A Few Points to Remember

    • Do not expect the same comforts as home. No grumps or whiners please!
    • Expect things to be different. Expect to be confused sometimes and frustrated.
    • Learn to adapt and appreciate the cultural differences.
    • Please read all the CSA materials. Ask any questions or concerns.
    • After arrival, direct all questions to the on-site Director.
    • Please take copies of your confirmation to show upon arrival and check-in.
    • Do not criticize the country or culture. Be positive.
    • Use common sense regarding safety issues. Obey laws of the country.
    • Follow the old adage: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
    • Arrive at the housing and program assignment as scheduled.
    • Pack light. Many items can be purchased locally.
    • Bring a major credit card, travelers checks, and some cash.
    • If you plan to arrive earlier, please plan on staying at a local hotel or hostel.
    • Take 2 passport photos with you for ID cards.
    • Be sure you have a valid passport and Visa (if needed).
    • Consult on-site Director for any changes after arrival.