Study Abroad Hong Kong

    Studying Abroad in Hong Kong, China

    ABOUT HONG KONG: The name “Hong Kong” is an approximate phonetic rendering of the pronunciation of the spoken Cantonese or Hakka name, meaning “fragrant harbor”. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. It is situated on China’s south coast and, enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. Hong Kong is known for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbor. It is also a center for modern architecture and considered the world’s most vertical city with one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. As one of the world’s leading international financial centers, Hong Kong has a major capitalist service economy characterized by low taxation and free trade.

    ABOUT THE COURSE: Since 1994, the program has been teaching Mandarin and Cantonese to students and business clients from around the world. The place is located in both the Yaumatei area of Kowloon and the Wanchai area of Hong Kong. The program provides an intensive and comprehensive learning program in conversation and Chinese reading and writing. All courses are conducted by qualified teachers, certified in teaching Chinese as a second language. Classes are small, with a maximum of 7 students per class, which assures that each student receives the maximum of individual attention. You can choose beginner to advanced levels.
    The programs are conducted in modern office buildings in both the Yaumatei area of Kowloon and the Wanchai area of Hong Kong. Conveniently located next to the subway, the main center has over 3000 square feet of classrooms and language laboratory, fully equipped with audio and visual aids to facilitate language training.

    If you plan to travel to other areas of China (outside Hong Kong), then please consult your doctor (clinic) about vaccinations that may be required: hepatitis, typhoid, tetanus (DTP), polio booster, and flu shots are recommended.

    SHOULD YOU GO? Naturally we think so. In a place where bamboo and concrete jungle unite, Hong Kong has long been the primary gateway to China. Home to an ancient and rich culture as well as stunning natural beauty, Hong Kong is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures. Culture and heritage is what sets Hong Kong apart from the rest of Asia – even the world. Also, Hong Kong’s other official language is English, making it a convenient destination for many international students. There is no better place to learn Chinese or Cantonese other than in the heart of Asia itself. Hong Kong can offer world-class education with world-class staff and facilities which gives you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!