Housing Information


    Housing is provided by student type residences on campus, student flats nearby campus, student type apartments, and local host families. Several programs include housing in the total cost. Other programs require students to book their own housing separately, and CSA provides useful website links to assist you with housing. If you prefer, you can arrange your own housing, just let us know by email. Overall, CSA wants to provide you with a lot of flexibility when it comes to housing. We want you to be satisfied with housing. Please review each programs housing section (program description), for housing does vary per program. In regards to staying with a Host Family, it varies per country, but it can be a wonderful way to experience the local culture and enhance you language skills.

    Again, please review each program description….housing paragraph….for details on that program.

    Note: Housing details are included in each program description.

    NOTE: Additional housing web-links provided with admission docs.