French Language in Montpellier


    Study French in Montpellier, France
    Intensive Language & Culture: 20 hrs per week
    Start Any Monday – Minimum Age is 16
    2 wks: $1395 / 4 wks: $1795 USD
    Open to all Worldwide

    The Program

    Study French language and culture in the cosmopolitan city of Montpellier, located only a few miles from the Mediterranean. Courses start every Monday.Housing options provided, and can arrange own housing if desired.

    Small class size of 6 – 8 students per class. 20 lessons of French, plus 2 workshops offered per week. Minimum of 2 week stay. Qualified staff provide a fun, “French immersion” course. Programs offered weekly and monthly, all year long. A very flexible program. Join us! Minimum age is 16 yrs.

    The Location

    Located in the south of France, Montpellier is a very international city where you will meet people from all over the world. Rich in culture and history, it is a privileged place for relaxation and is close to many interesting sites to discover: Provence, Camargue, and Pyrenees. Just a few miles from the Mediterranean, Montpellier has long been considered the “heart” of the south. The program is located in the historical center of town in a beautifully renovated 17th century building.


    Intensive French: all levels – elementary through very advanced. Placement test given upon arrival and orientation. Courses offered every Monday, thus students can begin on any Monday. Classes held in morning early afternoon.

    Teachers are all native speaker, university graduates, trained in teaching French as a second language.

    20 lessons per week, 4 hrs per day, M-F. Students are also abel to improve oral comprehension and expression with French songs, role plays, and French expressions. In class, teachers will expect active participation from the students. Placement test given upon arrival and orientation to determine level.

    For those interested, this general course prepares students for the DELF and DALF tests…..which are the officially recognized diplomas throughout the world which certify ones French level. Staff there at the student office can assist you in registering for these tests.

    For extra intensive courses (30 hrs per week / 5 hrs per day)…..add 75 Euros (approx) per week extra.

    FRENCH 101/102:
    This course is for beginners. Students cover the fundamentals of the French language, daily expressions, increased vocabulary, grammar and phonetics, and various course exercises that build confidence in using basic French. The material covered is in preparation for the DELF A1 and A2 units. Class materials also introduce French Cultural subjects. Homework is assigned daily.

    FRENCH 201/202:
    This level is for high beginners, or elementary levels. Students continue to improve their grammatical and vocabulary knowledge, learn how to express feelings and opinions, work on texts using more complex sentence structures, as well as learn some of the cultural habits of French society. Pronunciation is regularly corrected. This course prepares students for the DELF 1st degree. Homework is assigned daily.

    FRENCH 301/302:
    Intermediate level students take this course. Students improve their ability to formulate and debate on actual subjects, social issues, etc. Class utilizes materials from the media to initiate discussions and role playing. Vocabulary and grammatical abilities are enhanced as well as phonetics and pronunciation. This course prepares students for the DELF 2nd degree. Homework is assigned daily.

    FRENCH 401/402:
    Advanced level students take this course. Students perfect their written and oral skills, utilizing stylistic aspects and technical expressions. More complex debates and discussions help students become more fluent and confident in expressing their feelings and opinions. Also, knowledge of French society, culture, and heritage is enhanced in this level. This course prepares students for the DELF exam. Homework is assigned daily.

    Academic Credit

    Students earn 3 – 4 credits per month (4 weeks). About 1 credit per week. The course is 4 hours of French per day, plus some workshops. 22 lessons per week.
    See “Academic Credit” section on homepage, main menu.

    Financial Aid

    Yes, you can use your financial aid on this program. Please have your Financial Aid office email us a “Consortium Agreement” to complete and sign. CSA does not offer any scholarships or financial aid, we can only assist you in using your home school’s aid. Earlier the better, since it will take time to process.


    Local excursions. Guided tours of Montpellier’s historical center, as well as organized trips to museums, French open markets, cinema, theater, picnics, and international nights out with other students. Also, a regional wine and cheese tasting session is included.

    A multimedia library is also available for students to use. Access to newspapers, magazines, tourist and cultural books, as well as access to doing e-mail (sending and receiving e-mail).


    Housing cost extra $250 USD (possibly less) per week, and you have a choice of staying in one of the following:

    • Student Residence – single room – no meals.
    • Host family – single room – 2 meals daily (breakfast & dinner)
    • Room on Campus – single room + private bathroom: available only during the summer months of July & August.

    * Can arrange own housing if you prefer.

    Dates and Fees

    Can begin on any Monday.
    Placement test given prior to arrival / or upon check-in.


    2 weeks $1395 USD
    4 weeks $1795 USD
    6 weeks $2195 USD
    8 weeks $2595 USD

    * Addtl week = $200 USD Extra.

    NOTE: To upgrade course to Intensive – 30 hrs per week – add $150 USD per week.


    Program is open to all students and adults. Minimum age is 16 yrs. Passport (valid) required. Visa not required for U.S. citizens staying less than 3 months (90 days or less). Over 90 days usually requires a visa. Other citizens please consult the French Consulate nearest you or see the useful “Resources” section of the CSA website.


    Please consult your travel book on France. Usually, students take the TGV express trains from Paris directly to Montpellier. See web-links on train travel in the section: “Resources”.

    Plan on arriving the day before classes begin, and depart on the day after classes end.


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