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    Find discount travel deals on any travel website. Book directly online for best fares.  Wait till you receive your confirmation documents to book your air tickets. Overall, you will find the best value tickets online, either with one of the major travel websites, or with the airlines website.  All CSA participants are responsible for arranging their own travel to the program location, as well as obtaining a passport, and visa if needed. Use the confirmation documents provided by CSA to assist in getting your visa.

    dQ_Barcelona2Plan on arriving at your program location at least the day prior to the start date, and leave the day after classes (tests) finish.  Refer to the program dates given in each program description, and your confirmation documents. Some programs prefer that you arrive 1 – 2 weeks prior… order to get settled in your housing, take the placement test, and get familiar with the campus. For example, if you are attending the University of Paris-Sorbonne program, please try to arrive at least one(1) week prior to the start date if possible.

    Airport pick-up at program location is available for some programs.  Please request it by email. In general, the Language Institute programs offer airport pick-up service……but the University based programs do not. Students attending a University based program usually takes airport transportation to the University campus check-in (housing).  Airport pick-up service does cost anywhere from $25 – $150 USD depending on the program and how far away the airport is located….paid directly there in cash to the student office.

    Include your flight arrival details with your email request….must be in writing (email)….and requested at least 5 days in advance to be arranged.

    Please be sure to have a valid passport (not expired).  Apply for one as soon as possible if not yet obtained. If you need a visa, check with the appropriate Consulate (Embassy) for up-to-date information and application form.  Additional information and website links will be included with your confirmation documents.  Also, review the “Visa/Passport” section….Resources….Main Menu…..CSA website.

    P.S Obtain a current travel book on your program location (country / city)…..take with you.

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    NOTE: Book travel (or any housing) after receiving Admission Documents from CSA !