French Language in Normandy (Rouen)


    Study French in Normandy (Rouen), France
    French Language & Culture – 15 hrs / wk
    Start Any Monday – Minimum age is 16
    2 wks: $995 / 4 wks: $1695 USD

    The Program

    Study French language and culture in Rouen, Normandy. Start on any Monday. Small class sizes. Placement test given. Weekly, Monthly courses. Housing options provided, and can arrange own housing if desired. Minimum age is 16.

    The Location

    Rouen, Normandy (France). Capital of Normandy, Rouen is one hour from Paris. The city has over 2000 medieval dated houses, plus marvellous churches and monuments. The art museum is the 2nd most famous museum for Impressionism in France after the Louvre. Historic Normandy’s cuisine and cheeses are famous even in France.


    15 hrs per week, (3 hrs per day, M-F)…regular course. Classes in morning and early afternoon. Between: 9:00 – 13:00. Placement test given there. Begin on any Monday.

    Upgrade to Intensive Course – 25 hrs per week – cost $400 USD extra per 2 weeks.

    Begin on any Monday.

    Academic Credit

    Classes held for 3 hrs per day (Regular Course). Can earn 1 – 2 credits per week. See “Academic Credit” section on Main Menu.

    Financial Aid

    E-mail your Consortium Agreement from your aid office or advisor.


    Local excursions available, and are optional. Schedule given upon arrival check-in and orientation.


    Housing cost extra $250 USD per week, and you have a choice of staying in one of the following:

    • Studio Residence – min age 18 – includes daily breakfast except Sundays / Holidays.
      Weekly linen change and room cleaning included.
    • Homestay (Half-board) – includes 2 meals on weekdays, 3 on weekends

    Note: If you prefer to arrange your own housing, please let us know.

    Dates and Fees

    * Begin on any Monday – all levels – French Language 15 hrs / wk

    * Placement test is given upon arrival check-in, and then placed in proper level course.

    2 weeks $995 USD
    4 weeks $1695
    6 weeks $2395
    8 weeks $2995

    * Additional week = $350 USD

    * Note: Upgrade to Intensive Course – 25 hrs / wk – add $400 USD per 2 weeks extra.


    Study French in Normandy


    Open to all adults and students. Minimum age is 16.


    Plan to arrive day before classes begin, and depart day after classes end.


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