Japanese Manga & Language in Tokyo – Year Around


    Manga Drawing & Language in Tokyo
    Japanese Cartoon Lessons & Conversation Course
    Start in early January, April, July, or October
    Minimum age is 16 yrs
    4 Weeks: $2395 USD

    The Program


    Learn the Japanese animated cartoon drawing of “Manga”, as well as improve your Japanese language skills. 1 month courses offered year-around in Tokyo. Small groups of less than 10 students. Open to all levels. Japanese language conversation is on everyday in the morning, and Manga course is 1 – 2 times a week in the afternoons. Open to students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 16 yrs. Join us!

    The Location: Tokyo (central)

    Tokyo is home to over 25% of the Japanese population. Over 13 million live in Tokyo itself, and this does not inlcude nearby Kawasaki and Yokohama. Tokyo has become an exciting urban-maze, a true megalopolis city of interconnected towns each with its own identity. Unlike Kyoto and Nara, few buildings survived the devastating earthquake of 1923 and the bombing of WW II, so Tokyo today is more of a magnet of creative energy, global modernity, and wealth. An extensive train and subway system connect all the main city centers and sites, making it easy to get around. Overall, Tokyo represents modern Japan and it offers so many things to do and see for the first time visitor. Join us and experience this exciting city!


    • Open to students and adults worldwide. Minimum age 16 yrs.
    • Open to all levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.
    • Manga (animated cartoon drawing) & Japanese Conversation – combined.
    • Japanese language conversation conducted everyday (M-F) in the morning.
    • Manga drawing course 1 – 2 times per week in the afternoons.
    • 2019 Start Dates: Jan 8th / Apr 1st / July 8th / Sept 30th
    • 2020 Start Dates: Jan 7th / Mar 30th / July 6th / Oct 5th
    • 2021 Start Dates: Jan 5th / Mar 29th / July 5th / Oct 4th

    Manga Course Curriculum

    1. Orientation to the course and outlook of Japanese Manga. Self-introduction to the characteristics of Japanese Manga. Guidance with various drawing tools expected to be used in the course.
    2. Drawing process of Manga. Exercises. Drawing with a dip pen, filling in procedure, whitening out with liquid and screen sheets.
    3. Character Faces. How to draw the face. Deformation theory and expressive techniques to show human feeling such as joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure.
    4. Drawing the character as a whole. Positioning technique of the whole character. Head and body and their proportions. Deformation and attractive poses.
    5. Character design 1. Methodology of characterization through fashion, body shape and hair style.
    6. Character design 2.Drawing the character in different genre of Japanese Manga such as Science Fiction, Samurai era story, Shojo Manga (Romance and Teen Drama), etc.
    7. How to draw the background. Exercises. Drawing with a dip pen, filling in procedure, whitening out with liquid and screen shots.
    8. Story writing and the basics of scene allotment. Basic theory of story writing such as the four part structure of introduction, development, turn and conclusion. How to guide readers’ viewing order by the scene allotment.
    9. Story and scene allotment. Trial production of 1 page scene allotment based on an exsit story.
    10. Field trip. Learning Japanese Manga history and observation of Japanese sub-culture.
    11. Digital production by computer. Drawing Manga using “Comic Studio”, a piece of computer software.
    12. Graduation project 1 – monochrome (draft). Production of the face page of an original character or the participant’s self-portrait.
    13. Graduation project 2 – monochrome (completion). Completion of the monochrome graduation project.
    14. Graduation project 3 – digital color. Coloring of the project work by “SAI”, a piece of computer software.
    15. Graduation project 4 – digital color. Completion of the digitally colored graduation project.
    16. Final comment and graduation ceremony. Review and comment on each graduation project. Presentation of the completion certificate for the course.

    * The curriculum is subject to change based on the actual progress of participants.

    The Tokyo Sky Tree towers above the dense skyline of Tokyo, Japan

    Academic Credit

    Academic credit is possible. 3 – 4 transfer credits can be earned. Depends on your course length.


    Host family housing available, or Guesthouse, both in central locations.

    Host family housing, plus 2 meals daily, will cost approx 88,400 Yen / $850 USD est, per 4 weeks.

    Guesthouse housing, no meals, single room, will cost approx 90,000 Yen / $900 USD est per 4 weeks.

    * Can also arrange own housing if you prefer.

    Dates and Fees

    * Housing is not included – cost extra

    MONTHLY SESSIONS: Start date in – January, April, July or October

    4 weeks $2395 USD

    * Housing is not included – cost extra

    NOTE: Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

    Dates: July 24th – August 9th, 2020
    Book summer programs early !


    Open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age 16 yrs.


    1 – 2 days prior to start date. No airport pick-up. Easy to use airport transportation.
    If you want airport pick-up, it will cost approx 15,000 Yen ($140 USD est).


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