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    Registration & Payment (per program, per person)

    • All programs are ongoing year-around, year-to-year.
    • Open to all students and adults worldwide. Diversity is welcomed.
    • Auto-registration confirmation – anytime 24/7. Rolling admissions until full.
    • Flexibility with program, housing, travel, and payments. We offer more choices !
    • Early registration is advised. Get your docs as soon as possible !

    Easy to Register – Register section (main menu):

    1. Complete CSA Registration Form online (select specific Program or Advising).
      Submit. You will receive an auto email with “next step” instructions.
    3. Pay the 1st confirm deposit of $45 USD. Can pay online (secure).
      Or pay by check,money order, direct deposit, or wire transfer.
    5. By the due date, pay the 2nd confirm deposit. Amount varies per program and length.
      Amount will be listed in the “next step” receipt email letter. Check spam folder if not seen.
      Pay by check, money order, direct deposit, or wire transfer. Credit card checks accepted.
      If you reside outside the USA or Canada, then pay by wire transfer only.


      Note: Specific program deposits are applied towards total program cost (credited).


      Note: Advisory deposits also varies per program (countries) and length of study.

    7. Pay program balance by due date. Can pay in USD, or local currency at location.
      Can also pay balance upon arrival check-in at some locations. Credit cards accepted.


      Note: Some University programs require full payment before releasing admission docs.


      Note: Some Embassies require program to be “paid-in-full” before issuing a Visa.

    9. Confirmation documents (official admission docs) sent. Follow instructions. Prepare.

      Note: Please wait to book any air tickets (or housing) until you receive admission docs.


    Quick Docs Option:


    You can also pay the total program fee upfront when you register. Admission docs are sent sooner (quicker). This option is for your convenience, you pay in U.S. dollars, and especially works well if you are in a hurry (rush) to obtain admission docs as well as reserve any housing. Pay by check, money orders, direct deposit, or wire transfers. Credit card checks accepted.

    • For payment, CSA accepts online payment (deposit), personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, credit card checks, direct deposits, and transfers (wire). Ask CSA for bank info if doing a direct deposit or transfer (wire). If you reside outside the USA or Canada, pay by wire transfer only.
    • Book travel (or any housing) after receiving Admission Documents from CSA !
    • Make all payments payable to: CSA International
      Add your name to checks, money orders, direct deposits, and transfers (wire).
    • Cancellation refunds are available. See policy in Register section.
    • There is a $45 fee for any checks that do not clear (bounce). Added to your balance.
    • Please provide us with a valid email address. Notify us of any changes to contact info.
    • Purchase airline tickets only after being confirmed in the program.

    Note: Questions or concerns ? Email us. Review main menu for additional info.

    Note: Please understand that CSA staff are often busy processing registrations and sending out confirmation documents. Your patience is much appreciated….thank you.

    NOTE: To pay by direct deposit or wire transfer, please request CSA bank details by email.

    • Payment in U.S. dollars (USD).
    • Add your bank service fee.
    • Write name on wire transfer, and any direct deposit slips.
    • Email CSA when payment is paid (sent), and if you have any problems.

    Advising Service Option:


    Not sure where to study or what program ? CSA has recently started a comprehensive “Advising Service” option to help you find a suitable program, especially in those countries where we do not currently have a program listed. After you Register, select the “Advising Service”, and pay both deposits, CSA staff will begin helping you locate a suitable program via email and phone. We will provide you with program contact info, admission assistance, housing options, financial aid opportunities, discount travel booking, getting a visa / passport, airport transfer services, pre-departure orientation materials, medical accidental insurance options, as well as “ongoing advising support” available (if needed) during your entire study abroad program period. We are dedicated to you having a successful study abroad experience at low cost ! Also, the total deposit paid for the Advising Service is transferable over to any CSA program listing we offer, if you later decide to attend one of our listed programs your deposit will be credited towards the program cost. No time deadlines for the Advising Service, and includes 1 – 3 Countries of interest – that are listed on our website. Let us help you – Join us !


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