1) To register online, you must complete the CSA Registration Form in its entirety and click to submit it. To register via mail, click on the link for the printable form, print it, complete all questions, and mail to: (Direct Partner Fee Required)

    CSA International
    Center For Study Abroad
    325 Washington Avenue South # 93
    Kent, Washington 98032 (USA)

    Upon receiving your online registration, you will recieve an automatic notice, plus an e-mail confirmation letter from CSA within 2 – 3 days. Direct Partner Fee Required

    2) Please provide CSA with a valid e-mail address, cell phone #, and Fax #, if available. All CSA students need to have a valid e-mail address in order to receive the receipt letters and other information from CSA. Also, a Fax # is very useful in sending the confirmations and arrival documents quickly. Also, please be sure to add CSA’s e-mail addresses to your computer (internet provider) so our e-mails to you are not deleted as spam.
    [email protected]

    3) For China, Vietnam, Russia, and Brazil programs, please send a clear copy of your passport, as well as any other documents mentioned in the program description. You can send later, but we will need them as soon as possible so we can send you the official “admission (confirmation) letter” to apply for your Visa. Please allow extra time for this document to arrive. Also, if you are only going over for a very short time ( 2 – 4 weeks), you may only need a “tourist visa” to enter the country.

    4) Early registration is advised for all programs, especially those where you will need a visa. Deadlines are flexible date-ranges. See Question/Answer section of the Main Menu for program deadlines. CSA has an open-door, rolling admissions policy for all programs. We accept registrations up until the program is full. If close to the starting date, please contact CSA by e-mail or phone to ask if space is available. Many times, space is available.

    5) If registering late, and the program starts within 3 weeks, then Registration Fee plus Confirmation Deposit is required in order to quickly finalize confirmations. Wait till you recieve an e-mail from CSA requesting payment.

    NOTE: CSA has a open-door, rolling admissions policy for all programs…until filled. If close to the starting date, please contact CSA. Space may be available!

    NOTE: Whiners and grumps need not apply. If you easily get upset and have difficulty adapting to new surroundings, then please do not apply. Going overseas requires the ability to adapt and be flexible.


    1) Direct Partner Fee Required upon registration.

    2) Payment instructions are included with the CSA documents.

    A) $300 USD deposit: short term (2 – 4 weeks)
    B) $400 USD deposit: medium term (5 – 7 weeks)
    C) $500 USD deposit: long term (8 – 12 weeks)
    D) $600 USD deposit: Semester to Academic Year

    * May combine with registration fee if preferred to make one payment
    3) Program balance is paid upon check-in, or in advance if you prefer. CSA will provide invoice and instructions with confirmation documents. Easy to pay in advance if you prefer, so do not worry about it. Also, CSA offers additional discounts on the balance payment for some programs – included in invoice. Some programs will accept balance payment by credit card upon check-in.

    4) If registering late, and program starts within 3 weeks, send total payment (registration fee plus deposit). If program is in China, please check first with CSA for space availability.

    CSA accepts personal checks, online bill pay checks, money orders, cashier checks, and credit card checks. We also accept credit card convenience checks issued by your card company (which is charged to your card).

    Cashiers checks and money orders take less time to clear the bank, so they are preferred and you will receive your confirmation documents sooner when payment is received using cashier checks or money orders. Personal checks take longer to clear, at least 8 business days. All payments must clear the bank before confirmations are sent. Credit card convenience checks are obtained from your card company.

    Cashiers checks are obtained at a bank. Money orders can be obtained at banks, post office, Western Union, and at a variety of stores.

    If you live outside the USA or Canada, CSA only accepts international checks that are from a bank with a branch in the USA. These also take longer to clear, at least 2 weeks.

    NOTE: Send all mail to:

    CSA International
    Center For Study Abroad
    325 Washington Ave. S. # 93
    Kent, Washington 98032 USA

    NOTE: Please include your name with all payments, and also send us an e-mail when sent.

    NOTE: Send payments by express mail for security and quicker delivery. Send by due date mentioned in CSA confirmation letter (e-mail).

    NOTE: Make all payments payable to: CSA International, Center For Study Abroad.

    NOTE: CSA can not send final documents (confirmations) until payment has cleared bank. CSA will send e-mail receipt notice when payment is received.

    NOTE: Please inform CSA of any changes in your mailing address, phone #, or e-mail.


    $50 late fee for any payments received 10 days after due date. Will be added to balance.
    $50 for any payments that do not clear (bounce).
    $50 for “Rush Registration” processing if applying within 3 weeks of starting date. Will be added to balance.
    $50 change fee – for dates or program location changes after being confirmed. Will be added to balance.