Making Your Trip a Success



    Most travelers experience some degree of culture shock. How much depends on each person’s personality, knowledge of the country, expectations, maturity, and previous travel experience. The following is a list of skills that have shown to be very important in making an overseas experience successful:

    • Knowledge of the country, language and cultural aspects.
    • Tolerance of ambiguity and the ability to cope with vagueness.
    • Open-mindedness and the ability and willingness to accept diverse viewpoints.
    • Low goal and task expectations. Do not expect to accomplish too much.
    • Empathy. Try to see through the eyes of the local people.
    • Nonjudgmental. Accept and try to understand differences between cultures.
    • A sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself for your mistakes.
    • Good communication skills with and interest in the local culture.
    • Flexibility and the ability to change, adapting to new situations as they arise.
    • Ability to fail, learning from your mistakes and ignorance.
    • Accepting the responsibility to adapting and succeeding in the program.

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