Intensive German Language in Vienna


    Study in Vienna, Austria
    Intensive German & Austrian Culture
    5 hr lessons a day / 25 hrs per week
    Start Any Monday – Min Age 16 yrs
    2 Weeks: $995 / 4 Weeks: $1595 USD

    The Program

    Vienna Cityscape

    The program has a world-wide reputation of providing a high quality learning environment with modern teaching equipment. Instructors are university trained to teach German as a second language, and are from Austria. The language spoken in Austria is German – pure, correct German. Many experts believe that the finest, most melodious German is spoken in Austria. Intensive classes are offered year-around, in small groups of 8-12 per class. Minimum age is 16 yrs. Can arrange own housing if desired.

    The Location

    Vienna or Wien (ancient Vindobona), city in northeastern Austria, the capital and largest city of the country, coextensive with Vienna (Wien) Province. Vienna 9697693_sis located on both banks of the Danube River, with the foothills of the Eastern Alps on the west and the plains of the Danube basin on the east. Vienna was for many centuries the political and economic center of the Austrian Empire under the Habsburg family. Today the city dominates the economic and cultural life of Austria and contains about one-fifth of the country’s population.

    Among the more important structures here are the town hall (Rathaus, 1872-1883), the Burgtheater (1874-1888), the University (1873-1883), the Parliament (1883), and the State Opera (1861-1869), which was burned in 1945 and rebuilt in 1955. Also here is the Hofburg, the former imperial palace, the oldest part of Burgtheater is the Austrian National Theatre in Vienna which was built during the 13th century. The Gothic Saint Stephen’s Cathedral (rebuilt 13th-15th century) in the center of the Inner City has a 113-m (370-ft) steeple that can be seen from all parts of Vienna. The Danube Canal, which branches south of the Danube River, was completed in the 1880s. The Innere Stadt borders the canal to the south, and Vienna’s second most important district is located between the canal and the Danube. Across the Danube are newer districts; it is here that the new international center has been built.


    5 hrs (lessons) per day, M-F / 25 hrs per week. Summer sessions are 4 hrs a day / 20 hrs (lessons) a week. Minimum age is 16 yrs. Start any Monday.

    German Language 7 levels: Beginner through Advanced. 4 hours daily. Small groups of 8-12 per class. All students take a placement test, and are placed in the proper level course. May start on any Monday. Absolute beginners start once a month…see dates. All levels taught, year-around.

    Main emphasis is placed on improving your communication skills. Lessons in grammar and conversation help you with syntax and vocabulary building. You practice formal and informal letter writing, and work on listening and reading comprehension. A cultural program is also included in each week.

    • Level 1 – Beginner: for a complete beginner or have very little knowledge of German. At this level you learn basic sentence structures and vocabulary to help you get simple messages across in everyday situations.
    • Level 2 – Elementary 1: You have a little knowledge of German. You learn to make simple inquiries in speaking and writing, and to give instructions. You build on your basic grammar skills and increase your vocabulary.
    • Level 3 – Elementary 2: You have some knowledge of German. You learn how to express yourself adequately in familiar, everday situations and to read and understand simple texts.
    • Level 4 – Elementary 3: Your basic German skills are incomplete. You consolidate and revise basic grammar structures and learn to lead discussions on interesting topics.
    • Level 5 – Intermediate 1: You have a command of the essentials of German. You practise reading, writing, and discussing difficult topics in more complex situations.
    • Level 6 – Intermediate 2: You have a good command of German. You learn to express yourself clearly both in speaking and writing on a large number of topics and to understand almost all texts.
    • Level 7 – Advanced: You can express yourself fluently in German. You work on literary, sociopolitical, cultural and scientific topics.

    Note: Students can take the examination for the “Zertifikat Deutsch” after completing Level 3 (Elementary 2). This is a joint certificate of the OSA (Osterreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch -,which is advocated by the Austrian state), the Goethe Institute, WBT and Fribourg University.

    Academic Credit

    Students earn 3 – 4 credits for a month program (4 weeks).


    Daylight image of the famous palmenhaus palm house, or greenhouse at the imperial gaden of Schoenbrunn Schoenbrunn , Vienna, Austria
    Afternoon activities and excursions are included in the program price. A schedule of activities and sightseeing will be provided upon arrival and orientation. Includes special lectures on Austrian music, art, history, cuisine. City walks to Vienna’s tourist highlights. Organized trips to Salzburg. Visits to famous coffee houses. And more…

    Note: Access to internet is available. Receive and send e-mail.


    Housing is in student type residence, or in a local host family. Both close to school.

    * Student Residence – single room (or twin), fully furnished, plus 2 meals daily, telephone, TV, WiFi, and small kitchen. Located nearby.

    * Host Family – single room ( or double), share bathroom and kitchen, plus 2 meals daily (breakfast / dinner). Student residence costs $325 USD per week. Host Family housing plus 2 meals daily costs $400 USD per week. Can add to program balance, or pay there upon check-in.

    Select housing preference on the registration form.

    Can arrange own housing if desired.

    Dates and Fees

    * Minimum age is 16 yrs
    * Can start any Monday (non-beginners)
    * Absolute beginners (no previous lessons) should start on the 1st or last Monday.

    2 weeks $995 USD
    4 weeks $1595

    * Addtl week = $300 USD per week extra – housing not included.



    Open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 16 yrs.


    Plan on arriving the day before classes start to check-into your housing……check-in on Sunday. If you arrive earlier, plan on arranging your own housing until the official check-in date. Plan on arriving on the date you can check-into your housing.


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