Summer in Kyoto – Japanese Language & Culture


    Short Summer Program in Kyoto
    12 Day Japanese Language & Culture Workshops
    Housing, Lessons, Activities, & Tours Included
    $1895 USD – Minimum age 15 yrs


    The Program

    For 12 days, you enhance your Japanese language skills and experience the culture as well as explore the famous city of Kyoto, Japan. Learn to cook Japanese dishes as well as experience other traditional and modern cultural aspects of Japanese society. Program is open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 15 yrs. Price includes housing (dormitory style), some meals, Japanese language classes (12), Cooking class (3), Cultural activities(6), and Guided tours (5). Early registration is advised….it’s a popular program….Join us ! Groups are also welcome…….

    Location: Kyoto

    With it’s unique location and history, Kyoto has nurtured it’s own distinctive Japanese culture. During the 12 day program, you will experience traditional Kyoto activities such as Tea Ceremony, Kyoto cuisine, Kimono wearing, traditional dance, Japanese gardens, and the spiritual healing of “Zazen” meditation. Guided tours take you to visit several historical sites, such as the Kiyomizu Temple.

    The ancient city of Kyoto is a major tourist attraction, with over 1000 years of history. It lies in a valley protected by mountains, and can be reached in 2.5 hrs by the Shinkansen Train (bullet train) from Tokyo, or approx 1 hr by bus from Osaka. Kyoto prefecture has a population of over 2.6 million, in an area that covers about 4600 square kilometers. Kyoto is neighbors to Nara, Osaka, Mie, Shiga, Fukui and Hyogo.

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    Program Schedule: Courses, Activities, Tours

    1. Arrival
    2. Orientation & Welcome Party Lunch
    3. Japanese Cooking Class & Guided tour
    4. Japanese Language Class & Guided tour
    5. Zen Meditation, Buddhist Cuisine, Garden, & Guided tour
    6. Japanese Language Classes & Guided tour
    7. Free Day (Saturday) – Explore Kyoto
    8. Free Day (Sunday) – Explore Kyoto
    9. Tea Ceremony, Kimono, Dance & Guided tour
    10. Japanese Language Classes & Cooking Workshop
    11. Japanese Cooking Class & Farewell Party (dinner)
    12. Depart

    Note: Can change, depending on providers.

    • Japanese Language Courses: Taught by experienced teachers Basic key sentences and expressions used in everyday life. For non-beginners, program offers opportunity to enhance skills. 12 classes of 50 minutes each.
    • Japanese Cooking Courses: Learn to make elegant dishes that include: Shojin-ryori, Kyo-ryori, Obanzai, and Wagashi (sweets). 3 classes, including 2 lunch meals.
    • Guided Tours Include: Kyomizu Temple, Miyoshinji, Kinkakuji and Ryoanji gardens, Higashiyama area, Nijo Castle, Sake brewery, and Manga museum.
      Includes entrance fee, transportation, and guide fee (all inclusive). 5 guided tours.


    Housing: Included – Dormitory Guest House

    Housing is included….11 nights / 12 days – dormitory style (Guest House)
    Arrive on Sunday. Depart on following Thursday.

    Dates and Fees

    Program is conducted in Summer months only, every 2 weeks, starting on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month…..and ending on Wednesday of the following week. Participants arrive on Sunday, and leave on Thursday.

    Early registration is advised ! Open to students and adults worldwide. Groups also welcome. Minimum age is 15 yrs. Can attend more than one session if desired.

    Fee: $1895 USD: Includes housing, some meals, lessons, activities, and guided tours.


    SUMMER SESSION: 12 day sessions

    Sample July 2017 dates: July 2nd – 13th

    • July (early start) / & mid start date
    • August (early start) / & mid start date
    • September (early start)

    * Minimum of 5 students required for each session.
    Exact dates confirmed upon inquiry and registration.

    Zen Rock Garden at Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto
    Arrival / Depart

    Arrive on the Sunday start day….to check-in.
    Depart on the following Thursday.

    Open to students and adults worldwide. Minimun age is 15 yrs.
    Groups are also welcome to join !


    Register Now - to get started. Pay balance or deposit to confirm (reserve / docs). Early registration advised.