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    Registration & Payment (per person, per program):

    • All programs are ongoing year-around, year-to-year.
    • Use sample dates posted as the exact start / end dates.
    • Open to all students and adults worldwide. Diversity is welcomed.
    • Auto-registration confirmation – anytime 24/7. Rolling admissions until full.
    • Deposits are credited towards total cost. All payments are applied.
    • Flexibility with program, housing, travel, and payments. We offer more choices !
    • Early registration is advised. Get your docs as soon as possible !

    Easy to Register – 5 Steps:

    1. Register online with CSA (free). Register section (main menu).
    2. Review additional information from CSA, program cost and invoice.
    3. Pay total program cost by due date, less any discounts. Or pay deposit.
    4. Follow instructions. Receive admission documents. Pay any balance due.
    5. Prepare to depart. Arrival check-in. Start program.
    • If you want admission docs prior to paying the program total, then pay the $500 USD confirmation deposit (optional). Applied towards total (credited).
    • All payments are applied towards total cost.
    • For payment, CSA accepts online payment (deposit), personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, credit card checks, direct deposits, and transfers (wire). Ask CSA for bank info if doing a direct deposit or transfer (wire). If you reside outside the USA or Canada, pay by wire transfer only.
    • Book travel (or any housing) after receiving Admission Documents from CSA !
    • Make all payments payable to: Center For Study Abroad (CSA).
      Add your name to checks, money orders, deposit slips, and wire transfers.
    • Cancellation refunds are available. See policy in Register section.
    • There is a $45 fee for any checks that do not clear (bounce). Added to your balance.
    • Please provide us with a valid email address. Notify us of any changes to contact info.
    • Purchase airline tickets only after being confirmed in the program.

    Note: Questions or concerns ? Email us. Review main menu for additional info.

    Note: Please understand that CSA staff are often busy processing registrations and sending out confirmation documents. Your patience is much appreciated….thank you.

    NOTE: To pay by direct deposit or wire transfer, please request CSA bank details by email.

    • Payment in U.S. dollars (USD).
    • Add your bank service fee.
    • Write name on wire transfer, and any direct deposit slips.
    • Email CSA when payment is paid (sent), and if you have any problems.

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