Angers Catholic University (in Angers)


    Study at Angers Catholic University
    French Language & Culture Studies
    Summer, Semester, or Academic Year
    4 Weeks: $2295 / Semester: $3995 USD
    Open to All – Min age 17 yrs


    • Low cost Tuition & Housing
    • Pre-departure resources (info)
    • Student services support staff
    • Cultural activities / field trips
    • Discount airfare booking
    • Easy check-in process
    • Earn academic credit
    • Transcript (certificate)

    angers franceThe Program

    Study in Angers, France for the summer, semester or academic year. Low cost. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age is 17 years old. Earn college credit. Transcript issued by the Catholic University in Angers. Courses in French Language and Culture, with 20 classes of language instruction and 3 hours of optional cultural courses per week. All levels are offered (beginner, intermediate, advanced), with small class sizes of 12 students or less. Program includes an active social program, cultural activities, and excursions to famous sites in town, as well as nearby sites such as Brittany and Normandy. Taught by University trained instructors (faculty) of Angers Catholic University (CIDEF). Housing is offered in student residences, hostels, and host families. Early registration is advised. Join us !


    Angers, France – UNESCO World Heritage – in the heart of the Loire Valley. With a population of over 200,000, Angers is a short distance from Paris (1 hr, 40 by TGV) and close to the Atlantic Ocean. Previously the capital of Anjou, Angers is a “young city” (48% under 30 yrs old, and with over 33,000 students), is economically dynamic, and is ranked in the top 10 places to live in France. But its history started back in the Middle Ages, whereby the Chateau XIII century with it’s XIV century tapestry (Apocolypse) – the oldest and largest in the world. Offering a wide range of cultural and tourist activities, Angers offers contemporary dance, arts, and theater. Known as a peaceful and safe city, Angers offers something for everyone.

    Angers Catholic University of Western France was founded in 1875, and is one of the oldest universities in Western France and a major player in higher education and research today. Over 2000 international students, from over 40 countries, study here every year. The French Language and Culture program (CIDEF) is recognized as “FLE Quality Label”.

    Chateau d' AngersCourses

    Study French Language and Culture. All levels offered (A1 – C1). 20 classes per week, plus cultural course options. In addition, cultural courses (optional) available that include: French History, French Institutions, The European Union, History of Art, French Literature, French Business, French for Tourism, Translation, Philosophy, and Drama. Small class sizes of 12 students or less per course. Summer, Semester, and Academic Year terms available. Taught by instructors (faculty) from the Catholic University (CIDEF) and FLE certified. Open to all students and adults worldwide, with a minimum age of 17 yrs. Early registration Advised !

    Summer Program offers 21 hours per week at the level which students have tested at:
    * 12 hours of language instruction
    * 2 hours of laboratory instruction
    * 5 hours of directed conversation
    * 2 hours of inquiry (beginner levels receive 2 extra hours of language instruction).
    Classes in cultural topics may include: Literature, Civilization, or Business.

    Semester & Academic Year program offers a similar but more intensive courses with 20 hours of language instruction and 3 hours of optional cultural classes per week. The Academic Year program offers more options for the intermediate and advanced levels.

    Overall, the program is designed for the student who wants to become proficient in French, pursue university studies in France (French speaking), or gain academic credit (USA or ECTS).

    * COURSE LEVELS – Refer to the French Course Levels listed in the “Catholic University Paris” program, from Beginner thru Advanced.

    Transcript(certificate) is issued by the Angers Catholic University (CIDEF) upon completion.

    tapestryAcademic Credit

    Earn 3 – 4 USA credits / 6 – 8 ECTS for 4 week summer session. Semester credit: 15 – 17 USA / 30 – 34 ECTS. Academic Year: 30 – 34 USA / 60 – 68 ECTS.

    Transcript (certificate) issued by Angers Catholic University (CIDEF)

    UCO 1Housing

    Student residences, hostels, and host families available. Pay there for housing.

    – Host Family, private room + 2 meals daily). Cost $350 USD per week (approx).
    – Home: Private room in private residence, + lunch. Cost $300 USD per week (approx)
    – Hostel: Private room, shared bathrooms, + 2 meals daily. Cost $350 USD per week (approx)

    Note: Once housing is selected (booked), we suggest buying some local housing insurance.
    Buy and pay there: University insurance: about 12 – 24 euros per year.

    NOTE: Can arrange “other housing”. Request web-Links from CSA.

    france angers 1Activities

    Program has an active social life. Cultural and leisure activities are offered, and may include:
    * Gourmet Cooking Workshops
    * Wine and Cheese Basics
    * Visit the Cointreau Museum
    * Visit the Castle and Village of Brissac
    * Visit a Chocolate Factory
    * Various Cultural Activities

    Note: Cultural activities may cost from 15 – 40 euros (transportation, entrance).
    Optional. You can decline if you do not want to participate.

    Excursions Offered ! Half-day, or full day field trips to discover the Loire Valley and West of France, and may include:
    * Discover Mont St Michel and the city of St Malo
    * Dive into the history of the landing beaches (Normandy seaside)
    * Visit the Castle – Chateau de Chambord (French Renaissance)
    * A day in Anjou – Abbey of Fontevraud, Troglodyte restaurant
    * Visit the Norman Village of Giverny, and Museum of Impressionism
    * Live the spectacle of Puy du Fou
    * A day by the sea – Gulf of Morbihan, City of Vannes
    * A day in Versailles- Palace of Versailles (Hall of Mirrors, Gardens).

    Note: Price of excursions: 70 euros, or a pack of 5 for 340 euros.
    Sign up there. Pay there.

    Dates & Fees

    SUMMER 2020

    4 Weeks July 2020
    June 29th – July 25th
    $2295 USD
    4 Weeks August 2020
    August 3rd – 29th
    $2295 USD
    4 Weeks September 2020
    August 31st – September 26th
    $2295 USD

    SUMMER 2021

    4 Weeks July 2021
    June 28th – July 24th
    $2295 USD
    4 Weeks August 2021
    August 2nd – 28th
    $2295 USD
    4 Weeks September 2021
    August 30th – September 25th
    $2295 USD

    SUMMER 2022

    4 Weeks July 2022
    June 27th – July 23rd
    $2395 USD
    4 Weeks August 2022
    August 1st – 27th
    $2395 USD
    4 Weeks September 2022
    August 29th – September 24th
    $2395 USD
    February 4th – June 7th, 2020 $3995 USD
    FALL SEMESTER 2020 – 2021
    October 1st, 2020 – January 30th, 2021 $3995 USD
    February 3rd – June 6th, 2021 $3995 USD
    FALL SEMESTER 2021 – 2022
    October 1st, 2021 – January 29th, 2022 $4195 USD
    February 2nd – June 5th, 2022 $4195 USD

    franceangers 2Requirements

    Open to all students and adults worldwide.

    Minimum age is 17 yrs.

    Visa may be required.

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