Payment Process

    CSA accepts payment by check, money order, direct deposit, and wire transfer.
    Credit card checks accepted. Ask CSA by email for bank info if needed (for deposits & wires).

    CSA no longer accepts credit card payments online, due to fraud and security issues.
    Again, we do accept credit card checks.

    Free Registration & Can Pay Later

    At CSA, we keep it simple and easy:

    * Register free online or by postal mail – for any Program Listed (Snapshot Profile).

    1. Pay $95 USD confirmation deposit to reserve space. Applied towards total cost.
    2. Or Pay $500 USD confirmation deposit to reserve, and receive admission docs.
      Applied towards total cost.
    3. Or Pay the total program fee. Discount 5% off if paid at least 4 months prior start date.
      Receive admission documents quickly. Prepare for departure.

    * All payments are applied towards the total program cost (credited).

    * Other Programs (No CSA Snapshot profile – no program descriptions).

    Self Direct – Do Yourself E-Guide Links & Useful Resources – Cost $45 USD fee.
    Other program web-links (contact info) as well as study abroad resources to assist you.
    Register online and select “Other Programs” section and write in the Country you prefer
    to study in. Pay the $45 by check, money order, direct deposit or wire transfer.

    CSA Placement Service (Direct Admissions) is also available. Docs sent to you.
    Pay school directly. Let us know if interested in this service, after reviewing the E-Guide.


    * Make all payments payable to: Center For Study Abroad (CSA).

    * Mail all checks or money orders to CSA mailing address:

    Center For Study Abroad (CSA)
    325 Washington Ave. S. # 93
    Kent, WA 98032 USA

    * Applicants who reside outside the USA or Canada, send payments only by wire transfer.
    Request CSA bank info by email

    * For direct deposits, and wire transfers, please write your name on deposit slips and wire forms.

    * Please email CSA when payment has been sent (paid). You will receive an email receipt when received.

    * All payments to CSA are in U.S. dollars (USD). If you pay your balance directly to the school, you pay in the local currency.

    CSA Staff
    [email protected]

    Smart Study Abroad – Since 1990 !