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    German Language in Hamburg

    German Language in Munich

    German Language in Berlin

    German Language in Stuttgart

    tinygreencheck Other Germany Programs:

    * Humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin
    Humboldt University in Berlin

    * Freie Universitat Berlin
    Free University (click for details)

    * The Berlin School of Economics & Law (BSEL) (click for details)

    * Munich University of Applied Science (MUAS)

    * University of Cologne (Koln)

    * Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

    * University of Freiburg

    * Hochschule Pforzheim University

    * + Plus 10 Verified (excellent) – German Language & Culture Schools – 9 Locations:
    Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munster, Regensburg, Cologne, Bonn, Lindau