Financial Aid


    In regards to financial aid, CSA does not offer any financial assistance of any kind, nor any scholarships. CSA can only help in the processing of a “Consortium Agreement”….which helps students to use their aid for study-abroad (off-campus) programs. CSA verifies that you are confirmed in the program (enrolled), and verifies the costs involved, then returns the form to the student aid office or advisor. See useful web links below !

    agi-EmpfangBefore we can process any “Consortium Agreements” (or similar form), we need to receive the “Registration Deposit”…..prior to processing any forms. You will need to find out when and how your aid funds will be disbursed…..if they will be paying the balance payment directly to CSA…or to you. Please inform your aid office the starting date of your program, so they can arrange for your funds to be disbursed in a timely manner (in advance of start date).

    Please obtain a “Consortium Agreement” (or similar form) from your financial aid office or advisor. Complete all sections before sending to CSA for review. Obtain program details and costs from our website, and fill in the form using this information. If you need additional info, please do this and use an estimated cost. Program and housing costs are listed in each program description (website). Give your best estimate for other expenses, such as airfare, insurance, personal, and personal expenses, and record it on the form if needed.

    agi-BesprechungsbereichAgain, please inform your school aid office the program starting date, and find out if the funds will be disbursed to you….or to CSA. If paid to CSA, we will require the balance payment to arrive prior to the starting date. Funds can be sent by check, or by wire transfer. Also, share the program description (CSA website) with your aid office, so they can see the program costs and starting date.

    It can take extra time to obtain your aid funds, so apply as early as possible in order to have funds disbursed prior to program starting date.

    Financial Aid Help

    U.S. Federal Student Aid

    US Department of Education (student loan center)

    Government Student Aid

    Student Loans & Grants

    Student Loans (Sallie Mae)

    Scholarships, Grants, Financial Aid

    Military – Education Benefits (G-I Bill)

    Employer Tuition Assistance

    Boren Scholarships

    Truman Scholarships

    Rotary Scholarships

    Fondation Internationale Boulanger

    German Academic Exchange Service

    Gilman International Scholarships

    Freeman Scholarships – ASIA

    Note: See other sections for useful web-Links.