Safe Travel Abroad


    Note: For your safety, please review the following tips:

    • Use common sense abroad, just as you would at home.
    • Learn about local rules and obey them.
    • Carry travelers checks instead of a lot of cash.
    • Do not flash large amounts of cash when paying bills.
    • Be sure your credit card is given back after each transaction.
    • Be sure you receive a “claim check” for each piece of luggage you check-in.
    • Conceal your money, travelers checks, passport, and other valuables.
    • Do not leave bags unattended in public places. Traveling light will help.
    • Women should carry handbags in a secure manner to prevent “snatch” theft.
    • Be wary of con artists. They exist around the world.
    • Keep hotel and car keys with you.
    • Be alert to street gangs in big cities abroad.
    • If confronted by a superior threat, don’t fight attackers – give up valuables.
    • Report any loss or theft to the police or other appropriate authorities.
    • Report any loss of your passport to your nearest Embassy or Consulate.
    • Keep a low profile. Dress and behave conservatively, avoiding flashy dress.
    • Be polite and low-key. Avoid loud conversations and arguments.
    • Avoid dangerous areas. Do not use short cuts, narrow alleys, poorly lit streets.
    • Do not give your room number to persons you do not know well. Meet in lobby.
    • Remember, you are in a foreign country and subject to the laws of that country.
    • Penalties for drug violations are very severe in many foreign countries.
    • Deal only with authorized agents when you exchange money, buy tickets, etc.
    • Avoid taking pictures of military personnel, police, or any military installations.
    • Book hotel rooms between the 2nd – 7th floors to prevent easy entrance.
    • Know the fire exit in your hotel.
    • Learn some of the local language so you can obtain help if needed.
    • Contact your Embassy if you get in any trouble.


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