Chiang Mai University – Thai Studies


    Chiang Mai University – Thai Studies
    Thai Language & Culture in Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Open To All Worldwide – Minimum Age 16 yrs
    Start any Month – Year Around
    3 Weeks: $795 USD


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    View Of Chiang Mai City

    The Program

    Learn Thai language and culture at Chiang Mai University – a modern facility with fully equipped classrooms. 3 week beginner (survival) courses are offered monthly, year-around. Can attend more than one session if desired. Courses are taught by professional instructors on the main campus located at the base of Doi Suthep – the tallest mountain in the city. Chiang Mai University has a very nice campus that includes: scenic grounds and lake, athletics track and football fields, tennis courts, fitness center, libraries and several coffee/snack shops. Overall, the campus offers some of the finest facilities in town and students have access to all these while attending courses. Also, classrooms and facilities are air conditioned, and free WiFi is available.

    * Open to all worldwide. Minimum age is 16 yrs. Can attend more than one session if desired.

    Chiang Mai University

    Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city. Called the “Rose of the North”, it’s one of the country’s most culturally attractive regions – with many golden wats (temples), teakwood houses, dragon sculptures, and scenic, jungle mountains with hill-tribe villages and white water-rafting rivers. This is the old kingdom of Lanna – land of teakwood, elephant work camps, and a million rice fields. Chiang Mai is also the center of Thailand’s “arts and crafts” with its hand loomed fabrics, track furniture, silver-smithing and metalwork, as well as wood carving, lacquerware, paper-making and ceramics. Also known for its huge “Night Bazaar”, whereby the city attracts scores of wholesalers offering a wide variety of merchandise for very good prices. Overall, the cost of living is lower here, and you can reach Chiang Mai within 1 hour flight from Bangkok. Chiang Mai’s name translates as “the new city”, and it is a great place to learn Thai and experience Northern Thailand.

    Terrace Rice Fields

    Chiang Mai Thailand

    Courses: Thai Language & Culture

    • 3 week, beginner Thai language course (survival Thai) – 3 hrs per day – emphasis on speaking and listening skills, using Thai scripts and an activity based approach that reinforces language acquisition. Every day language usage is the focus, as well as Thai culture topics are introduced by the instructors – Buddhism, the Wai, Social etiquette, etc. Taught by experienced instructors, the program is approved by the Board of Directors at Chiang Mai University. Certificate transcript is issued upon completing this course.
    • All sessions start on Monday, and end on Friday. Check-in 1 – 2 days prior (Sat/Sun – weekend).
    • Can repeat the course if desired – enroll for as many as you want. Start at anytime.
    • Minimum age is 16 yrs.

    Note: 10% discount given for repeat enrollment (more than one 3 wk session).

    Academic Credit

    2 – 4 credits. 3 hrs per day, 15 hrs per week, 45 hrs total. Transcript Certificate issued by Chiang Mai University.

    Ride Paddies in Chiang Mai Thailand


    Nearby campus (behind ) – student type apartments – single room – share kitchen and bathroom with another student. Bedrooms are private (separate). Communal living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

    Housing costs approx $125 USD approx per week. Add on if desired, or pay there upon check-in. Meals are not included – obtained locally at low cost, or prepare in student housing. Can arrange own housing if desired.

    Dates & Fees

    • * 3 week sessions offered monthly, year-around.
    • * 3 hrs per day, 15 hrs per week – 45 hrs total.
    • * Start any session – Can repeat course if desired – continuous enrollment allowed.
    • * Minimum age is 16 yrs. Open to all worldwide.

    3 WEEK COURSE……..$795 USD. Housing not included.

    2019 Summer Dates: 3 week sessions

    June 3rd – 21st
    July 8th – 26th
    August 5th – 23rd

    2020 Summer Dates: 3 week sessions

    June 1st – 19th
    July 6th – 24th
    August 3rd – 21st

    2021 Summer Dates: 3 week sessions

    May 31st – June 18th
    July 5th – 23rd
    August 2nd – 20th

    * 3 weeks sessions offered monthly, year-around.
    Request dates for other months.

    Note: 10% discount given for repeat enrollment (more than one 3 wk session).

    Golden chedi (stupa) and umbrella in Wat Phra That Doi Suthep te* Can attend more than one session if desired.

    Couple in tribal village in Chiang Mai Thailand


    Short flight from Bangkok (est 1 hr). Arrive / Checkin 1 -2 days prior (Sat/Sun – weekend). Airport transport to housing check-in.
    If you arrive earlier, plan on arranging other housing until check-in date.


    Obtain short-term tourist type Visa. Check entry requirements with Thailand Embassy (Consulate). After April 25th, ask CSA about space availability.


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