Portuguese & Brazil Culture in Maceio or Sao Paulo


    Maceio (beach town), or Sao Paulo 2014 – 2016
    Intensive Portuguese Language & Brazil Culture
    4 hrs per day / 20 hrs wk / 80 hrs month
    Start any Monday – Minimum age 16 yrs
    2 Weeks $995 / 4 Weeks: $1595 USD

    The Program

    Study Portuguese and Brazilian culture in the beach town of Maceio, or the large city of Sao Paulo. Programs are offered year-around, and all levels are available: beginner – advanced. In addition, there are extra classes offered like: Diving, Cooking, and Brazilian Dance.This program is popular among students and working adults from all over the world, for it’s location of Maceio is such a beautiful and safe place for foreign visitors. Airport pick-up (escort) is included. The program is located in Ponta Verde, the most modern section of Maceio. Sao Paulo is a big, cosmopolitan city of over 18 million, with a vibrant mix of different people and cultures. Join us for a memorable experience!

    The Location

    Maceio has a warm and sunny climate year-around and many miles of wonderful beaches, washed by the warm clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Maceio is a safe and relaxed location as well as a modern city. Students can visit shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, sport events, disco clubs, as well as the most beautiful and alluring beaches in South America. Besides Praia da Pajucara, its main attraction, with jangadas (small sailing boats) that take visitors to the piscinas naturais (tidal pools), Maceio has the sea and lagoons that are the envy of many tourist driven cities all over the world.

    Maceio also has a very friendly, social and cultural life to offer the visitor. Here you will find that there is always something new and exciting to do whether that be to explore the historic sights, or simply enjoy the attractions of living in a modern, vibrant and youthful environment that offers everything to the international visitor.

    Besides being on the coast, Maceio also has a broad scope of cultural and environmental attractions. Places like Penedo and Marechal Deodoro (historic colonial cities) have beautiful architectural sites and museums, while Ponto do Peba (banco de camaroes), Murici (Atlantic Forest) and Barra de Santo Antonio (a sea cow reserve) are the favorites for those seeking more environmental sites. The staff in Maceio organizes excursions every 2 weeks to places like: Amazon Forest, Chapada Diamantina, Olinda, Pantanal, Foz do Iguacu, and others.

    Maceio was elected the 2002 America’s Capital of Culture by ACC (the Organization of the American Capital of Culture) and therefore a lot of activities such as international meetings related to culture and science, artistic events (music, theater, dance, etc) will begin to take place like never before.

    Sao Paolo BrazilThe program in Sao Paulo is located in the upscale neighborhood of Jardins, just a few blocks away from Paulista Avenue – Sao Paulo’s financial center. Tree lined streets are full of restaurants, museums, shopping malls, cinemas, and nightclubs. Travel distance from accommodations is about 25 minutes by public transport. Sao Paulo is no different than any other large city, and staff there inform all students what areas to avoid. Getting there, most students fly directly into Sao Paulo. Maceio is 4 hrs away by plane.


    Non-beginners can start any Monday.
    Absolute beginners ( no previous instruction) can start the 1st and 3rd Monday or every month – confirm date with CSA

    All students take a placement test upon arrival to determine level. Students are then placed in the proper level. All levels are offered: beginner, intermediate, advanced. There are 4 classes per day, 50 minutes each, Monday – Friday. Classes are held in the morning and afternoons. Small group of 4 – 8 students per class guarantees student-teacher interaction and involvement. All students receive a transcript (certificate) upon completing the course.

    • Intensive Portuguese Language (weekly, monthly)
    • All levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.
    • Small group classes of 4 – 8 students per group
    • Offered year-around: January – December
    • 4 classes of 50 minutes each daily, M-F.
    • Extra courses available: Cooking, Brazilian Dance
    • Non-beginners can start any Monday.

    Levels- (Placement test upon arrival)

    • Elementry # 1: Unable to speak the language. No prior language instruction.
    • Elementry # 2: Some prior training. Able to speak simple sentences using present tense.
    • Intermediate # 1: Able to speak more complex sentences using command form.
    • Intermediate # 2: Able to handle predictable situations and beginning to speak in the simple past and future tenses.
    • Intermediate # 3: Able to initiate, sustain and close simple conversations using past, present and future tenses.
    • Intermediate # 4: Able to participate in conversations and express an opinion.
    • Advanced # 1: Able to participate in conversations and discussions. Able to express and partially define an opinion; using “if” clauses.
    • Advanced # 2: Able to participate in conversations and discussions. Able to defend and explain an opinion.
    • Advanced # 3: Able to converse in the language with ease about a wide range of topics.

    NOTE: Non-beginners can start on any Monday.

    Academic Credit

    3 – 4 credits for 4 week program. 6 – 8 credits for 2 months (8 weeks). 9 – 10 credits for 3 months (Quarter). All students receive a transcript (certificate) upon completing the course. See “Academic Credit” section of website.

    Financial Aid

    Yes…..financial aid can be used for this program. Have your school financial aid office e-mail us a “Consortium Agreement” to complete and return. CSA has no financial aid programs for students. CSA can only assist in helping students use the aid from their “home school” for this program…..through “Consortium Agreements”.

    Sao Paolo Brazil


    • Extra courses in Cooking and Brazilian Dance.
    • Excursions to nearby places, including: Amazon Forest, Chapada Diamantina, Olinda, Pantanal, Foz do Iguacu, and others. (optional – cost extra)
    • Social gatherings with students at local places.
    • Scuba Diving, Snorkeling
    • Enjoying the beaches nearby
    • Junes Special “Fiestas Juninas” – possible 3 day trip to Campina Grande. The most popular celebration in Northeastern Brazil (music & dance).
    • Maceio Fest (November) – Carnival in Maceio (4 day street party)
    • Mini-courses in History, Business, Music, etc.
    • Sao Paulo excursions are offered thru the week to local tourist sites.
    • Sites may include: Embu das Artes, Mercado Municipal, Rua 25 de Marco, others.


    Housing with local host family cost $275 per week. 2 meals daily included (breakfast & dinner). Single and double rooms available.

    Host families are carefully selected, ensuring a clean and comfortable home. They have hosted foreign visitors before, and live in higher income neighborhoods nearby.

    Options are available for hotels, pousadas (guest houses), and furnished apartments are available for extra cost, just let us know. Staff there can arrange it for you.

    You can also arrange your own housing if you prefer, just let us know.

    Dates and Fees

    * Non-beginners can start any Monday. Minimum age is 16 yrs.
    * Absolute beginners (no previous instruction) – usually start the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. Confirm with CSA.
    * Intensive Portuguese language: 4 hrs per day / 20 hrs per week. All levels offered.

    FEES – Maceio
    2 weeks $995
    3 weeks $1295
    4 weeks $1595

    * Addtl week = $300 USD per week extra – housing not included.

    FEES – Sao Paulo
    2 weeks $1195
    3 weeks $1495
    4 weeks $1795

    * Addtl week = $300 USD per week extra – housing not included.


    Closed on: Jan 1, 25 / Mar 3, 4, 5 / Apr 18, 21 / May 1, Jun 19, 24
    / Jul 9 / Aug 27 / Sept 16 / Oct 15 / Nov 20 / Dec 5, 24, 25 /


    Minimum age is 16. Passport and Visa required.


    Plan on arriving 1 – 2 days prior to the starting date. If you want a staff person to meet you upon arrival at the Maceio or Sao Paulo airport, please inform CSA in advance your flight arrival information. Airport pick-up will cost $100 USD extra. Add $100 to total cost if you want airport pick-up service. The staff escort person will meet you at the Maceio or Sao Paolo airport and escort you to your housing and show you where you check-in for the program.


    Register Now - to get started. Pay deposit to be confirmed. Early registration advised.