Freie Universitat Berlin – German Studies


    Free University in Berlin – Summer / Winter
    German Language & European Studies (in English)
    4 wks Summer: $2395 / 3 wks Winter: $2295 USD

    Minimum age 17 yrs / Register Early !
    Open to all Worldwide


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    The Program

    1280px-Dahlem_Habelschwerdter_Allee_Rostlaube-2 Freie Universitat is a well known University in Berlin. Over 500 foreign students study here every year. Study German Language and Culture during the 3 week Winter Term in January, or 4 – 6 weeks Summer Terms. All courses except German Language are taught in English by distinguished and international faculty at Freie Universitat. Culture subjects focus on Berlin, Germany and Europe, covering history, politics, literature, architecture, and art history. In addition, local excursions (field trips) to Berlin sights and cultural activities are included and are an integral part of the program. Overall, this program combines German language study with cultural subject courses, providing for a more comprehensive study session. In addition, Berlin offers the opportunity to explore its fascinating cultural life as it is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

    Location: Berlin, Germany.

    Brandenburg Gate

    Courses: Taught in English & German (Cultural Subjects)

    Three (3) terms are offered year-around: 1 Winter (Jan), and 2 Summer Terms (May – Aug). Open to all levels. Winter Term offers German Language courses only for 3 weeks. Summer Terms offer both German Language and Cultural Subjects. Language courses are limited to 15 students per course, and Culture courses limited to 18 students per course. German Language courses are taught in German, and Cultural Subject courses are taught in English & German. All students take a placement exam there upon arrival. Subject courses are registered for there upon arrival.

    Early registration is advised….Winter before November 20th….Summer #1 before April 20th….and Summer #2 before June 5th.

    WINTER TERM: 1st 3 weeks of January. German Language Courses – all levels (Beginner A1, A2, Intermediate B1,B2, and Advanced C1. 72 class hours, earning 4 ECTS Credits.

    SUMMER TERM #1: Late May – July (6 wks). German Language 108 hrs + Culture Subject 72 hrs = 180 hrs total

    Sample List of Culture Subjects: Taught in English & German
    Depends on number of students requesting course

    • Fashion in 20th Century Germany
    • Berlin, 1900-2017: Literature, Culture, and Politics
    • History of European Art; Centers and Protagonists
    • Seduction and Terror: Hitler’s Germany
    • European Union – Between Integration and Crisis
    • 1517: Martin Luther & The Reformation

    SUMMER TERM #2: 4 weeks (July (late) – August (late)
    48 – 120 hrs, earning 4 – 6 ECTS Credits

    Sample List of Culture Subjects: Taught in English & German

    • Architecture in Berlin; A Walk thru History
    • Seduction and Terror: Hitler’s Germany
    • Law, Society, and Politics in Comparative Perspective
    • Islam and the West – Islam in the West
    • Contemporary Journalism Studies
    • International Relations in the 20th Century: Europe & World
    • Twentieth Century Berlin: People, Places, Words
    • Global Challenges – Sustainable Futures
    • 1517: Martin Luther & The Reformation
    • European Business Management
    • Europe, Migration, Refugees
    • The Cold War

    Other Courses will be available – See list at arrival check-in.
    Course descriptions available from instructor – there in Berlin.

    Berlin Cathedral with fountain

    GERMAN LANGUAGE – Semi Intensive & Intensive – All levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).
    Available for all terms.


    Housing costs extra – not included in program fee. You request housing preferences when you register, and you pay for housing upon arrival check-in. Housing is subject to availability – thus, it is best to Register early.
    * Shared Student Apartments – single room cost approx: 345 Euros for 3 wks, 420 Euros 4 wks, 635 Euros 6 wks.
    * Homestay with Berlin host family costs approx: 650 Euros for 3 wks, 695 Euros 4 wks, 995 Euros 6 wks.
    You can also arrange your own housing if you prefer.

    Dates and Fees

    SUMMER TERM #1: 6 wks June (early) – July (mid)
    2020 dates: May 23rd – July 4th, 2020
    2021 Dates: May 22nd – July 3rd, 2021

    Semi Intensive German Language $2995 USD
    Intensive German Language $3995 USD
    Cultural Subject Courses $2995 USD

    SUMMER TERM #2: 4 wks July(mid) – August (mid)
    2019 Dates: July 13th – August 10th, 2019
    2020 Dates: July 11th – August 8th, 2020
    2021 Dates: July 10th – August 7th, 2021

    Semi Intensive German Language $2395 USD
    Intensive German Language $2995 USD
    Cultural Subject Courses $2395 USD

    WINTER TERM: 3 wks of January
    2020 Dates: January 4th – 25th, 2020
    2021 Dates: January 2nd – 23rd, 2021

    German Language (semi-intensive only): 72 hrs $2295 USD

    * Similar dates and prices every year. Register early !


    Included are cultural activities and excursions to nearby sites and events.

    The may include:

    – Guided tour through the Reichstag Building and Federal Parliament
    – River Boat tour through downtown Berlin (Summer only)
    – Weekly movie time presenting popular German movies

    * Details provided upon arrival check-in – orientation.


    Plan on checking in the start date (Sat), and checking out the last date (Sat).

    Open to all students worldwide. Minimum age is 17.


    Register Now - to get started.