Corvinus University (Budapest) – Summer Studies (English)


    Study at Corvinus University (Summer)
    Hungarian Language & Culture / or
    International Trade, Business, & Development
    Two (2) Courses ( 6 credits) Taught in English
    2 Weeks: $1995 USD
    Min age : 18 yrs

    PROGRAM: Business & Economics (in English)

    Study for 2 weeks in Budapest, at Corvinus University. Two (2) courses of 3 credits each is included. Taught in English by faculty there at Corvinus University. Focus is on Business, Trade, Economics, and Development. Students can have a wonderful time in Budapest, combining their studies with travel and cultural experiences. Upon completion of the courses, students will receive a “Transcript Certificate of Attendance” from Corvinus University. Cultural activities and local field trips are included. Housing is not included, and is arranged by each student once they are fully confirmed in the program. Students live in a campus dormitory, or can stay in a nearby Hostel, or student type apartment. Housing details provided with confirmation documents. Minimum age is 18 yrs, and this program is primarily for Undergraduate and Graduate college (univ) students. Open to all worldwide. Program dates are usually the first two (2) weeks of July. Early registration is advised !

    Corvinus University is located in the capital of Hungary (Budapest), the scientific and cultural life of the country. Over 1800 international students study here every year.

    LOCATION: Budapest

    Budapest, heart of Europe, and often called the “Pearl of the Danube”, is a wonderful city with a vivid cultural life.

    ACTIVITIES: Included (Social Program)

    Local “cultural activities” and field trips are organized. Program cost includes “social program” activities. There may be a small fee requested for some “entrance fees – museums, etc”. Schedule (details) are provided during the Orientation there on campus.

    Students are also encouraged to “team-up” with other students and explore the city in their free time.

    Summer Festivals in Budapest attract visitors worldwide, such as the “Summer Music Festival”.

    COURSES: Taught in English

    Students can choose 2 courses from 4 being offered:

    * Global Economy and International Trade
    * Economics of Post Communist Countries
    * International Development, Project Analysis
    * Case Studies in Finance

    * 3 Credits per course. 6 credits total (2 courses).

    * Courses taught in the Morning, and Afternoon.
    Schedule provided upon arrival check-in (Orientation).

    * No specific course outlines. If needed, ask the primary instructor there (Corvinus).

    Transcript Certificate issued by Corvinus University, upon completion.


    Certificate of Attendance given to all students that complete the program.
    Issued by the Corvinus University.

    3 credits per course. 6 credits total (2 courses).

    Note: See explanation of ECTS credits in the FAQs section of the main menu

    HOUSING: Cost Extra (not included)

    Campus housing is provided in a dormitory, guesthouse (Hostel), or student apartment.

    Expect to spend $400 – $600 USD for housing and meals (2 weeks).

    Availability varies depending on when you are “confirmed, and book housing.

    All students “book own housing” after being confirmed in the program.
    CSA provides Housing web-links with admission docs. Pay there.

    Early registration is advised ! Dormitory fills up early.

    Dorm housing check-in on Sunday, check-out on Sunday.

    * Note: Can also arrange other housing if you prefer (relatives, friends, hotels).
    Most students stay in campus Dormitory (5 min walk, city center).


    * Prices include program tuition, and social activities.

    Housing & meals not included (cost extra).

    SUMMER: July (early) – July (mid) – 2 Weeks
    * Check-in Saturday, and check-out Saturday.

    * Early registration is advised !
    Prior to April 25th suggested.
    Email CSA is after April 25th.

    2 Weeks July (early) – July (mid)
    Sample 2018 Dates: July 2nd – 13th, 2018
    Sample 2019 Dates: July 1st – 12th, 2019
    $1995 USD

    * Similar dates and prices in 2020 & 2021


    Minimum age is 18 yrs. Both programs are primarily for Undergraduate and Graduate students worldwide.
    But open to all 18 + yrs.

    Medical insurance required.


    Fly into Budapest, or arrive by Train.

    Taxi to housing check-in.


    Overall, the costs of essential items in Hungary are considered low by European standards.

    Local currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF).

    * Meal at University cafeteria = $2 – 3 USD (approx)

    * Meal in local restaurant = $4 – $13 USD

    * Liter of milk = 70 cents (USD)

    * Bottle of water = $3 – $5 (USD)

    * Bottle of beer = 80 cents + (USD)

    * Red Table wine = $2 – $5 (USD)

    * Loaf of bread = 70 cents (USD)

    * Theater ticket = $3.5 – $8.5 (USD)


    Register Now – to get started. Pay deposit to be confirmed. Early registration advised.