Japanese Language & Culture in Sapporo – Year Around


    Study Japanese Language & Culture
    Includes Activities & Field Trips
    2 wks: 74,000 Yen / 4 wks: 118,000 Yen
    $700 USD and $1100 USD est
    Minimum age is 15 yrs

    The Program / Location

    Sapporo is the central city of Hokkaido, and the political and economic center of northern Japan.

    Hokkaido is richly endowed with natural beauty, and a very popular tourist destination for Japanese people. Sapporo is well known for it’s winter and summer time activities, such as the popular “Snow Festival” in February, the Yosakoi Soran Festival in early June, and the Sapporo Summer Festival in late July, offering many sightseeing opportunities and places suitable for interacting with the local people. Minimum age is 15 yrs.

    Small group classes of 3 – 8 students learning Japanese daily (M-F), for 3 lessons per day, are taught by qualified instructors, as well as supervised field trips to local events and attractions. These courses are most suitable for students wishing to learn Japanese language intensively for short periods, and who want to experience Sapporo (Hokkaido), Japan.

    Courses – Small Group Classes

    Japanese language – all levels: beginner – advanced. All students take a placement test, and are placed in the proper level course. Small group classes of 3 – 8 students are the usual size. 3 lessons per day, of 45 minutes each. Both conversation skills, reading and writing are emphasized. No classes on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays.

    Textbook often used is: “Minna no Nihongo”. Bring your copy if you have one, or buy there ($40 est).

    * Supervised field trips are also arranged (optional). Small fee for transportation, facility, and any meals.

    * Certificate issued when course is completed.

    * Beginner Level:
    Able to understand essential points in everyday conversations and situations.
    Able to write Hiragana, Katakana, and 300 Kanji. To write simple letters and short sentences.
    Able to read and understand short texts.

    * Intermediate – 2 Levels (Lower & Higher)
    Able to make conversations of considerable length and express individual opinions.
    Able to understand 750 – 1000 Kanji and able to write simple letters to more complex.
    Able to read and understand texts of considerable lengths, up to newspapers and novels.

    * Advanced – 2 Levels (Lower & Higher)
    Able to make long conversations in a natural way and able to use abstract meanings.
    Able to understand essentials when listening to news, speeches, and lectures.
    Able to understand reading editorials and complex thesis styles.
    * Understand over 2000 Kanji at higher level.

    Academic Credit

    College credit (or high school) can be obtained. Transcript certificate issued, and used to earn transfer credit. Usually students earn 3 – 4 credits per month.


    Staff supervised field trips are arranged to various local sites as well as Festivals. These are optional, and not required to attend, but fun and educational. Small fee may be required to help cover the costs of transportation, facility fee, and any meals…paid by each student. Info provided during the orientation there.


    Housing and meals provided in student residence (dorm), or with a local host family. Guest house also an option (no meals). Costs $250 USD per week. Add on if desired.

    Student dormitory – single room, shared bathroom, and 2 meals daily in cafeterias (except Sundays). Japanese students also living there.

    Local Host Family – includes 2 meals per day (breakfast & dinner). Minimum age to stay with host family is 18 yrs. If under age 18, an exception may be made, just ask CSA.

    Guest House (flat) – single room, shared bathroom and kitchen. No meals. Other guests include students and other foreigners working there.

    * Can arrange own housing if desired.

    Dates and Fees

    * Minimum age is 15 yrs
    * Small group classes
    * All levels offered: beginner, intermediate, advanced


    Start any Monday Course
    2 – 6 Weeks June – August

    2019 Dates:
    June 3rd – July 12th
    July 15th – August 23rd

    2020 Dates:
    June 1st – July 10th
    July 13th – August 21st

    Fees (start any Monday)

    2 Weeks 86,400 Yen / $800 USD est
    3 Weeks 119,100 Yen / $1100 USD est
    4 Weeks 151,800 Yen / $1400 USD est
    5 Weeks 181,200 Yen / $1650 USD est
    6 Weeks 210,600 Yen / $1900 USD est

    2 – 4 Weeks (start in July early)

    2019 Dates:
    2 wks: July 8th – 19th 74,000 Yen / $700 USD est
    3 wks: July 8th – 26th. 87,000 Yen / $800 USD est
    4 wks: July 8th – August 2nd 118,000 Yen / $1100 USD est
    2020 Dates:
    2 wks: July 6th – 17th 74,000 Yen / $700 USD est
    3 wks: July 6th – 24th 87,000 Yen / $800 USD est
    4 wks: July 6th – 31st 118,000 Yen / $1100 USD est

    * NOTE: Specify which summer course in the “Question / Comment” section of the online Registration Form. Write in”July Group”, or the “Start any Monday” course.

    FALL COURSE (can start any Monday, 2 – 6 weeks)
    2019 Dates: September 30th – November 1st
    2020 Dates: September 28th – October 30th

    WINTER COURSE (can start any Monday, 2 – 6 weeks)
    2019 Dates: January 9th – February 15th
    2020 Dates: January 8th – February 14th

    WINTER QUARTER (Trimester – 3 months)
    2019 Dates: January 9th – March 30th
    2020 Dates: January 8th – March 28th

    SPRING COURSE (can start any Monday, 2 – 6 weeks)
    2019 Dates: April 1st – May 10th
    2020 Dates: March 30th – May 8th

    Fees (Fall, Winter, Spring)

    2 Weeks 86,400 Yen / $800 USD est
    3 Weeks 119,100 Yen / $1100 USD est
    4 Weeks 151,800 Yen / $1400 USD est
    5 Weeks 181,200 Yen / $1650 USD est
    6 Weeks 210,600 Yen / $1900 USD est
    QUARTER 275,000 Yen / $2500 USD est

    Note: U.S. dollar values can vary due to exchange rate.

    Note: Similar dates and prices in 2021 / 2022


    Minimum age is 15 yrs.


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