Student Comments – Testimonials


    Note: Programs are open to all students and adults worldwide !

    “As a parent, I shopped all around for a France program to send my daughter in college during last summer, that was high quality and low cost. Found CSA, and I have to say they are truly a “smart way to study abroad”. Top quality university based programs in France, for an affordable cost that is much lower than most other providers. In fact, my daughter attended the very same university in Dijon, for a fraction of the cost that is charged by the “profit providers”. My daughter earned 6 credits, and overall paid much less than some of her friends who registered with a more expensive provider. Keep it up CSA !”

    Parent – Portland, OR

    “After an exhaustive search, I decided to give CSA a try and study in the Czech Republic for the summer of 2016. Was attracted by CSA’s low prices and the program was open to all college students. Had a blast ! Earned 4 credits also. Staff there took very good care of all students. Do yourself a favour, and do not register with an expensive packaged program- simply not worth the high fees. Check out what CSA can offer you instead. Highly recommended !”

    University Student – Las Vegas, NV

    “As a undergraduate in my Junior year, I decided to study abroad for a full academic year (Junior Year Abroad) in France thru CSA. I was attracted by CSA’s low prices and good customer service – they always emailed me back and returned my calls with answers to my questions. I attended the University of Aix Marseille in Aix-en-Provence, and earned over 30 academic credits for 2 semesters. Housing on campus was affordable with CSA, and I also experienced living with a French Host Family for the 2nd semester. I paid my housing costs directly to the University, which CSA encouraged me to do, so I can control better my housing costs. Overall, was a very positive experience with CSA. While there in Provence, I met other students from the USA who paid much more than I did, and some of them were in the same classes as I was. That was both weird and funny ! I later realized that the very expensive programs offered by other companies were not really “their programs” but rather they were high cost agencies that package up the program with fancy websites and impressive staff lists and sell it to students as “their own program” to make a nice profit off the student and parents. I avoided that trap, and registered directly with CSA. No regrets, and no complaints, for I made a smart choice with CSA saving myself a bundle $$ ! ”

    College Student – New York, NY

    “I’m a teacher at a small college in Nebraska, and I often have students who are interested in studying abroad. I advise them to check out CSA, for they offer the best pricing on high quality, academic type programs in many countries. I have researched about CSA and when compared to their competitors, CSA is simply a better deal for the student. Yes, some students don’t have a good experience abroad, but it is often the student themselves that is at fault. I have found CSA to respond quickly to my inquiries, and they have a A rating with the BBB which is the best rating agency in the USA for businesses, so its more trustworthy, credible than other rating websites. I will continue to recommend CSA to my students.”

    College Teacher – Omaha, Nebraska

    “CSA saved me a lot of money. I studied for a Summer in Barcelona, Spain, and I was very glad to have found CSA. They were so much less expensive than many of the other “packaged programs” I was considering. In fact, stay away from the expensive packaged providers, and register direct with CSA ! No “fluff” or BS with CSA… get quickly confirmed, and your admission docs are sent fast. My transcript was issued by the University of Barcelona. I earned 6 summer credits. Thank you CSA!”

    College Student – Austin, TX USA

    Excellent program with CSA ! My son attended the Nebrija University, Madrid program. Had a wonderful time, and he earned college credit. Paid much less than others, for basically the same program. CSA’ s low prices are for real ! Much better deal than others, and it makes you wonder why are the other providers so expensive ? Must be for profit purposes. Wake up people !

    Parent – Miami, FL

    “Studying in Paris was a dream come true. CSA’s low prices allowed me to attend the University of Paris for a Semester and earn 15 academic credits. As soon as I arrived, I started meeting many students from around the world. We often teamed up to go sightseeing together throughout Paris and some weekend trips nearby. Some students I met paid so much more than I did on other more expensive packaged programs, but we were in some of the same classes together. I made the right choice by selecting CSA….and saved myself a lot of money, as well as had more control over my housing and travel.”

    College Student – Gainesville, FL USA

    “My parents traveled with me to Italy, and stayed until I was settled into my housing and started the program. Was nice to have my family with me for a few days in Rome. Program itself as excellent and a lot of fun. CSA’s prices fit my budget and they even gave me an additional discount off the balance. My confirmation documents and housing info was sent quickly. Once the program was over, I traveled to other parts of Italy before returning home. Earned 4 credits for my studies. Would do it all over again if I could…..someday I will.”

    University Student – Sophmore – Seattle, WA USA

    “Go with CSA. They will save you money, and offer much flexibility. Stay away from the very pricey packaged programs, for they are a big waste of money. But CSA is a good value, and I liked the fact they have been around for over 25 years. I studied in Morocco and CSA provided me with my admission docs quickly for the program in Fez. Had a wonderful experience. I highly recommend going with CSA.”

    College Student – Washington DC

    “I am from Denmark, and I used CSA to study in Grenoble, France. Was a great experience. CSA provided my admission documents quickly, and arranged my housing in a campus residence. I am grateful to CSA for their low prices and services.”

    College Student – Copenhagen, Denmark

    “I attended the summer program in Pecs, Hungary. Had a very good experience. Courses were excellent, and activities lot’s of fun. Made several “international friends” there. I even wanted to stay a bit longer, it was such a good program. Earned 4 college credits,and my transcript was from the University there in Pecs. Would like to do it again, maybe next summer. Thumbs up for CSA, for offering this program at really good prices !”

    College Student – San Antonio, Texas

    “I attended the University of Alicante program with CSA, and had a wonderful experience. I took 4 hours of Spanish for a Semester, lived in the campus dorm, and earned over 15 credit hours. CSA’s price was very attractive, and they offered me a lot of flexibility in regards to housing and excursions. I met other students right away, and overall had a great study-abroad experience for a lot less money than some of my friends who chose other, more expensive programs. It was kinda funny, for they paid so much more than I did, and yet we were all at the same university in Spain.”

    College Student – Seattle, WA USA

    “When I first saw CSA’s low prices, I could not believe it. CSA was so much less expensive than several other program providers, for essentially the same program. I liked that CSA had been around for over 10 years and I loved the flexibility they offered, for I wanted to arrange my own housing and airfare. CSA staff were very professional, and the staff there in Shanghai were very helpful and assisted me with all my needs. I even earned 6 college credits for the summer. Thank you CSA! ”

    College Student – Santa Clara, CA USA


    “Several programs told me that I needed a high GPA to participate in their Paris study abroad program. CSA did not require a GPA. In fact, the CSA program was open to all adults. In addition, CSA prices were very affordable. I attended the Fall Semester at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, and had a very memorable time. I earned 15 semester credit towards my degree back home, and my French language skills greatly improved. I also found out that GPA requirements by several other programs were mainly superficial, and and not really required to study abroad.”

    University Student – Topeka, Kansas

    “I am majoring in international business and I thought it would be a good idea to obtain some experience overseas, as well as study another language. CSA price was very reasonable, but I could not afford an entire year in Spain so I only enrolled for a Quarter term with CSA to attend the University of Salamanca. I lived with a Spanish family, had my own room, attended a famous university, made many European friends and overall had a wonderful experience. Thank You CSA!”

    College Student – Los Angeles, CA USA

    “I was looking for a short, language program in Italy where I could take a morning class and have the afternoon free to visit local sites and enjoy myself. CSA was able to provide a very good program that met my budget and schedule.”

    College Student – Adult – Tulsa, OK USA

    I found CSA prices to be very attractive, so I registered with CSA to attend the University of Paris, Sorbonne to study French for a semester. The program was excellent, and housing was easy to find within the first 2 days. It was my most memorable experience during college.”

    High School Graduate – New York, NY USA

    “I had just graduated from high school and I decided to do something different during the summer. Germany had always fascinated me, so I enrolled in the CSA summer program in Stuttgart. I lived with a German widow, had my own room, and took language courses in the morning. My afternoons were free time, and I explored all over the city. Met many people from around the world. In addition, I earned college credit. I plan to do it again.”

    High School Graduate – Denver, CO USA

    “My school did not offer the kind of program I was looking for, and many of the other school’s were very expensive. CSA provided me with the program I needed all within my budget. I attended the Beijing Language and Culture University… in Beijing, China for the fall semester. I shared a dorm room with a Japanese student and took my meals in a cafeteria on campus. I earned college credit, and transferred the credit to my school back in the USA. I enjoyed myself very much in China, taking time to travel in other areas before and after my semester. I wish I could do it again.”

    College Student – Atlanta, GA USA

    “I had heard so much about Costa Rica from other students that I really wanted to go there to study for the summer. CSA’s program with the University of Veritas was perfect. Price was good, classes were in the morning, and the campus has a lot to offer. I got involved in extra curricular activities like white water rafting and jungle adventures. My host family was really awesome and took good care of me. It was a blast, and I met some really cool students from around the world. I earned 6 semester credits, and received a transcript from the University of Veritas. Thank you CSA”

    University Student – Kansas City, KS USA

    “I always wanted to go to Florence, Italy. CSA program price and flexible dates were just what I was looking for. I had a wonderful time. Saw all the sights in Florence, enjoyed my classes, and stayed in a student type apartment. I highly recommend CSA, for they were so upfront with me about many issues and provided my confirmations very quickly.”

    College Student – Portland, OR USA

    “I chose the University of Complutense Madrid program with CSA because the price was significantly lower than several other programs I checked. Also, CSA allowed me to arrange my own housing which was very important to me. I stayed in a student residence hall during the summer and took my meals at the cafeteria. It worked out very well. I earned 6 semester credits for the summer. Highly recommend CSA, for they provided me with what I wanted and such a lower cost.”

    College Student – Durham, NC USA

    ” I live in Toronto, Canada. I registered with CSA to study in Prague for a summer term. Was very reasonable cost, and high quality academic program. Enjoyed the program very much at Charles University. I will use CSA again next summer. ”

    College Student – Toronto, Canada

    “One of my most memorable college experiences was studying abroad at the University Aix-Marseilles III in Provence, France. I signed up with CSA, for they were much lower than other programs for basically the same courses. I received my confirmations quickly, and CSA staff helped me with my many questions. Upon completing the program, I received an official transcript from the University of Aix-Marseilles and earned 15 semester credits. Overall, I had a lovely time enjoying the Provence region and hope to visit there again someday.”

    College Graduate – Boise, ID USA

    “I am from Tokyo, Japan. I studied in Shanghai thru CSA. Had great time. CSA sent my docs fast. Arigato gozaimasu ! ”

    College Student – Tokyo, Japan


    NOTE: CSA no longer keeps track of past participants. Frequent changes in addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses really prevent us from continuing this. Also, we are not allowed to give out names and addresses (contact info) without written permission from past participants. CSA keeps each applicants contact info private, we do not give out (or sell) the names, addresses or e-mails to anybody.

    We used to provide contact information of past students who gave us permission to refer them to potential applicants. But everytime we did this, they would receive numerous phone calls and e-mails asking them about the program. They soon got very tired of this, and asked us to take their names off the reference list. Some of them even threatened legal action. This got even worse with the use of e-mail….for they would receive so many. Another problem we ran into was keeping track of past students whereabouts. Students are very mobile, and they move often…changing their addresses, phone #, and e-mail.

    Due to issues of privacy and legal reasons, as well as the difficult task of keeping track of past students, CSA no longer provides references from past students. CSA can provide you with other references, such as organizations that have worked with us and can vouch for our credibility. Since 1990, CSA has been a fully licensed organization in the state of Washington and city of Seattle. We are members of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, as well as the National Association of International Education (NAFSA) based in Washington DC.

    Another issue with using “student references” is their credibility! Every student has a different experience abroad, and some are more adapatable to a different culture than others. Thus, some students will have a difficult experience purely because they are not mentally prepared to adjust to a new cultural setting, and it has nothing to do with the program itself. International travel is a “personal” adventure, and ones success depends largely on how adaptive the person is to the new culture.

    Some program providers will continue to provide student references. But are these past students really “sincere” ? Are they getting any benefit from the organization for being a good reference and promoting the program ? If not, why would they take their time to answer e-mails from strangers or return phone calls? Have you ever been given a bad reference who says negative things about the program ? Will they give you the e-mail and number of students who had a bad experience? These are just some questions to ponder in regards to past student referrals.

    Also, do not trust review websites or blogs. Many are “non-verifiable”, whereby anybody can post reviews of various study programs and say anything they want. Thus, some comments are even written by competitors (other program providers) using false names, and writing negative views in order to “bash another program”. Some review websites are merely “advertising venues” for programs that pay money to be listed only “favorably”….and they delete all negative reviews. Overall, do not easily believe what you read online from people you do not know. Most are not verifiable. It is best to contact the company directly and make your own decision.