Habana) population is 2.1 million. Peak travel seasons are Christmas Holidays – New Years, as well as July and August.


    Spanish Language courses: 20 per week, M-F. 4 lessons per day of 45 minutes each.

    * Cultural Program is also provided; activities and nearby excursions. Details provided upon check-in orientation.

    6 LEVELS: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

    Level A0 – (Absolute beginner): No previous lessons. Starts with the elementary basics in phonetics, grammar, etc.

    Level A1-A2 (basic): studies the basic phonetic, grammatical, and lexical structures used in everyday conversation (such as “Let’s introduce ourselves”, “What time is it”, ect. Covers the typical daily conversations on the street, at the market, at a restaurant, at the bank exchange office, at the post office, at the hotel, getting a Taxi, talking about your home and family, and daily schedule. By the end of this course, the student will be able to interact in everyday conversations.

    Level B1-B2 (intermediate): aims at improving grammar and extending vocabulary. By studying literary texts of average difficulty, as well as journalistic publications (newspapers & magazines), and also by listening to radio and tv broadcasts. Overall, the student is expected to become an independent speaker, improving their comprehension ability and producing texts.

    Level C1 (advanced): improving and refining vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, special terminology, phraseology, and acquisition of stylistic, contemporary). Student is expected to become an experimented speaker, able to obtain such a high level of proficiency- almost as a native speaker. Using both literary, and non-literary texts, according to what the student is interested in….as well as continued listening to media broadcasts.

    Certificate of Completion (attendance) is awarded to each student. Students can earn 1 transfer credit per week.

    * Note: You are encouraged to bring a wireless enabled laptop. No wifi connection at the school building, nor at the accommodations, but there are several “wifi hotspots” in the city, and at specific 4 – 5 star hotels.

    HOUSING – Included:

    Students are lodged in a Cuban home-stay, or residence (double). It is included in the program fee.

    2 meals daily (breakfast & lunch) also included, and provided by the school cafeteria during weekdays, and dinner instead of lunch on weekends.

    Double room option available for students traveling together.

    * Check-in on Sunday. Check-out on Saturday.

    Note: Can arrange own housing and meals if you prefer. Approx $200 USD per week discount given.



    Start on any Monday

    FEES: includes housing, meals, and airport transfers.

    2 weeks: $1595 USD

    3 weeks: $2195 USD

    4 weeks: $2695 USD

    * Addtl week cost $500 USD extra (includes housing & meals).

    * National Holidays: Jan 1, 2 / May 1 / July 25, 26, 27 / Oct 10 / Dec 25


    Minimum age is 18 yrs.

    * All participants will need a Tourist Visa from the Cuban Consulate (Embassy).
    Extensions can be done during your stay in Cuba.

    * CSA will send the Admissions (Invitation Letter) with your confirmation documents.

    * Also, be sure to have “global insurance” (Sanitary Insurance – Medical & Accidental).
    CSA will suggest insurance providers in your Confirmation (admission) Docs.


    Plan on check-in the day before (Sun). Program starts on a Monday, ends on Friday.
    Check-out Saturdays. Airport is: Jose Marti Airport in La Habana (Havana).

    * Airport pick-up / drop off is included. Email us your flight arrival info. 75 euros value.

    * Early arrivals, let us know in advance.

    There are two types of money: the CuC, and the CuP. CuC is the currency for Tourists (foreign visitors).
    1 CuC = $1 USD. we suggest using Credit Cards in ATMs or banks. Visa or Mastercards are widely accepted in Cuba.
    Expect to spend about 50 – 60 CuCs per week on buses, taxis, snacks, and misc items.

    Register Now – to get started.