Cancellation Policy / Refunds


    Cancellations are effective the same day we receive it in writing. Cancellations must be in writing to be accepted and processed. E-mail is acceptable as well as postal letters. No phone call cancellations – it must be in writing. Email is preferred.

    Refunds are available on the total payment, less any deposits, but it does vary per person (situation). Cancellation notice needs to be in writing (email) at least 21 days (3 wks) prior to start date. Cancellations received within the 21 day period (less than 21 days to start date), a partial refund of the total payment is still possible, less an additional confirmation penalty (varies per program). Cancellations received upon starting date (or 2 – 3 days prior), a partial balance refund is still possible, but depends on the situation (varies per case) and also depends on if funds have (or not) been sent to the program location. In addition, any deposits paid for housing, cultural activities, or excursions may not be refundable. Overall, CSA will always do its best to obtain a refund for you. But if you cancel after the program started, a refund is not usually possible, unless the program itself is canceled. Personal responsibility is expected of all participants.

    When you register with CSA, and send payment, the services are automatically being contracted and “rendered” (provided). Thus, there are costs being incurred in order to fully process your registration and provide the confirmation documents (admission docs). Even if you have not yet received any “Visa required” documents (official docs used by Embassy to grant Visas), you are still “registered / confirmed in the program”, documents are in route from overseas, and services are being “rendered” (provided), and any cancellation will result in the confirmation deposit penalty.

    Participants (applicants) who are forced to return home after departure, or starting the program, due to illness or other reasons, may consult with the on-site school staff at the student office to discuss options and any possible refunds. Again, after the program begins, there is usually no refund possible, unless the program itself is canceled. If you cancel for “personal reasons”, you will be forfeiting your program payment, and any housing arranged.

    NOTE: All cancellation and refund issues are resolved by e-mail.
    Written record is required.

    NOTE: Our cancellation and refund policy is very similar to other study abroad program providers, as well as general travel booking services. The various expenses involved in making program and housing arrangements, including administrative costs, warrant a policy that covers these expenses.

    NOTE: Personal responsibility is expected of all applicants.

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