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    • All programs are ongoing year-around, year-to-year.
    • Open to all students and adults worldwide. Diversity is welcomed.
    • Auto-registration confirmation – anytime 24/7. Rolling admissions until full.
    • Total deposit ($295 USD) already deducted from the total program cost.
    • Flexibility with program, housing, travel, and payments. We offer more choices !
    • Early registration is advised. Get your docs as soon as possible !

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    1. Complete CSA Registration Form online. Pay $45 USD deposit (start).
      Or pay total deposit now ($295 USD) to confirm and receive docs sooner.
    2. Receipt letter emailed with additional info, and “next step” instructions.
    3. Pay 2nd deposit ($250 USD) to confirm and receive admission documents.
    4. Review admission docs. Follow any instructions. Prepare for departure / arrival.
    5. Pay balance prior start date, or upon arrival check-in (option).
    • Communicate with the on-site program staff at the actual school location.
    • To receive documents sooner, pay total deposit ($295 USD) upon registering.
    • Total deposit ($295 USD) already deducted from the total program cost.
    • For payment, CSA accepts online payment (deposit), personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, credit card checks, direct deposits, and transfers (wire). Ask CSA for bank info if doing a direct deposit or transfer (wire). If you reside outside the USA or Canada, pay by wire transfer only.
    • Book travel (or any housing) after receiving Admission Documents from CSA !
    • Make all payments payable to: Center For Study Abroad (CSA).
      Add your name to checks, money orders, deposit slips, and wire transfers.
    • Cancellation refunds are available. See policy in Register section.
    • There is a $45 fee for any checks that do not clear (bounce). Added to your balance.
    • Please provide us with a valid email address. Notify us of any changes to contact info.
    • Purchase airline tickets only after being confirmed in the program.

    Note: For program balance payments, we will provide instructions with admission docs.

    • Can pay in advance prior to start date, or upon arrival check-in for some programs (option).
    • Can pay by credit card at some locations. Can also pay Foreign Currency in US Dollars (option).
    • Again, we will provide detailed payment instructions with your admission documents.

    Note: Questions or concerns ? Email us. Review main menu for additional info.

    Note: Please understand that CSA staff are often busy processing registrations and sending out confirmation documents. Your patience is much appreciated….thank you.

    NOTE: To pay by direct deposit or wire transfer, please request CSA bank details by email.

    • Payment in U.S. dollars (USD).
    • Add your bank service fee.
    • Write name on wire transfer, and any direct deposit slips.
    • Email CSA when payment is paid (sent), and if you have any problems.

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