Medical & Travel Insurance


    Medical and accidental insurance is required for all programs. It is not included in the program fees. Please check with your current insurance (family plan) to see if it will cover you while overseas. If not, then please purchase some medical and accidental insurance before starting the program. It is for your own protection!

    Please send CSA proof of your study abroad medical insurance, either a letter or a copy of your insurance card. Thank you.

    Aetna Student Health

    Compass Benefits

    Wallach & Company

    HTH Worldwide

    Cultural Insurance Services International

    Harbor Group – Study Abroad Insurance

    Travel Insured

    Medjet Assist – Emergency Evacuation

    Essential Guide to Traveling with a Medical Condition

    Medical Clinic (Barcelona, Spain)

    Medical Clinic (Hospital Care) Italy

    Student Health Resource (Italy)

    Center For Disease Control

    Travel Medicine

    Discount Vitamins & Supplements
    Healthy Lifestyle Begins Here

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