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    $35 USD deposit required to get your registration started (enrolled)

    ATTENTION: Please review the registration instructions posted in the “Register – Overview” section. All items marked by a “*” are required items. Be sure to click “submit” when done. If you prefer not to register online, then please print this Form, and mail in to CSA.

    $35 USD registration deposit required to get your enrollment started.

    • CSA accepts credit cards online, checks, money orders, direct deposits, and wire transfers. See Pay Online page in Register section to pay by credit card – USA cards only (secure).
    • Early registration and deposit payment advised. Avoid the rush. Get your docs early !
    • If you prefer, you can also pay the total cost at one time. Confirm total amount with CSA.
    • To receive confirmation documents prior to paying the balance, pay both deposits ($535 USD). Registration $35 + $500 Confirmation deposit. Optional. Docs sent quickly. Applied towards total.
    • CSA bank info listed at bottom of registration form (below). Also listed in other sections.

    Register Online

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    • Program Information

    • CSA Bank Details: Wells Fargo Bank

    • Direct Deposits or Wire Transfers Only !

      Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank - Northwest, N.A.
      Bank Address: 204 West Meeker Street, Kent, WA 98032 USA
      Bank Telephone: (253) 854-3930 USA
      Bank Wire Routing Number: 121000248
      CSA Bank Account Number: 1379193111
      SWIFT Code: W F B I U S 6 S
      Beneficiary (payable to): Center For Study Abroad (CSA)

      * Payment in U.S. Dollars (USD)
      * For wire transfers, please add your bank service fee
      * Write your name on direct deposit slips, checks, and wires
      * Email CSA when payment is paid (sent), and if you have any problems.

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