Chinese Language in Shanghai or Beijing


    Study in Shanghai or Beijing, China
    Chinese Language & Culture: 4 hrs / day
    2 wks: $895 / 4 wks: $1595 USD
    Start any Monday – Min age 16 yrs.

    The Program

    Study Mandarin Chinese and experience the culture in Shanghai or Beijing, China. Shanghai is an exciting metropolis that blends the best of both worlds – oriental and western. Beijing is the center of Chinese heritage and government, offering many historical sights to see. Programs are available weekly year-around, with a minimum of 2 weeks stay. Open to all students and adults from all countries- minimum age is 16 yrs. Non-beginners can start on any Monday, while absolute beginners should plan to start the 1st or 3rd Monday of the month. Housing is available in shared student type apartments, private studios, or stay with a Chinese host family. Program is located in the center of both locations. Join us !

    The Location: Shanghai or Beijing, China

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    All students take four(4) group lessons a day, M-F. Classes are held from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm. Small group classes of less than 12 students (average about 5). Placement test given to determine which course level. Non-beginners can start on any Monday. Absolute beginners should plan on starting the 1st or 3rd Monday of each month. Open to all students and adults. Minimum age is 16 yrs.

    Courses are “immersion” focus on practical Chinese language skills of speaking, listening, and reading phonetics with emphasis on conversation. Actual course descriptions can be obtained from the instructor upon starting the course.

    Absolute beginners ( no previous lessons) should start the 1st or 3rd Monday of the month.

    Six Levels: A-F

    Level A: is for absolute beginners. Course includes study of Chinese pinyin, basic sentence patterns, Chinese characters, and basic grammar.

    Level B: is for students who have some phonetic training, know about 800 Chinese words, and can engage in simple, daily conversation. Course includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Focuses on Chinese pinyin, daily conversation, improving listening skills, reading skills, and writing exercises.

    Level C: is for students who know about 1500 Chinese words and basic sentence patterns, as well as able to engage in daily conversation. This course is more extensive in building skills: listening, writing, reading, and speaking enhancement. Build vocabulary, continue to study sentence patterns and grammar, intensify reading exercises, and discriminate the meaning and usage of words.

    Level D: is for students who know at least 2500 Chinese words, and have a systematic knowledge of Chinese grammar, as well as able to converse in daily conversation at a higher level than Level C. Emphasis is put on building listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Extensive drills are also used.

    Level E: is for students who know about 3500 Chinese words, and can engage in more complicated discussions, as well as give short speeches.

    Level F: is for students with a vocabulary larger than 4000 Chinese words and can express sophisticated ideas in daily conversation.

    Academic Credit

    2 – 4 credits for 4 week program. See the “Academic Credit” section of the main menu for details.


    A variety of activities may include: guided visits to Yu Gardens, Qibao Old Town, The Bund, Pudong, Anji, and Zhujiajiao. Learn to make dumplings, play Mah-Jong, and Chinese Calligraphy. See the bustling markets and remnants of old town. Optional attendance. Small fee may be required for entrance fees and transportation. Overall, lot’s of fun things to do!!



    Housing is provided by apartments, and local host families.

    Apartments – private room (furnished), shared kitchen and bathroom. Nearby location. Self-catering.

    Host families – local Chinese family – single room, plus 2 meals daily (breakfast & dinner). Travel time (back – forth) could be 30 – 60 minutes by local transportation.

    Select housing preference on the registration form. $500 USD per week for either apartment or host family, plus a one time $100 housing placement fee.

    You can also arrange own housing if you prefer, just let us know.

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    Dates and Fees

    * Minimum age 16 yrs
    * Housing costs extra
    * 4 classes per day / 50 minutes per class
    * Non-beginners can start on any Monday
    * Absolute beginners (no previous lessons) should start the 1st or 3rd Monday of each month

    2 weeks $895 USD
    4 weeks $1595 USD

    * Addtl week is $350 USD extra. Housing is extra.

    more students in shanghaiHolidays

    • Jan 1st – New Years
    • Feb 11 to 15 – Spring Festival
    • April 4 – Qing Ming Festival
    • May 1 – Labor Day
    • June 12 – Dragon Boat Festival
    • Sept 19 to Oct 4 – National Holiday


    Plan on arriving the day before classes begin to check-in your housing (1 -2 days prior – weekend). Earlier arrivals will require you to arrange own housing. Airport pick-up (Shanghai or Beijing) is available…. Let us know in advance (e-mail flight details). School staff person meets you at the airport…and escorts you to the school or housing. Otherwise, you can take airport transportation on your own for less (public taxi, or private taxi with English speaking driver – can be hired at airport transport desk). Passport & Visa: Both are required. Use your CSA confirmation to apply for your short-term visitor visa. You need a passport first, before you can apply for a visa. See the “Visa/Passport” section.

    Great Wall of China


    Minimum age is 16. Open to all students and adults from all countries. Passport and Entry Visa required. All students apply for own passport and visa.


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