Exchange Rates


    Foreign exchange rates vary daily, and what you see online is the “wholesale rate” only…..not what you get when you buy the currency. When you buy a foreign currency, the rate you pay depends on when, where and who you are buying the currency from….you pay their “retail rate” which is higher, for their “margin” and service fees are included in the exchange. Overall, you get a better rate in the country of the currency.

    Once you arrive at your destination country, you can usually buy the local currency at the airport banks or foreign exchange service providers. Again, rates change daily…can even change several times during the day. Overall, money is a commodity that is bought and sold by currency traders (investors) daily worldwide.

    CSA has it’s own rates, which change daily…and include a service charge for the exchange, as well as sending the payment overseas. When you pay CSA the balance due in U.S. dollars, you conveniently lock-in your costs, for the exchange rate risks and transfer costs are already priced into the balance due.

    CSA also offers the option to pay your balance directly upon arrival check-in…..for several programs using the local currency, and in some cases U.S. dollars. Cash, travelers checks, and some programs may accept a major credit card (Visa, MC, Amex) from you. No personal checks accepted overseas.

    Wire transfers also accepted. Details included with your confirmation documents.

    Foreign Exchange Rates (base rate only – does not include margins):