National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)


    Mandarin Chinese Language at NTHU
    Intensive Language Courses – 15 hrs / wk
    Quarter (Trimester 12 wks): $1995 USD
    Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Terms
    Minimum age is 18 yrs – Register Early

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    Study intensive Mandarin language and Chinese culture, 15 hours (classes) per week. at the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). Quarter (Trimester) 12 wk terms available year-around: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Small class sizes. Placement test given upon arrival check-in and placed in the proper level. All levels offered: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Instructors are native teachers trained to teach Mandarin as a 2nd language, and work at the University. A wide range of activities and local excursions also provided. Housing is available on campus in a student type residence (dorm) within walking distance. Off campus housing also available. Minimum age is 18 yrs. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Available year-around. Transcript (certificate) issued by NTHU.

    National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) was established in Beijing in 1911 as an “academy”, then in 1956 was re-established as a University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. NTHU has developed into a comprehensive research university offering a full range of degree programs in science, technology, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and management. It currently ranks as one of the premier universities in East Asia. Over 662 Faculty, and over 12,000 students enrolled each year.

    Early registration advised.Join us !



    Hsinchu, Taiwan


    Mandarin Language courses: 15 hrs (lessons) per week, M-F. Morning and afternoon classes.
    Classes conducted in the mornings (9 -1 2), and afternoons (1 – 4 pm). Depends on term and level, and actual times can vary.

    Open to all levels. Levels offered are: Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced.

    * Cultural Program is also provided; activities and nearby excursions. Details provided upon check-in orientation.

    * Detailed course listings available from the NTHU instructors directly there. University level courses – Mandarin Chinese.

    4 LEVELS: A1/A2, B1, B2, C1:

    Level A1 / A2 (Beginner): No previous lessons (or some). Starts with the elementary basics in Chinese pronunciation, tone emphasis, basic communication skills, Chinese characters, and simple sentence formation (structure). Speak 350 – 450 words upon completion.

    Level B1 (Lower Intermediate): studies more complicated sentence structures used in everyday conversation (such as “Let’s introduce ourselves”, “What time is it”, etc. Covers the typical daily conversations on the street, at the market, at a restaurant, at the bank exchange office, at the post office, at the hotel, getting a Taxi, talking about your home and family, and daily schedule. By the end of this course, the students can expect to speak 800 – 900 words after completion.

    Level B2 (intermediate): aims at improving speaking and extending vocabulary. By studying literary texts of average difficulty, as well as journalistic publications (newspapers & magazines), and also by listening to radio and tv broadcasts. Overall, the student is expected to become an independent speaker, improving their comprehension ability and producing texts. Student can expect to speak 1000 – 1500 words after completion.

    Level C1 (advanced): improving and refining vocabulary,special terminology, phraseology, and acquisition of stylistic, contemporary). Student is expected to become an experimented speaker, able to obtain such a high level of proficiency- almost as a native speaker. Using both literary, and non-literary texts, according to what the student is interested in….as well as continued listening to media broadcasts. Student can expect to speak 1500 – 2500 words after completion.

    Certificate of Completion (attendance) is awarded to each student. Issued by NTHU. Students can earn 12 – 14 Quarter (Trimester) credits each Term.

    * Note: You are encouraged to bring a wireless enabled laptop. Wifi connection at the school building, and at the accommodations. Also, there are several “wifi hotspots” in the city.

    chinese temple in hsinchu, taiwan


    Students are lodged in nice, modern student dormitory (furnished), with other students – on Campus. Double or Single rooms. Common area includes media room (TV), Games, and large fully equipped kitchen. Early registration advised to book a room. Cost $375 USD per month. No meals included. Bed linens and towels provided. Laundry facility provided. Allow extra funds for meals / food ($150 USD per week approx). Can also cook own meals in student housing.

    * Summer Term: Only 20 rooms available in Dorm. Register Early to book a room.

    * Check-in dormitory on day prior to start date.

    Off campus housing is also available in nearby Hotels.Daily rate is approx $35 USD per person. Students can often get a discount (10%).
    Upon request, just let us know. Pay there.

    Rental house also available for longer term students (6 months or more). House cost is approx $400 USD per month.
    Upon request, just let us know. Pay there.

    Note: Can arrange own housing if you prefer.


    Quarter (Trimester 12 wk) Terms: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.
    15 hrs per week, M-F. Housing not included in program fee (extra).
    Specific dates given upon inquiry, and in confirmation documents.

    Winter Quarter (Trimester): December (early) – February (late) 150 hrs……$1795 USD
    Request Dates

    Spring Quarter (Trimester): March (early) – May (late) 180 hrs……………..$1995 USD
    Request Dates

    SUMMER QUARTER (Trimester): June (early) – August (late) 180 hrs…………$1995 USD
    Sample 2018 Dates: June 1st – August 25th, 2018
    Sample 2019 Dates: June 1st – August 24th, 2019
    Sample 2020 Dates: June 1st – August 22nd, 2020

    Fall Quarter (Trimester): September (early) – November (late) 180 hrs…….$1995 USD
    Request Dates

    * Cultural program included (activities and some excursions).
    Extra small fee may be required for transportation or entrance (parks, museums, etc).
    Schedule provided at arrival orientation

    * National Holidays – school closed, plus Christmas (Dec 25), and New Years Day (Jan 1st).
    * Chinese New Year Holidays (varies per year).


    Minimum age is 18 yrs. Open to all students and adults worldwide.

    No Visa needed for the 1st 90 days, for citizens of several countries, including USA, Canada, and UK.
    Check with Taiwan Consulate (Embassy) for details. Passport required for entry.

    * CSA will send the Admissions (Invitation Letter) with your confirmation documents.
    Use original admission letter to obtain a Visa if needed.

    * Also, be sure to have “global insurance” (Sanitary Insurance – Medical & Accidental).
    CSA will suggest insurance providers in your Confirmation (admission) Docs.

     landscape of mountains in hsinchu, taiwan


    Airports nearby are – International Taoyuan Airport, or the Songshan Airport.

    Airport pick-up is available. Advance reservation required. Pay there.

    On your own (easy):
    Airport transportation (shuttle) to the THSR Taoyuan Station is approx NT$30, then take Hsinchu High Speed Rail (NT$140)
    headed South, and then take Taxi to Hsinchu (NT$200) to NTHU.

    Or from Songshan Airport: take the MRT at Matsuyama Airport (about 20 mins) to Taipei Bus Station, then take coach to NTHU,
    and you can walk to the school dormitory.

    Plan on check-in the day before. Regarding additional travel info, refer to travel guide (book or app) on Taiwan.

    Register Now – to get started. Pay deposit to be confirmed. Early registration advised.