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    • Accredited – High quality, non-profit programs worldwide. Academic excellence !
    • Schools / Programs – Universities, Colleges, Institutes, and Language schools – Verified.
    • Low Cost – Non profit, budget pricing for all programs. Additional discounts given.
    • Easy Registration – Submit short form online. Send (pay) $35 USD registration deposit.
    • No GPA – Grade Point Average not required for several programs – varies per program.
    • EZ Payment – Credit cards online (secure), checks, money orders, direct deposit, wire transfer.
    • Open To All – College students (& high school), and adults worldwide – depends on program.
    • Quick Confirmation – Admission documents sent after both deposits (or balance) is received.
    • Academic Credit – Earn college credit (or high school). Transcript issued by program.
    • Financial Aid – We assist you with Consortium Agreements and other aid documents.
    • Visa Docs – Confirmation documents (admission docs) provided to help you obtain a Visa.
    • Program Length – Year, Semester, Quarter (trimester), Summer, Monthly, Weekly.
    • Language Levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Superior. All levels.
    • Housing Options – Campus residences, nearby flats (apt), local host families, or arrange own.
    • Flexibility – With program, housing, travel, and payments. We offer more choices !
    • Balance Due – Can pay later by the due date in docs, or upon arrival check-in. Flexible options.
    • Program Support – On site director and staff are available to assist all students.
    • Active Social Life – Meet other students upon arrival and starting program.
    • See The World – Experience different cultures and languages. Gain a global perspective.
    • Enhance Job Skills – Learn to adapt to other cultures and become more diverse (int’l) minded.
    • Credibility – Since 1990 (over 20 yrs). Member of professional orgs. Good rating with BBB.
    • Go CSA Direct – Low cost, non profit programs, discounts, flexibility, fast docs, earn credit.

    Best Study Abroad Programs – Dates Available All Year

    At CSA, we provide students, adults, and groups with exciting study programs abroad. With our summer study abroad listings, you can study the language and culture in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania (Australia / New Zealand). See Program listings in main menu. Learning another language and experiencing the culture are skills you will use throughout your life. Your experience will look great on resumes and transcripts, for employers and schools value international exposure. Thousands of students have participated in these programs, and CSA has been around for over 20 years – since 1990. Join us !

    For Students / Parents – Support Message:

    Programs are fully accredited, non profit and provide excellent support services. With CSA, you will have the emergency contact info for the program, as well as housing (if included), provided with your confirmation documents (admission docs). Once you arrive and check-in, the partner staff there will take good care of you. Confirmation documents are sent after your balance payment (or 2nd deposit) is received. General safety tips are also mentioned in “Travel Info” page of the Resources section (main menu). Additional tips and useful web-links are provided with your confirmation documents. Parents are welcome to travel (escort) their son / daughter to destination.

    Also, in regards to starting the program…..all students travel independently to the program location. Once you arrive and check-in, you meet the other students there as the program begins. Easy to do, and arrival instructions and contact info is included with your confirmation documents. Independent travel gives you the flexibility to travel on “your own schedule” and you usually save money booking your own tickets. Some parents accompany their daughter/son to the program location and stay at a nearby hotel for a few days. Overall, CSA students save money and have more flexibility by being more independent……for it is not necessary to join an “expensive group program” whereby you pay the high expense of traveling with a group. Better to just meet-up with other students at the program location. In addition, airport pick-up (escort) service can be arranged for several locations if desired.

    Easy Registration System – Quick Confirmation:

    1. Register online. Submit. Pay the $35 registration deposit. We accept checks, money orders, credit card checks, direct deposits, and wire transfers. Credit cards (USA only) are also accepted online for your convenience – see Pay Online page in the Register section of the main menu. CSA can not process your registration enrollment without this $35 USD deposit. Applied towards total cost, and is non-refundable. This initial deposit serves to start your enrollment.
    2. Review receipt letter, and follow any instructions. Start preparing for your trip. Obtain passport (or renew) if needed.
    3. Pay program balance by due date mentioned in your deposit letter. Pay by check, direct deposit, or wire transfer. If you reside outside the United States or Canada, please pay by wire transfer only. Can also arrange to pay school directly if preferred – see Note below.
    4. Confirmation documents (admission docs) are sent after the balance payment is received.
    5. Travel to program destination. Check-in and start program. Meet other students there.

    Note: If you need (or want) your confirmation docs prior to paying the balance, pay a 2nd deposit of $500 USD (optional). Applied towards total cost (credited). Can combine with the 1st deposit ($35) if you are in a hurry (rush) to get docs. Thus, pay $535 USD total deposit to be confirmed and receive docs quickly.

    Note: If you registered late, and program starts within 2 weeks, please pay total by direct deposit or wire transfer.

    Note: If you prefer to pay the balance upon arrival check-in, please let us know by email. Available for some programs. Total deposit of $535 USD required to be confirmed and receive docs.

    Note: CSA offers a secure online pay system. Credit cards processed by 3rd party – authorize.net.

    Thank you for your consideration. We hope to hear from you soon.
    Early registration is advised – Get your docs early !


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    “Travel is fatal to prejudice . . . and narrow-mindedness. . .”
    Mark Twain – 1869   The Innocents Abroad