Studying In Berlin – 5 Things to Do


    Being in a city with as much to do and see as Berlin, Germany is a great opportunity for new experiences. Here are a few of the many things to take in while you are there.

    1. Visit Burgermeister

    Want to visit a century old public restroom that has been converted into a hamburger joint? Burgermeister, on a traffic island beneath the elevated U-Bahn tracks, serves up all-beef patties, french fries and home-made dips like peanut and mango curry. The popular stop has a standing-only dining space, and is particularly popular in the wee hours of the morning.

    2. Take Aerial photos

    If awesome aerial photos are your thing, make some time to visit the Funkturm Berlin radio tower, standing in the Berlin trade fair ground in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf borough, for great views of the city. The steel framework construction was inspired by the Eiffel tower, and was built in 1924 – 1926. With an observation deck 125 meters high, you can see the sprawling city below, beautiful forests and the Olimpiastadion. At the 52 meter level, stop for a great meal at the Funkturm Restaurant.

    3. Bike around the city

    Bicycles are a big deal in Berlin. The city recently budgeted about 2.5 million euros for the upkeep and expansion of bike lanes on the major roads. Central Berlin boasts many bike rental outlets and the city is a great place to bike, being relatively flat and complete with bike lanes built onto the wide sidewalks and cyclist signs at traffic lights. In addition, the streets are very wide and accommodating. The transit system works well, and you can buy your bike a ticket and ride any tube or train. There are a good many historical sites clustered close together that you can see more quickly on a bike tour than by foot.

    4. Climb MountMitte

    MountMitte is a great place to climb in a rather surreal landscape. You will find real Trabant cars suspended in the air, and canoes that appear to be flying. There are instructors and you wear a climbing harness so you can’t fall off. The six different courses are named after mountains like the Matterhorn, and Kilimanjaro. Three levels of increasing difficulty challenge children and grownups alike.

    5. Visit the Amphitheater in Mauerpark for Bearpit Karaoke      

    Every Sunday afternoon, thousands of people find their way to the popular flea market at Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauerpark. You can grab a bite at one of the numerous food stalls, and shop the various vendors for local treasure. The main attraction, however, happens at around 3 PM when Joe Hatchiban brings in his mobile sound system and opens the Bearpit Karaoke to anyone brave enough to give it a try. With a regular cast of characters on hand to grab the mike, the crowd gets into the action by singing along and cheering for the acts they like. Be prepared to be booed if they don’t care for your song!